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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Leon High School
550 East Tennessee St, Tallahassee

0.62 m
Myers Park
1076 Myers Park Dr, Tallahassee

0.66 m
Capital City Country Club
1601 Golf Terrace Drive, Tallahassee

0.90 m
Lafayette Park
534 Williams St, Tallahassee

1.05 m
Lee Park
450 W 4th Ave , Tallahassee

1.11 m
FAMU Tennis Courts
1999 Wahnish Way, Tallahassee

1.15 m
FSU Tennis Courts
Varsity Way, Tallahassee

1.29 m
Florida State University - Hull Dr
260 Hull Dr, Tallahassee

1.50 m
Walker Ford Park
2301 Pasco St , Tallahassee

1.61 m
Winthrop Park Tennis Center
1601 Mitchell Avenue, Tallahassee

1.96 m
Blairstone At Governor's Square
501 Blairstone Rd, Tallahassee

1.98 m
Alumni Village
100 Herlong Dr, Tallahassee

2.07 m
Jack L Mclean Park Tennis Courts
898 Paul Russell Rd, Tallahassee

2.22 m
Sail High School
2006 Jackson Bluff Rd , Tallahassee

2.25 m
Rickards High School
3013 Jim Lee Rd , Tallahassee

2.29 m
Hilaman Park
Hilaman Park, Tallahassee

2.32 m
Jake Gaither Community Center
801 Tanner Dr, Tallahassee

2.53 m
FSU Indoor Tennis Courts
2500 Pottsdamer Rd, Tallahassee

2.55 m
Bellevue Middle School
2128 Bellevue Way, Tallahassee

2.58 m
Godby High School
1717 West Tharpe St, Tallahassee

2.71 m
Polos On Park
2752 Park Ave, Tallahassee

2.78 m
Arbor View Apartments
2501 Seagate Dr, Tallahassee

3.04 m
North Florida Christian School
3000 N Meridian Rd , Tallahassee

3.22 m
Verandas At Blairstone
6300 Capital Cir SE, Tallahassee

3.81 m
Tom Brown Park
441 Easterwood Dr, Tallahassee

3.91 m
Lincoln High School
3838 Trojan Trail, Tallahassee

4.05 m
Jackson Square At The Hermitage
1767 Hermitage Blvd, Tallahassee

4.12 m
Reserve At Heritage Oaks
Reserve Blvd, Tallahassee

4.56 m
Holy Comforter Episcopal School
2001 Fleischmann Rd, Tallahassee

4.63 m
Southwood Community Center
4675 Grove Park Dr, Tallahassee

4.97 m
Florida State University School K-12
3000 School House Rd , Tallahassee

5.14 m
Swift Creek Middle School
2100 Pedrick Rd , Tallahassee

5.72 m
Maclay School
3737 North Meridian Rd, Tallahassee

6.21 m
Canopy Oaks Elementary School
3250 Point View Dr , Tallahassee

6.43 m
Forestmeadows Parks & Athletic Center
4750 N Meridian Rd, Tallahassee

6.59 m
Killearn Country Club & Inn
100 Tyron Circle, Tallahassee

7.27 m
Barrington Park Condominiums
2801 Chancellorsville Dr, Tallahassee

8.29 m
Fresh Healthy Vending Montford Middle School
5777 Pimlico Dr , Tallahassee

8.89 m
Daniel B. Chaires Community Park
4768 Chaires Cross Rd, Tallahassee

9.21 m
Chiles High School
7200 Lawton Chiles Ln, Tallahassee

10.17 m
Local Chat
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Gary Johnson      Tallahassee - 4 months, 2 weeks
Ready to play leagues or just hit.

Bradley Collins      Tallahassee - 4 months, 3 weeks
I am a beginner level player just looking for a hitting partner 1-2 times per week at Lafaette or Winthrop. I am usually available after 6pm and anytime on Sat morning.

Roger LaBrucherie      Tallahassee - 1 year
Tennis ??
Looking for TENNIS PARTNER for SINGLES hitting/rallying [for fun & exercise — NOT games ].
Flexible schedule — I can play most days. Location: Winthrop Park, Forest Meadows, or ??
Level: a rusty +/- 3.0??, maybe 3.5 on good days.
Contact: Roger. Cell: 619-997-8676

Chris Egert      Tallahassee - 1 year, 3 months
I'm looking for a hitting/practice partner either occasionally or regularly. I'm a 3.5. I can hit anytime Tue or Thu, and Sunday evenings. I live on the North East side of town (Killearn Lakes).

James Arthmann      Tallahassee - 1 year, 3 months
It's been a while since i hit with anyone who didn't do lob shots. I'm not sure what my level is even looking at the various charts and would like to hit with someone.

Gary Rickard      Tallahassee - 1 year, 4 months
Looking for playing partners/ groups/ leagues. Been away from the game for a while and ready to get going again. Available weekdays anytime. Please contact me.

Beth Ann Phillips      Tallahassee - 1 year, 5 months
Hello Tallahassee Tennis.
It's been many years I have played and proud to say I'm ready to get back in the swing again. I played in Bradenton Florida @ Nick Bollettieri Tennis Center for years as a 4.0 doubles player and I truly miss it. So I am asking for help to get started again and if anyone would be interested in playing to get me on my way or know of any groups or clubs that you know of , please let me know. Thanks Beth Ann Phillips.

A C      Tallahassee - 1 year, 5 months
Hello Beth Ann Phillips I have a group that meet about 3 times a week guys and girls from 3.0 -4.5 players. We mix it up pretty good and we have fun but at the same time compete. I also help anyone that's trying to improve there game. Hope to hear from u if your looking to get back into the game

James Waczewski      Tallahassee - 1 year, 5 months
Miami guests (Tally Ladder Alums), Women on the Men's Ladder, and tournament update.
1. Miami guests - I was recently in Miami and I played two Tallahassee Men's 100 alums - Chris Hagerty and Dan Fraser. I almost got to play Jose Romero, but he was busy that weekend with the business he opened recently (he sells delicious cold coffee drinks that he creates on his own). Dan is back on the Tally ladder - so if you are down there, make sure to challenge him and let him know he does not have to come to Tallahassee to play you.
Women on the Men's ladder - for years I have seen the women's attempts at making a ladder fail. I would propose, and would advocate for, allowing women on the Men's two ladders. If you are serious about tennis, and you are a woman (of any age) who thinks you can play with the 3.5-4.5 guys - come up with a fake name and register for the men's ladder. You can then contact each person you challenge, tell them you are a woman, and if they are not wimps, they will play you. Let the best player win! If this happens, we should change the ladder to Top 100 - not Men's Top 100 . . .. P.S. - my daughter has been on the men's ladder since she was about 12 - many guys loved playing against her, even after she started beating them.
Alan Abramowitz's "Best of the Best" tournament is nearing its conclusion. I can't wait until the next one starts - we have a lot of good new players on the ladder who wish they had joined it. I am still working on growing my firm so that, by next year, I can sponsor one and make it a "pro" tournament - where each player will get money in each round. Wish me luck!
James P. Waczewski, Esq.

James Waczewski      Tallahassee - 1 year, 8 months
As many of you all know, attorney Alan Abramowitz runs the Ladder titled "2017 Tallahassee Open top 100 Tennis Ladder." Global Tennis Network charges $240 per year, per location, to run the system. This year, in addition to Alan volunteering his time and fronting the money, I was able to recruit three sponsors to pay this cost. Attorney Randy Pelham (of the Pelham Law Firm, practicing Personal Injury) and I, attorney James Waczewski of the Waczewski Law Group (practicing personal injury, insurance coverage, civil litigation and appellate) were the main co-sponsors - and civil engineer Phil Sanders of TeamPRS also made a contribution. Please support our sponsors so we can keep the Tallahassee Tennis Ladder Network active each year. I am also considering sponsoring a semi-pro tournament next year - to qualify, participants must have played at least 25 matches in any ladder or tournament in this network, and must have never played professional tennis. Let us know if you think this would be a good idea.

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