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Derrick Morrison

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Joined:June 12, 2010
Last Visit:2 days, 13 hours ago
About Me:I am in Sales so my time is very flexible. I play year round indoors (Northcliffe Tennis bubble) and outdoors as long as possible into the Fall.
Partner Search:
Racquet Brand:Head
I'm a:Tennis fan, league player, casual player
On the court, I'm a:Score forgetter, doubles player, singles player, gracious loser
Relationship Status:Married
Halifax Rec Round RobinTournament2015-07-112015-07-11
Halifax Rec Season OpenerTournament2015-06-142015-06-14
2015 Halifax Rec LadderLadder2015-05-012015-10-31
Halifax Rec Season CloserTournament2014-10-112014-10-11
Halifax Rec Wooden Racquet ExhibitionTournament2014-09-072014-09-07
Halifax Rec OlympicsTournament2014-08-162014-08-16
Halifax Rec Round RobinTournament2014-07-122014-07-12
Halifax Rec Season OpenerTournament2014-06-222014-06-22
2014 Halifax Rec LadderLadder2014-05-012014-10-31
Halifax Rec Season CloserTournament2013-10-052013-10-05

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varma p - 1 year, 1 month ago
Hi Morrison,

This is varma, I am beginner but good at rallies. I leave at south end of Halifax, We have a out door tennis court in our apartment. i am free in evenings and also available in mornings on weekends. If you are interested to play, you reach me at 902-403-1248.

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