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Jaysus Jay (PL)
Lessons are dedicated for male & female any level of play. Different trainers, all levels adjusted according to your learning progress.
Our Full Workout is split up for a few basic stages. 1. The Feet & Footwork. 2. Forehand & Backhand. 3. Service & Return. 4. Volley, Lob & Dropshot.
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A group for players who want to learn to play tennis and for those who want to significantly raise the level of their game. Group and individual lessons conducted by qualified trainers from around the world. Open chat... Join us here:


Workout pricing:

- cost of package 200€ The schedule lessons ; classes 4 players each group, package of 8 sessions x 2 hours (16h) / 2 months of classes . The Price of package including also:

ASICS head-to-toe outfit worth $270/£200 containing Gel Resolution 8 or Solution Speed shoes plus a tennis outfit of shirt, shorts & socks.

- Top Level Tennis online coaching – 150 hours of tennis tuition from greats of the game such as Boris Becker & Wolfgang Thiem.

- 3 online seminars developed for Tennishead CLUB members by Mindset College.,

- Tennis racket overgrips from Furi Sport. Pack of three, super tacky and super durable.

- Hydration electrolyte drinks from HALO endorsed by Andy Murray.

- Fortnightly email newsletter The Bagel full of news, opinion & analysis (from Tennishead magazine writers). Try this free issue.

- cost of single group session 20€ (paid before training).


Warm up
Beginners class
Beginners class
women tennis set
women tennis set
women shoes
women shoes
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Jaysus Jay (PL)
1 month
Yo yo such a nice to see ya .Fell free to join our open tennis lesson chat and all our network: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LNUG4AfqksTDUGTZy53dq6

Monika Kowalska
1 month, 1 week
Hey, I’m in.

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