Tennis Lessons in Canton Ohio

There are 10 tennis lessons in Canton Ohio. These lessons were all submitted by members of GTN. If you or your club teaches tennis lessons, or you would hit with other players for a fee, submit your lesson.

This is a fairly new feature. It may take some time before there are any lessons listed in your area.
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Canton, Ohio
Jae Andres. Tennis Coach

Jae Andres

30 years of playing experience and 10 years of coaching. Lets play!!!
Cleveland, OH
Katelyn Caniford. Tennis Coach

Katelyn Caniford

USPTA tennis professional
Cleveland, OH
Rob Doerschuk. Tennis Coach

Rob Doerschuk

Cleveland, OH
Dean Fekete. Tennis Coach

Dean Fekete

Experienced in teaching beginners and intermediate players of all ages
Cleveland, OH
Aziz Hoosenally. Tennis Coach

Aziz Hoosenally

Graduate of the NBTA Tennis Academy and played D1 in college
Cleveland, OH
Matthew Horwich. Tennis Coach

Matthew Horwich

Cleveland, OH
Kevin Knoch. Tennis Coach

Kevin Knoch

Cleveland, OH
Jim Thomas. Tennis Coach

Jim Thomas

Cleveland, OH
Taylor Wedlake. Tennis Coach

Taylor Wedlake

USPTA certified
Cleveland, OH