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Joaquin del Cueto Tennis Player
Joaquin del Cueto
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Coral Gables, Florida
Fairly new to the game but a fast learner with a student-like approach. 3.5ish looking to hit with 4.0+. Semi-western FH, 1HBH w/ moderate topspin, developing flat & kick serve skills. Playing 11.4oz, 8pts HL Wilson Burn FST...
Dave Singh Tennis Player
Dave Singh
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Brisbane, Queensland
Pan Tam Tennis Player
Pan Tam
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Florina, Greece
Patricia Murchison Tennis Player
Patricia Murchison
Gender: F  Level: 2.0
Chicago, Illinois
Jon Hossack Tennis Player
Jon Hossack
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Ipplepen, England
Raja Gomathinayagam Tennis Player
Raja Gomathinayagam
Gender: M  Level: 4.5
Alpharetta, Georgia
Ademar Stringari Junior Tennis Player
Ademar Stringari Junior
Gender: M  Level: 2.0
Joinville, Santa Catarina
Disponível para jogo após o horário das 17:30 durante à semana, exceto algumas sexta-feiras. Final de semana qualquer horário, exceto alguns sábados pela manhã.
Mohamed Aly Tennis Player
Mohamed Aly
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Cairo, Egypt
Amateur tennis player Maadi Club 7 or any court that we can rent.
bhami bisht Tennis Player
bhami bisht
Gender: F  Level: 2.0
New York, New York
Paul Sampson Tennis Player
Paul Sampson
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Newton Abbot, England
Jet Ambrocio Tennis Player
Jet Ambrocio
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Manila, Philippines
Alex Faber Tennis Player
Alex Faber
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Miami, Florida
Looking for a hitting partner while I am in Miami (from 03/26/2017 to 04/02/2017). My skill level is 4.0 but i haven't hit much lately. So I am looking forward to getting my swing back
akalil azizin Tennis Player
akalil azizin
Gender: M  Level: 5.0
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
MJ Matange Tennis Player
MJ Matange
Gender: M  Level: 2.0
Bangalore, India
Yalamber Subba Tennis Player
Yalamber Subba
Gender: M  Level: 2.0
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Bobby Ceklic Tennis Player
Bobby Ceklic
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Seminole, Florida
Just getting back to playing tennis....available evenings/weekends
Sushant Kamath Tennis Player
Sushant Kamath
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Redwood City, California
Very active player when I was younger. Haven't played in over 5 years. Getting back into the game, but am a bit rusty.
Chet Prak Tennis Player
Chet Prak
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Irvine, California
Just getting back into the game after few years off. Played high school tennis a long time ago. Looking to hit balls a polish up on skills. And find good people to connect with.
Bruce Rosenblatt Tennis Player
Bruce Rosenblatt
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Naples, Florida
Becky Dorshorst Tennis Player
Becky Dorshorst
Gender: F  Level: 3.0
Naples, Florida
James Willson Tennis Player
James Willson
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Chichester, England
Harry Dry Tennis Player
Harry Dry
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Chichester, England
i play tennis
Priyabrata Hota Tennis Player
Priyabrata Hota
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Jersey City, New Jersey
Ahmad Kassir Tennis Player
Ahmad Kassir
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Villebon, France
Wilson Honda Tennis Player
Wilson Honda
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
São Paulo, São Paulo

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