Tennis Lessons in Ojai California

There are 10 tennis lessons in Ojai California. These lessons were all submitted by members of GTN. If you or your club teaches tennis lessons, or you would hit with other players for a fee, submit your lesson.

This is a fairly new feature. It may take some time before there are any lessons listed in your area.
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Youth Tennis Classes

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Ojai, California
Alexander Anselme. Tennis Coach

Alexander Anselme

USPTA certified. Trained and played with several ATP and WTA players
Santa Barbara, CA
Sergey Arushanyan. Tennis Coach

Sergey Arushanyan

Los Angeles, CA
Philip Auproux. Tennis Coach

Philip Auproux

Los Angeles, CA
Samuel Bernardy. Tennis Coach

Samuel Bernardy

Los Angeles, CA
Gina Bloemers. Tennis Coach

Gina Bloemers

Los Angeles, CA
Jake Bouvy. Tennis Coach

Jake Bouvy

Los Angeles, CA
Ransom Braaten. Tennis Coach

Ransom Braaten

Young and modern style of coaching.
Los Angeles, CA
Gilbert Chung. Tennis Coach

Gilbert Chung

Los Angeles, CA
Guy Collins. Tennis Coach

Guy Collins

Buffalo, NY