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Shawn Fan Tennis Player
Shawn Fan
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Singapore, Singapore
Been playing tournaments in Singapore for a few years, hoping to make it to an US college tennis team
Bahaa Almonayer Tennis Player
Bahaa Almonayer
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hi, I live in dubai IMPZ, I have a free Tennis court in my building. looking for a tennis partner. I am not pro. nor beginner.. you can say Intermediate.
Donal O Hora Tennis Player
Donal O Hora
Gender: M  Level: 2.0
Hollystown, Ireland
Hans Sempre Tennis Player
Hans Sempre
Gender: M  Level: 4.5
Laguna Niguel, California
Mahesh Retnamma Tennis Player
Mahesh Retnamma
Gender: M  Level: 2.0
Austin, Texas
Bill Dickinson Tennis Player
Bill Dickinson
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Acton, Massachusetts
Emin Turan Tennis Player
Emin Turan
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Fremont, California
Jamie Booth Tennis Player
Jamie Booth
Gender: F  Level: 4.5
Bozeman, Montana
Lindsay Gibbons Tennis Player
Lindsay Gibbons
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Eastbourne, England
Bonnie LaFemina Tennis Player
Bonnie LaFemina
Gender: F  Level: 3.0
Naples, Florida
Spencer Fuller Tennis Player
Spencer Fuller
Gender: M  Level: 4.5
Charlotte, North Carolina
Chandan Reddy Tennis Player
Chandan Reddy
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Largo, Florida
Hi, Please feel free to call me any day at 857-544-0803. I am very keen to up my skills. I am available anytime after 6 pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends (early morning would be ideal). If flood lights are...
Hugh Malcolmson Tennis Player
Hugh Malcolmson
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hamid-Pierre Ghavami Tennis Player
Hamid-Pierre Ghavami
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Al Wakra, Qatar
Bob Noel Tennis Player
Bob Noel
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Bloomington, Indiana
Bastian Sieberer Tennis Player
Bastian Sieberer
Gender: M  Level: 4.5
Copenhagen, Denmark
Britt Allen Tennis Player
Britt Allen
Gender: F  Level: 3.5
Seattle, Washington
Ryan P Tennis Player
Ryan P
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Singapore, Singapore
Alessandro Grasso Tennis Player
Alessandro Grasso
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Scarborough, Western Australia
Graham Park Tennis Player
Graham Park
Gender: M  Level: 2.0
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
Helge Reimers Tennis Player
Helge Reimers
Gender: M  Level: 4.5
Haarlem, Netherlands
Looking for hitting partner around Haarlem area for match ups and/or training. I've been competitive player for several years, now moved to Haarlem in 2017.Let me know if you're up for a match!
Tryambok Saha Tennis Player
Tryambok Saha
Gender: M  Level: 4.5
Mumbai, India
HI,I am playing since last 2.5 yrs. almost lost last year due to ligament injury. Started recently again. like playing singles. 9833305504
Masato Hachiya Tennis Player
Masato Hachiya
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Tokyo, Japan
Sergio Coelho Tennis Player
Sergio Coelho
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Cascais, Portugal
Summer Ying Tennis Player
Summer Ying
Gender: F  Level: 2.5
Sofia, Bulgaria
I am a girl from Hong Kong traveling and currently stopping in Sofia, Bulgaria for a while. I would like to practice tennis with some people in Sofia!!!!!

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