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There are 52 tennis networks in Toronto, Ontario. These networks were all created by members of GTN. A network is a great way to organize all your tennis friends, and events. If you can't find a network in your area, create one.
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The Toronto Tennis Network Tennis Network
The Toronto Tennis Network
Members: 3   Location: Toronto, Ontario
Official Network - The Toronto Tennis Network is an official network of GTN. This network is free to...
Unionville Tennis Club Tennis Network
Unionville Tennis Club
Members: 2   Location: Markham, Ontario
Looking for a partner to play with. I am a member at the Unionville tennis club.
Niagara Peninsula Tennis Community Tennis Network
Niagara Peninsula Tennis Community
Members: 1   Location: St Catharines, Ontario
Niagara Regional Doubles League
Angus Glen Tennis Centre Tennis Network
Angus Glen Tennis Centre
Members: 1   Location: Markham, Ontario
4.0 to 5.0 tennis ladder open to all York and Durham Region players
North York Tennis Club Tennis Network
North York Tennis Club
Members: 1   Location: North York, Ontario
North York Tennis Club
Ramsden Park Tennis Network
Ramsden Park
Members: 2   Location: Toronto, Ontario
Ramsden tennis courts have been renovated, there are 8 courts, they're neat, no...
Members: 6   Location: Toronto, Ontario
Welcome to the open COMPETITIVE network! PLEASE TRUE LEVEL 3.5 TO UP each...
Halton Tennis Collective Tennis Network
Halton Tennis Collective
Members: 4   Location: Milton, Ontario
Spring session for Halton Tennis
Rouge Hill Tennis Tennis Network
Rouge Hill Tennis
Members: 3   Location: Toronto, Ontario
Amateur league and tournaments
Bloor Street Blues Tennis Network
Bloor Street Blues
Members: 1   Location: Toronto, Ontario
Summer Tennis Ladder, lets do thissssss
True Milestones Tennis Network
True Milestones
Members: 15   Location: Toronto, Ontario
True Milestones Tennis Network is sponsored by True Milestones Inc., Real Estate...
UTC Year-end Tournaments Tennis Network
UTC Year-end Tournaments
Members: 9   Location: Unionville, Ontario
This network is created to run Unionville Tennis Club Year-end tournaments.
2016 Men's league ATP Tennis Network
2016 Men's league ATP
Members: 5   Location: Toronto, Ontario
Played throughout Toronto, the top individuals of the Men's league will climb their...
Kleinburg Tennis Club Tennis Network
Kleinburg Tennis Club
Members: 25   Location: Kleinburg, Ontario
3 lit hard courts in the heart of Kleinburg Tennis Club nestled in Bindertwine Park.
Members: 5   Location: Woodbridge, Ontario
Tennis, tennis plus tennis, I play tennis for 20 years and i am stringer for 25...
Mississauga Tennis Club Tennis Network
Mississauga Tennis Club
Members: 1   Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Vietnamese Mississauga Tennis Club (VMTC)
Charlottetown Tennis Club Tennis Network
Charlottetown Tennis Club
Members: 1   Location: Scarborough, Ontario
Charlottetown Tennis Club
Erin Mills Tennis Club Tennis Network
Erin Mills Tennis Club
Members: 1   Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Erin Mills Mens Singles Ladder.
Richmond Hill Tennis Association Tennis Network
Richmond Hill Tennis Association
Members: 1   Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Richmond Hill Tennis Association (RHTA) is a non-profit Community Tennis...
noella yeo Tennis Network
noella yeo
Members: 3   Location: Markham, Ontario
A place where me and my friends can play tennis in our free time
Let's Play! Tennis Network
Let's Play!
Members: 8   Location: Unionville, Ontario
friendly competitive play
Aurora Community Tennis Club Tennis Network
Aurora Community Tennis Club
Members: 6   Location: Aurora, Ontario
3 courts located at historic McMahon Park in Aurora. This is a member only ladder.
North-West Scarborough Network Tennis Network
North-West Scarborough Network
Members: 13   Location: Scarborough, Ontario
Eligility: This is a Network providing single and double ladders for both current...
North Scarborough Tennis Tennis Network
North Scarborough Tennis
Members: 1   Location: Scarborough, Ontario
We are no longer using the network for the ladder. If you are a current member of...
Unionville Tennis Club – Adults Tennis Network
Unionville Tennis Club – Adults
Members: 21   Location: Unionville, Ontario
Unionville Tennis Club – Adults

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