Tennis Courts in Tres Ríos, Costa Rica

There are 4 tennis court locations in Tres Ríos, Costa Rica. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. Use the search below to find a tennis court in Tres Ríos, Costa Rica.
Public Club School Private

Academia de Tenis Sueca Costarricense

(2.39 m)
Private  |  Indoor  |  Lights
De la casa de Doña Lela 800 mts Sur, Tres Ríos
4 courts
2 players

Santa Ana Country Club

(13.04 m)
Club  |  Indoor  |  Outdoor  |  Lights
San José Province, Pozos, Santa Ana
9 courts
1 player

Marin Academia de Tennis

(13.12 m)
Public  |  Outdoor  |  Lights
Salitral, San Jose Province, San Jose
2 courts
1 player

Avalon Country Club

(14.40 m)
Club  |  Outdoor  |  Lights
100 meters south of the Isabel La Catolica School, Río Oro
2 courts
4 players