Swapnil Bhagat

Location: Secaucus, New Jersey, United States
Joined:June 25, 2011
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About Me:
Partner Search:I am a 3.5 level singles player.I am looking for a tennis partner near clifton or nearby to play tennis during weekdays after work or sometimes on weekends. Please send a mail to bhagatswapnil@gmail.com if interested
I'm a:Competitive player
On the court, I'm a:Singles player
2014-15 LPTL Winter Doubles LeagueLadder2014-11-022015-04-30
Manny's Cup 2014Tournament2014-07-272014-08-03
2014 LPTL Round Robin Tennis LadderLadder2014-04-012014-10-12
LPTL Winter Doubles TournamentTournament2014-02-232014-03-19
LPTL winter indoor doubles ladderLadder2013-12-012014-03-30
LPTL team tennis leagueLeague2013-08-012013-08-31
Consolation Tournament 2013Tournament2013-07-212013-07-21
Manny's Cup 2013Tournament2013-07-212013-07-21
2013 LPTL Round Robin Tennis LadderLadder2013-04-012013-10-13
Tennis Ladder IILadder2013-02-162013-04-15

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