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Decarius Spells Tennis Player
Decarius Spells
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Indianapolis, Indiana
Simon David Eden Tennis Player
Simon David Eden
Gender: M  Level: 2.5
Chichester, England
Rusty racket returning to tennis after a 10 year absence. Looking for a regular hitting partner as a workout and to improve my game.
Meng Zhang Tennis Player
Meng Zhang
Gender: F  Level: 4.0
Hillsborough, New Jersey
Harry Chandler Tennis Player
Harry Chandler
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Vancouver, British Columbia
Colin Nyandoro Tennis Player
Colin Nyandoro
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Windhoek, Namibia
Armand Der-Hacobian Tennis Player
Armand Der-Hacobian
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
San Francisco, California
3.5 Player aiming to become a 4.0 player. I live in West Portal by St Francis Wood and can play nearby or flexible to play elsewhere.
Kevin Tang Tennis Player
Kevin Tang
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Ottawa, Ontario
Easy going player. Like to play matches.
Warren Frewer Tennis Player
Warren Frewer
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Windhoek, Namibia
Johan Theron Tennis Player
Johan Theron
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Windhoek, Namibia
Grant Rau Tennis Player
Grant Rau
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Windhoek, Namibia
David Long Tennis Player
David Long
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Austin, Texas
Lara Hodgson Tennis Player
Lara Hodgson
Gender: F  Level: 4.0
Unionville, Ontario
Looking for a partner to play with in the mornings or afternoons during the week. I am a member at the Unionville tennis club. I am intermediate level and I am looking to have a good sweat!
Elke Graf Tennis Player
Elke Graf
Gender: F  Level: 4.0
North Plainfield, New Jersey
Laura Fiske Tennis Player
Laura Fiske
Gender: F  Level: 4.0
Bernardsville, New Jersey
Sven Arvinius Tennis Player
Sven Arvinius
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Cascais, Portugal
Frederico Pereira Tennis Player
Frederico Pereira
Gender: M  Level: 3.0
Brussels, Belgium
I'm currently looking for a partner to play regularly in Brussels region (city center and surroundings). It has been a while since I played tennis but I'm pretty sure I would quickly catch up. Feel free to message me...
Florianus Adel Tennis Player
Florianus Adel
Gender: M  Level: 6.0
Jakarta, Indonesia
Rodney Lewis Tennis Player
Rodney Lewis
Gender: M  Level: 3.5
Orangevale, California
Hemant Sakta Tennis Player
Hemant Sakta
Gender: M  Level: 2.0
Auckland, New Zealand
James Chamberlain Tennis Player
James Chamberlain
Gender: M  Level: 2.0
Cardiff, Wales
Tea Conforzi Tennis Player
Tea Conforzi
Gender: F  Level: 5.0
London, England
Turgay Alptekin Tennis Player
Turgay Alptekin
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Prague, Czech Republic
Hello there, just relocated to Prague and like to play regularly, please contact me at
Louri Yauro Vizcaino Tennis Player
Louri Yauro Vizcaino
Gender: M  Level: 5.5
Hialeah, Florida
I used to play tennis but combination of being overweight & few injuries in my younger days has taken me out of the game but i could play with anyone that might want to improved/practice, mainly during the weekends...
Javier Gonzalez Tennis Player
Javier Gonzalez
Gender: M  Level: 4.0
Long Beach, California
Brian Quiban Tennis Player
Brian Quiban
Gender: M  Level: 5.0
Valley Stream, New York

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