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I am 18 or older. I understand and agree that the sport of tennis has inherent risks of physical injury, including serious bodily injury, permanent disability, paralysis and death, and I accept and assume all such risks. These risks and dangers may be caused by my own actions or inaction's, the actions or inaction's of others participating in the ladder and tournaments, or my or other's equipment. There may be other risks not known to me or that are not readily foreseeable at this time. The social and economic losses and/or damages that could result from those risks could be severe and could permanently change my future. I hereby release, discharge and covenant not to sue Global Tennis Network, any of the Website's officials, management, owners, or employees from all liability to me, my personal representative, assigns, heirs, next of kin, for any claims, demands, losses or damage on account of any injury sustained by me while participating in any League activity, including, but not limited to, death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of me or otherwise. I hereby certify that I have adequate medical insurance to pay for the treatment and cure of any such injury which may result from my participation in League activities, and I agree to be solely responsible for all medical and other costs arising from any injuries I may receive while participating in the leaque and ladder activities. I further certify that I have no known medical condition which would prohibit me from participating in the sport oftennis. I acknowledge that this site strongly recommends each player to receive a physical examination by a competent physician prior to participating in any League activity. I further understand that this site does not warrant any equipment used in any match activity or any facility at which match activities are held.

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