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Drew Dylla Tennis Player
Drew Dylla
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Anaheim Hills, California
Play 4.0 usta leagues in Irvine. Home court. Anaheim tennis center
Dib SG Tennis Player
Dib SG
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
San Jose, California
Yashas S Tennis Player
Yashas S
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Tampa, Florida
TennisMomInHR J Tennis Player
TennisMomInHR J
Gender: F  Level: 2.5
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Ok, I am crazy about tennis! I am a stay at home mom in Highlands Ranch, CO. I enjoy competitive and social tennis. I am looking to improve my game with other female tennis players. My Skill Level: 2.5 Advanced...
Jackie Mann Tennis Player
Jackie Mann
Gender: F  Level: 2.0
Newton Abbot, England
Jamie Winslow Tennis Player
Jamie Winslow
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Ipplepen, England
Nicola B Tennis Player
Nicola B
Gender: F  Level: 4.0
Langley , British Columbia
Looking for players.
Rocky Royer Tennis Player
Rocky Royer
Gender: M  Level: 5.0
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Vishal S Tennis Player
Vishal S
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Chennai, India
Kazem Rafa Tennis Player
Kazem Rafa
Gender: M  Level: 4.5
Doha, Qatar
Taiya Cox Tennis Player
Taiya Cox
Gender: F  Level: 3.0
Franklinton, North Carolina
Patrick Egli Tennis Player
Patrick Egli
Gender: M  Level: 5.0
Winterthur, Switzerland
Hi, I'm looking for a tennis partner to prepare well for tournaments.
Pradeep Puranam Tennis Player
Pradeep Puranam
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Gurgaon, India
David Hon Tennis Player
David Hon
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Seattle, Washington
I play a high 3.0 and prefer singles. Often sub in for 3.5 doubles.
Tom Baker Tennis Player
Tom Baker
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Ipplepen, England
Yakub Abdul Reheman Tennis Player
Yakub Abdul Reheman
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Mangalore, India
Radiel Garcia Tennis Player
Radiel Garcia
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Kent, Washington
A new immigrant. Works as a Paraeducator in Kent School District.New in the area and not driving yet. I played tennis in China and in Oman. Tennis is my favorite sport but haven't played for a long time. I want to meet a...
Matt Sitkoff Tennis Player
Matt Sitkoff
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Guttenberg, New Jersey
I am a huge tennis fan! Played in high school and finally getting back into playing. My main court is the Braddock Park in North Bergen but I have a car and will drive to play.
Nancy Rathbun Tennis Player
Nancy Rathbun
Gender: F  Level: 3.5
Sleepy Hollow, New York
I've been playing three years, outdoors at Westchester Community College and indoors at Solaris. I have a set of friends in the 2.5-4 range, but we have a hard time getting four together to play regularly. Looking for some...
daniel yoo Tennis Player
daniel yoo
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Oakland, California
Christina Talford Tennis Player
Christina Talford
Gender: F  Level: 2.5
Naples, Florida
Liz Purcell Tennis Player
Liz Purcell
Gender: F  Level: 4.0
Dublin, Ireland
Yunus S Tennis Player
Yunus S
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
New York, New York
Jason Bryant Tennis Player
Jason Bryant
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Taryn Jones Tennis Player
Taryn Jones
Gender: F  Level: 2.0
San Angelo, Texas

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