Tennis Networks in Singapore Singapore

There are 34 tennis networks in Singapore Singapore. These networks were all created by members of GTN. A network is a great way to organize all your tennis friends, and events. If you can't find a network in your area, create one.
Picture Network Details
East Coast Tennis Community Tennis NetworkEast Coast Tennis Community
Members: 215   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Community of tennis players on East Coast in Singapore.
Bayshore Costa Tennis League (BCTL) Tennis NetworkBayshore Costa Tennis League (BCTL)
Members: 28   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Actively organize and promote Intermediate-Advance League Tennis among Tennis...
sporerackets Tennis Networksporerackets
Members: 47   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Our tennis group in Singapore
The Rivervale Condo Tennis Group Tennis NetworkThe Rivervale Condo Tennis Group
Members: 20   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Visit our homegroup today
Kembara Tennis Club Tennis NetworkKembara Tennis Club
Members: 65   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Welcome To Kembara Tennis Club, Johor Bahru (Pesuruhjaya Sukan Reg No :...
TB Cougars Tennis Club  Tennis NetworkTB Cougars Tennis Club
Members: 5   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Members: 20   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tennis tournament between IPG Kampus Temenggong Ibrahim student...
ANZA Tennis Singapore Tennis NetworkANZA Tennis Singapore
Members: 46   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Box of 4 format with rotations every month Players can only play each player within...
Yeoh Tennis Camp Tennis NetworkYeoh Tennis Camp
Members: 3   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Yeoh Sunday Morning junior session
Members: 21   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tennis Co-curricular club in IPG Kampus Temenggong Ibrahim Johor Semester 2 2013
2 PISMP TESL 4 Sem2 2013 Tennis Network2 PISMP TESL 4 Sem2 2013
Members: 18   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tennis curricular club for students of 2PISMP TESL Sem 2 2013
Junior Tennis Tennis NetworkJunior Tennis
Members: 3   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Match plays for juniors
SICC Tennis NetworkSICC
Members: 8   Location: Singapore, Singapore
SICC tennis network.....
IPGKTI Tennis Club Tennis NetworkIPGKTI Tennis Club
Members: 1   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
IPGKTI Tennis Club for lecturers, staffs and students of IPGKTI
2 PISMP RBT BT 2014 Tennis Network2 PISMP RBT BT 2014
Members: 16   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Co-curricular tennis club for students from 2 Pismp Rbt Bt 2014
Team SPANS Tennis NetworkTeam SPANS
Members: 6   Location: Novena, Singapore
Team SPANS tennis ladder
2PISMP Bimb. & Kaunseling Sem2 2014 Tennis Network2PISMP Bimb. & Kaunseling Sem2 2014
Members: 20   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Co-curricular tennis club for students from 2 Pismp Bimbingan dan Kaunseling Sem2...
Tennis @ Farrer Park Tennis Centre Tennis NetworkTennis @ Farrer Park Tennis Centre
Members: 6   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Regular tennis sessions on every Wed/Fri @ 8-10pm()and every Sat/Sun @ 7-9pm).This...
Just for Tennis Tennis NetworkJust for Tennis
Members: 9   Location: Bedok, Singapore
Tennis Ladder Singapore Tennis NetworkTennis Ladder Singapore
Members: 3   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Ladder to promote the tennis in Singapore
Molek Tennis NetworkMolek
Members: 4   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Molek tennis group, play everyweek in Molek and Ponderosa region.
Tmn Perling Social Tennis Mixed Doubles Tennis NetworkTmn Perling Social Tennis Mixed Doubles
Members: 2   Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
This is a Tennis Network Social group.
River Valley Tennis Fun Tennis NetworkRiver Valley Tennis Fun
Members: 12   Location: Orchard, Singapore
For those people like myself looking for tennis partners in River Valley Area :-)
Novena/Newton Tennis Network Tennis NetworkNovena/Newton Tennis Network
Members: 4   Location: Singapore, Singapore
Gather tennis regular players in Novena/Newton region to play rallies/matches...
Tennis beginners in Singapore Tennis NetworkTennis beginners in Singapore
Members: 10   Location: Singapore, Singapore
This is for tennis beginners (by beginners, I really mean ... beginners) to meet and...

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