David Gardner

David Gardner

Location: Walton-on-Thames, England
Joined:January 30, 2012
Levels:Singles: 4.77Doubles: 4.98
Last Visit:Very recently
GTN Points:2,224 (ranked #296)
Tennis Player

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Division 1 (29 Mar 21-15 Jun 21)Rank: 1Ladder League2021-03-292021-06-15
Division 1 (Sep 20-Dec 20)Rank: 3Ladder League2020-09-012020-12-31
WLTC All Results Invitation Ladder 2020-2021Rank: 5Ladder League2020-07-232021-12-31
WLTC Division 1 (Feb 20 - Jul 20)Rank: 5Ladder League2020-02-012020-07-31
Division 1 (Aug 19-Oct 19)Rank: 1Ladder League2019-08-012019-10-31
WLTC All Player Ladder 2019-2020Rank: 6Ladder League2019-06-012020-07-30
Championship (Oct-Dec 2017)Rank: 1Ladder League2017-10-022017-12-31
Premier Division (July-Sep 2017)Rank: 5Ladder League2017-07-012017-09-30
Elmbridge Singles Ladder (OLD)Rank: 6Ladder League2017-06-272018-03-07
Championship (Mar-May 2017)Rank: 2Ladder League2017-03-012017-05-31


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Roland Fohn - 3 years, 5 months
Hi David, I noticed that you manage an Elmbridge ladder, is this limited to Walton members?
I created an Elmbridge ladder for players rated 7.2-6.1 (or equivalent) on GTN’s London tennis network so wanted to make sure this wasn’t a duplicate of yours. I have a group of guys from Claygate, Esher and and Thames Ditton that play at this level are keen to play with folks from other Elmbridge clubs. Look forward to hearing from you.

Ben Hughes - 9 years, 6 months
Hi David, played Kevin this evening and won 6 - 3 / 6 - 1.

I can't work out how I post this on the ladder?

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