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Theo Skaltsas Tennis Player
Theo Skaltsas
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Gold Coast, Queensland
I am Australian and will be in Athens for a few months and need a hitting partner , I live in NEO HRAKLEIO and can hit at OAKA courts or FILOTHEI tennis club.. I love the sport and am happy to have a casual or competitive...
E WT Tennis Player
Gender: F  Level: 3.0
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Used to play tennis regularly but haven't played for quite a long time. Want to pick up tennis again!
Kuangshin Tai Tennis Player
Kuangshin Tai
Gender: M  Level: 4.5
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Shyam Shetye Tennis Player
Shyam Shetye
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Kleinburg, Ontario
Judy Lau Tennis Player
Judy Lau
Gender: F  Level: 2.0
Edmonton, Alberta
Imani Moore Tennis Player
Imani Moore
Gender: F  Level: 2.5
Raleigh, North Carolina
Randy Hershoff Tennis Player
Randy Hershoff
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Tiverton, Rhode Island
Larry Deblinger Tennis Player
Larry Deblinger
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Monroe, New York
Wei-Chuen Chen Tennis Player
Wei-Chuen Chen
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Roswell, Georgia
Looking for someone who plays at east roswell park or near by.
matt presser Tennis Player
matt presser
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Link Galeza Tennis Player
Link Galeza
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Erie, Pennsylvania
Jim Justice Tennis Player
Jim Justice
Gender: M  Level: 4.5
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
In Hilton head the week of July 24 - looking to play!
LJ Paraiso Tennis Player
LJ Paraiso
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Calgary, Alberta
yoonhee kang Tennis Player
yoonhee kang
Gender: F  Level: 3.0
Highland Park, New Jersey
Esteban Scacco Tennis Player
Esteban Scacco
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Shyam J Tennis Player
Shyam J
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Bangalore, India
Hi tennis lovers, I'm from bellandur area. Looking to play in nearby courts. I have taken some training and started playing couple of months back
Kushagra Sinha Tennis Player
Kushagra Sinha
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Tokyo, Japan
Hi. I played in college. Now looking for a partner to hit with. Kiba park preferred but open to some other.
Quincy L Tennis Player
Quincy L
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Trying to get back into it - Looking for regular weeknight and weekend games.
Fabien Jarry Tennis Player
Fabien Jarry
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Bangsar, Malaysia
Looking for someone to hit the ball with anywhere in Bangsar weekdays mornings or evenings, eventually weekends.. Phone/whatsapp 0199299545
Jonathan Vasquez Tennis Player
Jonathan Vasquez
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Union City, New Jersey
Former #1 Singles for UCHS. I love the game and what it's done for me. Striving for college tennis.
Zulqarnain Fayyaz Tennis Player
Zulqarnain Fayyaz
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Piscataway, New Jersey
Annie Siu Tennis Player
Annie Siu
Gender: F  Level: 3.0
San Gabriel, California
Adam Dunnett Tennis Player
Adam Dunnett
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Kingston, Ontario
Chris Barker Tennis Player
Chris Barker
Gender: M  Level: 2.0
Ottawa, Ontario

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