Tennis Court Locations near Scarborough Ontario

There are 94 tennis court locations near Scarborough Ontario. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Scarborough Ontario
Tennis Court
North Bendale Club
40 Erinlea Crescent, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo300.84 miles
Curran Hall Tennis Club
277 Orton Park Rd, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo4301.04 miles
Seven Oaks Tennis Club
432 Military Trail, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo301.34 miles
McDairmid Woods Park
51 Rubic Crescent, Scarborough, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo331.75 miles
Thomson Park Tennis Club
105 Brimley Rd, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo301.82 miles
McLevin Park Tennis Club
180 McLevin Ave, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo361.87 miles
Tam Heather Curling & Tennis Club
730 Military Trail, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes471.96 miles
Agincourt Tennis Club
31 Glen Watford Dr, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo4122.27 miles
Iroquois Tennis Club
295 Chartland Blvd S, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo322.61 miles
Heron Park Tennis Club
292 Manse Rd, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo562.72 miles
Guildwood Tennis Club
170 Sylvan Ave, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo4262.89 miles
Stephen Leacock Tennis Club
2520 Birchmount Rd, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo4223.58 miles
Maryvale Tennis Club
5 Trestleside Grove, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo354.01 miles
L'Amoreaux Tennis Centre
300 Silver Springs Blvd, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes1264.21 miles
Bridlewood Tennis Club
450 Huntingwood Dr, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo304.26 miles
Charlottetown Tennis Club
65 Charlottetown Blvd, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo3334.56 miles
Parkway Valley Tennis Club
230 Cassandra Blvd, North York, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo414.59 miles
Pleasantview Tennis Club
Clydesdale Park, 97 Painswick Crescent, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo604.91 miles
Scarborough Bluffs Tennis Club
2 Cecil Crescent, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo404.93 miles
O'Connor Hills Tennis Club
Broadlands Park, North York, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo414.97 miles
Armadale Tennis Club
2401 Denison, Unionville, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo434.99 miles
Sweeney Park
110 Sweeney Dr, Toronto, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo325.04 miles
West Rouge Tennis Club
270 Rouge Hills Dr, Scarborough, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo3295.40 miles
Highgate Tennis Club
Highgate Dr & Clydesdale Rd, Markham, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes325.50 miles
Box Grove Tennis Club
7651 Ninth Line, Markham, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo225.57 miles
Birchmount Park
3663 Danforth Ave, Scarborough, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo225.67 miles
Donalda Golf and Country Club
12 Bushbury Dr, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes1205.76 miles
Mayfair East
160 Esna Park Dr, Markham, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes1076.28 miles
Henry Farm Tennis Club
64 Havenbrook Blvd, North York, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo416.34 miles
Bellbury Tennis Club
65 Van Horne Ave, North York, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo606.46 miles
Mayfair Parkway
50 Steelcase Rd E, Markham, Ontario
ClubNoNoYes856.60 miles
Kirkwood Park
25 Kirkwood Rd, Toronto, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo416.63 miles
Dentonia Park Tennis Club
80 Thyra, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo406.64 miles
Hillcrest Tennis Club
37 Cresthaven Dr, North York, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo416.73 miles
Amberlea T.C.
1831 Fairport Rd, Pickering, Ontario
ClubNoYesNo206.78 miles
Bridlebrook Tennis Club
Alamosa Park, North York, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo516.88 miles
Dunlace Park Tennis Club
20 Dunlace Dr, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo306.89 miles
German Mills Tennis Club
19 Simonston Blvd, Markham, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo407.15 miles
Adventure Valley Tennis Club
7015 Leslie St, Thornhill, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo907.39 miles
Bayview Country Club
25 Fairway Heights Dr, Thornhill, Ontario
ClubYesYesYes617.44 miles
Too Good Park
58 Sciberras Rd, Markham, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo217.50 miles
Bayview Village Tennis Club
30 Elkhorn Dr, North York, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo617.56 miles
East York Tennis Club
115 Roosevelt, Toronto, Ontario
PrivateYesYesNo5377.58 miles
Markham Tennis Club
Hwy 7 & Wootten Way North, Markham, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo617.64 miles
Thorncliffe Park Tennis Club
15 Leaside Park Dr, Toronto, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo6147.75 miles
Glendale Tennis Club
1074 Glenanna Rd, Pickering, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo447.84 miles
Bayview Village Park
2945 Bayview Ave, North York, Ontario
PublicNoNoNo317.85 miles
Unionville Tennis Club
Village Pkwy & Carlton Rd, Markham, Ontario
ClubYesYesNo91198.00 miles
Duncan Park
395 John St, Thornhill, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo3128.10 miles
Maple Ridge Park
2050 Bushmill S, Pickering, Ontario
PublicNoYesNo208.34 miles

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