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When you register at Global Tennis Network, you will have access to many features to help you play more tennis, track your progress, find a tennis partner, or organize a match.

Finding a tennis partner is one of the biggest challenges tennis players face. Not only will we help you find a tennis partner, but you will be able to join or even start an online community of tennis players.

Once you join, you will receive notifications whenever a ladder, league or tournament is started in your area. You will also be notified if someone posts a comment to your city. And, if another player sees your profile, they may contact you for a match.

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Finding a tennis partner is easy. Just search for tennis partners by skill, gender, age, and location. You can even search by the most active players. Once you find a tennis partner you are interested, post a comment to their profile page. You can also post a comment from your profile page to your entire city. Either way, we will notify the other players when you do.

Find a Tennis Partner

GTN Points Leaderboard

Abhishek Babbar
Gurugram, India
Nitin Gupta
Gurugram, India
Rajvir Lamba
Gurugram, India
Adeep Mathur
The Hague, Netherlands
Inder Kapur
Gurugram, India
Aseem Dahiya
Gurugram, India
Dion J
Newport Beach, California
Arjun Varma
Singapore, Singapore
Rog McCourt-Wolf
St George, Utah
Hope Malin
Bonita Springs, Florida
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Calculated Playing Levels

Singles and doubles
Using your history of ladder, league, tournament and practice matches, your singles and doubles playing levels will be calculated using a complex mathematical algorithm.

For each match played, this algorithm takes into account your opponent's calculated level and accuracy, the type of match, and margin of victory to produce a very accurate depiction of your playing level. Your calculated playing levels can even be tracked over time, giving you a history of your progress.

Tennis Matches

Your match history
Easily keep track and monitor all your matches played at Global Tennis Network. Sort by date range, opponent, event, or the type of match. As always, any match played, wether it be a ladder, league, tournament or even a practice match, will also go toward calculating your playing levels.
Just like having friends on Facebook, at GTN, you have connections.
Communication is easy with our private messaging system. Quickly and easily send messages to one or more members. An email will be sent to you when you receive a new private message.
On your profile page, you have a comment feed. This feed shows you all the comments that are made to your city, networks, tennis courts etc.. It is a great way to stay in the know.
Track your match statistics. See your win/loss record for matches, sets, and even games. You can even view your statistics down to your opponent, type of match, or date range.


You can log in and manage your profile from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Friendly

Your tennis ladders will look great on any device including phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Web-based Software

Access your tennis ladders with any device connected to the internet. No software is needed.

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