Joseph Reyes

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Joined:September 10, 2010
Last Visit:1 year, 7 months ago
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Racquet Brand:Head
I'm a:Tennis fan, tennis instructor/coach, competitive player
On the court, I'm a:Serve-n-volleyer, baseliner, net player, slicer, top-spinner, two-handed backhander, drop-shotter, bomber, big-server, lobber, strategizer, score forgetter, singles player
Favorite Website:enigma2485x.blogspot.com
Relationship Status:Married
2014 Washington Park Tennis Ladder Men S-3.0 - 3.5Ladder2014-04-072014-10-07
2013 LPTL Round Robin Doubles Tennis LadderLadder2013-04-012013-09-30
2013 LPTL Round Robin Tennis LadderLadder2013-04-012013-10-13
2012 LPTL Men's Doubles Open Tennis TournamentTournament2012-08-122012-08-12
James L Braddock Park Tennis LadderLadder2012-06-102013-07-23
2012 GoPlay - North Hudson Park, North Bergen, NJLadder2012-04-242012-12-31
LPTL Round Robin Tennis LadderLadder2012-03-042012-12-31
2012 Lincoln Park Tennis LadderLadder2012-01-302012-12-31
2011 Hudson County Tennis Championship TournamentTournament2011-09-032011-09-17
us openTournament2011-04-112011-04-14

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