Ben Tuakoi

Ben Tuakoi

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I'm a proud Polynesian of Tongan, Samoan, and Fijian descent. I was born on a ship in Tongan waters and was raised in Hawaii. I love to hit even if it's just drills and rallying. My favorite shots are power shots especially any put away volleys at net. Life is a gift so I live, love, and laugh it up to the fullest each and every day!

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Gunsmoke(Singles)-2017(Jan-May)Rank: 40Ladder2017-01-012017-05-31
True Grit(Doubles)-2017(Jan-May)Rank: 5Ladder2017-01-012017-05-31
Gunsmoke(Singles)-2016 [Jul-Dec]Rank: 4Ladder2016-07-012016-12-31
True Grit(Doubles)-2016 [Jul-Dec]Rank: 11Ladder2016-07-012016-12-31
Gunsmoke(Singles)-2016 [Jan-Jun]Rank: 3Ladder2016-01-012016-06-30
True Grit(Doubles)-2016 [Jan-Jun]Rank: 6Ladder2016-01-012016-06-30
True Grit(Doubles)-2015 [2nd Season]Rank: 42Ladder2015-07-012015-12-31
Gunsmoke(Singles)-2015 [2ndSeason]Rank: 8Ladder2015-07-012015-12-31
Gunsmoke(Singles)-2015 [1stSeason]Rank: 25Ladder2015-01-012015-06-30
True Grit(Doubles)-2015 [1st Season]Rank: 36Ladder2015-01-012015-06-30


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