Tennis ladders use a variety of systems to rank the position of the players. Some tennis ladders use a leap-frog system where the winner takes the position of the loser. Some systems use a complex algorithm to determine player positions. These algorithms can take into account win loss records, opponents, margin of victories etc.. To keep track of the players positions, points are awarded. Below are the tennis ladder ranking systems used here.

Tennis Ladder Ranking Systems:

Custom Points: This system allows you to determine how many points are awarded for playing a match, winning a match, set, or even a game. You can also deduct points for a loss or award more points for winning in straight sets or a higher ranked team.
Elo Rating: This system is the best system for ranking teams by their ability. Each team will start with 1500 points, which will increase as they win and decrease as they lose. The amount of points gained or lost from a match is dependent on the points of the opponent played. For example, if a 2000 point team beats a 1000 point team, very little change will occur to either teams rating. However, if a 2000 point team loses to a 1000 point team, both teams ratings will change drastically. Teams points will also change more drastically during the first games that are recorded. This allows teams to reach a stable equilibrium quickly. Learn more here:
Leap Frog: This is the most basic and simplest ranking system. When a lower ranked player beats a higher ranked player, the lower ranked player "leap frogs" over the higher ranked player, pushing them and each player initially between them down one spot. If the higher ranked player wins, nothing happens.
Leap Frog Plus: This system is the based on the classic Leap Frog system, but awards points to both the winner and loser. This encourages teams to play more matches to maintain their ladder ranking. The number of points a team can received is based on the match format. If the team were playing a regular 3 set match, the most they could receive is 39 points. This is because 39 is the maximum number of games that could be played in a 3 set match (7-6,6-7,7-6). Here is how it works for a Best of 3 format:

1. If the winner is the higher ranked team, they receives 39 points minus the number of games the loser won.
2. If the winner is the lower ranked team, their new points will be the points of the loser, plus 39 points minus the number of games the loser won..
3. The losers always receives 1 point for each game that they win.
Manual Points: This system allows you to manually enter the amount of points a player or team receives or loses for each match, forfeit or even declined challenge. Using these points, the sytem will automatically compute and update the rankings.