2017 Sunday Oct 1st Tennis Singles Invitational

Union City New Jersey
September 29, 2017 - October 01, 2017
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The tournament has completed
Tennis Tournament
Round 1
Play by: Sep 24th
Round 2
Play by: Sep 24th
Play by: Sep 24th

Morgan Hill (1)
Fernando Riaza Carcamo (8)
Paudy Nunez (4)
Abhinav Dani (5)
Braadwell Castro (6)
Julio Eguia (3)
Emma Eguia (7)
D J (2)
Morgan Hill (1)
Paudy Nunez (4)
Julio Eguia (3)
D J (2)
Morgan Hill (1)
D J (2)
D J (2)

Tennis Tournament Description
As you know, Sunday October 1st is the Finals of the All England Championships at 2PM.

In addition to us watching this amazing finals, we are having a small tournament. Cost is $5 to help cover for balls, drinks and snacks. The first players to respond are guaranteed a spot.

Trophy will be awarded to the Champion

Match style is Pro-set first to 6 games wins. This is to speed up the matches. In the event of a tie 6-6, the next game is played as a tie break first to 7 points wins.
Tennis Tournament Players
Picture Details About Me Action
Abhinav Dani
Level: 3.49
North Bergen, New Jersey
Braadwell Castro
Level: 3.5
Union, New Jersey
I can play in washington park or columbus park, from friday to sunday at anytime. Text me at 5512024111
Emma Eguia
Level: 3.19
Lima, Peru
Fernando Riaza Carcamo
Level: 3.48
Weehawken, New Jersey
Julio Eguia
Level: 3.47
Union City, New Jersey
Morgan Hill
Level: 4.0
New York City, New York
Level: 6.0
Jersey City, New Jersey
Anyone copying the network name will be sued
Paudy Nunez
Level: 3.54
Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
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2017 Sunday Oct 1st Tennis Singles Invitational is a tennis tournament in Union City, New Jersey.
Playing Level:
Match Format:
Entry Fee:
3.5 to 4.5
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