Tennis Court Locations near Joinville Santa Catarina

There are 10 tennis court locations near Joinville Santa Catarina. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Joinville Santa Catarina
Tennis Court
Joinville Tênis Clube
Rua Aubé, 177, Joinville, Santa Catarina
ClubYesYesYes710.45 miles
Sociedade Esportiva Recreativa Tigre
R. Gothard Kaesemodel, 254 - Anita Garibaldi, Joinville, Santa Catarina
ClubYesYesNo211.19 miles
Academia Hoppe Tênis
R. Max Colin, 2088 - América, Joinville, Santa Catarina
PrivateYesYesYes431.30 miles
Tennis Center
Av. Marquês de Olinda, 3430 - Glória, Joinville, Santa Catarina
PublicYesYesYes321.34 miles
Original Tenis
XV Novembro, 2734, Glória, Joinville, Santa Catarina
PrivateYesYesYes211.49 miles
Sport Tênis
R. Pres. Campos Sales, 45 - Glória, Joinville, Santa Catarina
PrivateYesYesYes231.51 miles
RS Tenis
Rua Alberto Bornschein 143, Joinville, Santa Catarina
PrivateNoNoNo131.81 miles
AABB - Joinville
Rua do Ouro, 185, Joinville, Santa Catarina
ClubNoYesYes31011.85 miles
Associação Desportiva Embraco
Rua Rui Barbosa, 925 - Costa e Silva, Joinville, Santa Catarina
ClubYesYesYes2412.98 miles
Arena Opa Bier
R. Itajubá, 768 - Bom Retiro, Joinville, Santa Catarina
PrivateYesYesYes4153.53 miles

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