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This is an overview of all things tennis in Storrs, Connecticut. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Storrs, Connecticut.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Total Matches Played: 4,434

165 Local Players

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Ladies' B League PaddleTeam League00
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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caro atkinson-palombo      Mansfield, Connecticut
3 years, 6 months
Hi, looking for someone to play tennis with near UConn Storrs. Haven't played regularly for some 30 years now, and am quite unfit, but looking to get back into it.
adult2.25 to 3.00

Dan Goldberg      Storrs, Connecticut
4 years, 8 months
I'm relatively new to the area and am looking for tennis partners near Storrs. I've played occasionally for a long time, but I don't put a lot of pace on the ball, and I'd be glad to hit with any experienced player. The closest courts to me are at E.O. Smith. Let me know if you'd like to play!

Gregory Lewis      Storrs, Connecticut
5 years, 7 months
I'm looking for hitting partners, preferably 4.0 and up in the Storrs, CT area. I usually hit at UCONN or E.O Smith. I also have a membership at a clay court facility in Brooklyn, CT.

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
E.O. Smith High School
1235 Storrs Rd, Storrs

0.58 m
University of Connecticut
N Hillside Rd, Storrs

0.89 m
Mansfield Middle School
205 Spring Hill Rd, Storrs

2.39 m
Coventry High School
78 Ripley Hill Rd, Coventry

3.54 m
Sunny Acres Park
101 Ice House Rd, Mansfield

5.51 m
Windham Middle School
123 Quarry St, Willimantic

5.96 m
Eastern Connecticut State University
Young Rd, Willimantic

6.18 m
Windham High School
355 High St, Willimantic

6.34 m
Tolland High School
1 Eagle Hill Dr, Tolland

6.63 m
Crandall Park Courts
64 Cider Mill Rd, Tolland

7.30 m
Camp Asto Wamah
42 W Route 87, Columbia

7.86 m
Shetucket Plains Road Park
315 Plains Rd, Willimantic

8.07 m
Silver Lining Equestrian Center
235 CT-66, Columbia

8.42 m
Columbia Recreation Area
75 Hennequin Rd, Columbia

8.49 m
Hole In the Wall Gang Camp
565 Ashford Ctr Rd, Ashford

8.51 m
Bolton High School
72 Brandy St, Bolton

9.50 m
Hyde Park
32 Hyde Park Rd, Stafford Springs

10.35 m
Henry Park
Henry Park, Vernon

10.65 m
Rham High School
85 Wall St, Hebron

11.72 m
Rockville High School
70 Loveland Hill Rd, Vernon

12.23 m
The Spa at Grand Lake
6 Old Colchester Rd, Lebanon

12.74 m
Lyman Memorial High School
917 Exeter Rd, Lebanon

12.81 m
Pomfret Recreation Park
576 Hampton Rd, Pomfret Center

12.84 m
Ellington High School
37 Maple St, Ellington

12.91 m
Ellington Ridge Country Club
56 Abbott Rd, Ellington

13.90 m
Manchester High School
134 Middle Tpke E, Manchester

13.93 m
Giddings Park
210 Pond Rd, North Franklin

14.00 m
South Windsor Swim and Tennis Club
2965 Ellington Rd, South Windsor

14.04 m
Charter Oak Park
Charter Oak St, Manchester

14.12 m
Robertson Park
78 N Main St, Manchester

14.18 m
Brookside Park
CT-140, Ellington

14.19 m
Timothy Edwards Middle School
100 Arnold Way, South Windsor

14.27 m
Neipsic Tennis Club
54 Line St, Glastonbury

14.49 m
Somers Recreation Park
96 Field Rd, Somers

15.71 m
Pomfret School
398 Pomfret St, Pomfret

15.72 m
Brooklyn Park
92 Providence Rd, Brooklyn

15.79 m
The Rectory School
528 Pomfret St, Pomfret

15.82 m
Magic Lincer Tennis Club of Manchester
404 West Center St, Manchester

15.94 m
Mabelle B Avery Middle School
1 Vision Blvd, Somers

16.00 m
Wapping Tennis Courts
91 Ayers Rd, South Windsor

16.04 m
Minnechaug Pool and Tennis Club
980 Manchester Rd, Glastonbury

16.04 m
Blish Memorial Park
32 Park Rd, Marlborough

16.19 m
Bacon Academy High School
611 Norwich Ave, Colchester

16.22 m
Colchester RecPlex Park
297 Old Hebron Rd, Colchester

16.37 m
East Windsor Park
27 Reservoir Ave, Broad Brook

16.37 m
Pinebrook Pool Club
252 Forest Ln, Glastonbury

16.60 m
Wickham Park
1329 Middle Tpke W, Manchester

16.74 m
Mansion At Bald Hill Resort
29 Plaine Hill Rd, Woodstock

17.12 m
Gager Field Airport
92 Bashon Hill Rd, Bozrah

17.15 m
Woodstock Middle School
192 Butts Rd, Woodstock

17.27 m
Woodstock Recreation Park
415 CT-169, Woodstock

17.29 m
Glenbrooke Swim & Tennis Club
429 Oak St, East Hartford

17.39 m
Solair Resort
65 Ide Perrin Rd # 22, Woodstock

17.91 m
Addison Park
415 Addison Rd, Glastonbury

17.91 m
Glastonbury Hills Country Club
239 Country Club Rd, South Glastonbury

18.36 m
Holland Park
35 Sturbridge Rd, Holland

18.39 m
Plainfield High School
87 Putnam Rd, Central Village

18.51 m
Lisbon Meadows Park
39 S Burnham Hwy, Lisbon

18.69 m
Glastonbury Tennis Club
228 Oak St, Glastonbury

18.77 m
Connecticut IB Academy
857 Forbes St, East Hartford

18.84 m
East Hartford Tennis Club
151 Roberts St, East Hartford

18.87 m
Woodledge Pool Club
1005 Hopewell Rd, South Glastonbury

18.89 m
Killingly Memorial School
339 Main St, Danielson

18.91 m
Glastonbury High School
330 Hubbard St, Glastonbury

19.02 m
Owen Bell Park
568 Hartford Pike, Dayville

19.06 m
Putnam Park
161 Church St, Putnam

19.09 m
JFK Middle School
155 Raffia Rd, Enfield

19.09 m
Orchard Hill Club
295 Overlook Rd, Glastonbury

19.19 m
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Club
200 Clement Rd, East Hartford

19.36 m
Acorn Acres Campground
135 Lake Rd, Bozrah

19.57 m
East Windsor High School
76 S Main St, East Windsor

19.78 m
Killingly High School
226 Putnam Pike, Dayville

19.83 m
Enrico Fermi High School
North Maple St, Enfield

19.88 m
Enfield Tennis Club
226 Shaker Rd, Enfield

19.93 m
GreatHorse Country Club
128 Wilbraham Rd, Hampden

20.06 m
Veteran's Memorial Athletic Park
2 Sidor Dr, Enfield

20.13 m
Sears Park
68 N Main St, East Hampton

20.15 m
Mohegan Park -Armstrong Tennis Center
76 Mohegan Rd, Norwich

20.19 m
Hockanum Park
319 High St, East Hartford

20.34 m
Connecticut Children's Place School
141 Bridge St, East Windsor

20.49 m
Consumer Reports Test Track
3 Hall Kilbourne Rd, Colchester

20.59 m
East Hampton High School
15 N Maple St, East Hampton

20.81 m
John B Stanton Elementary School
386 New London Tpke, Norwich

21.17 m
Enfield High School
Enfield St, Enfield

21.25 m
West Street School Gr 1-5
156 W St, Southbridge

21.33 m
Tourtellotte Memorial High School
785 Riverside Dr, North Grosvenor Dale

21.37 m
Mechanic St Park
Mechanic St, Norwich

21.56 m
Field Club of Longmeadow
750 Wolf Swamp Rd, Longmeadow

21.69 m
Twin Hills Country Club
700 Wolf Swamp Rd, Longmeadow

21.70 m
Marianapolis Preparatory School
Marianapolis Dr, Thompson

22.18 m
East Longmeadow High School
180 Maple St, East Longmeadow

22.32 m
Southbridge High School
132 Torry Rd, Southbridge

22.62 m
Greenwood Park
231 Maple Rd, Longmeadow

22.72 m
Longmeadow Country Club
400 Shaker Rd, Longmeadow

22.82 m
Pine Knoll Recreation Park
22 Pine Grove Cir, East Longmeadow

22.92 m
Nichols College
124 Ctr Rd, Dudley

23.00 m
Grande Meadows Tennis & Health Club
170 Dwight Rd, Longmeadow

23.01 m
Longmeadow High School
Bliss Ct., Longmeadow

23.28 m
Bliss Park
373 Laurel St, Longmeadow

23.90 m
Springfield JCC Health & Fitness Center
1160 Dickinson St, Springfield

23.93 m
Shepherd Hill Regional High School
68 Dudley Oxford Rd, Dudley

24.06 m
Portland High School
95 High St, Portland

24.74 m
Nathan Bill Playground
101 Plumtree Rd, Springfield

24.81 m
Forest Park Tennis Center
309 Sumner Ave, Springfield

24.98 m
Bartlett High School
52 Lake Pkwy, Webster

25.14 m
Riverview Children's Hospital
915 River Rd, Middletown

25.54 m
Memorial Athletic Field
Ray St, Webster

25.85 m
Perry Lane Park
108 Perry Ln, Agawam

26.33 m
Connecticut Valley Hospital
1000 Silver St, Middletown

26.35 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
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Michael Cervantes
P.O. Box 220
Glastonbury, Connecticut

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