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This is an overview of all things tennis in Smithfield, Virginia. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Smithfield, Virginia.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Total Matches Played: 438

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Activities Underway
Grand Prix Masters Tennis Tournament

Grand Prix Masters

Newport News
3.00 to 4.49
19 players
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Meredith Clark      Newport News, Virginia
4 weeks
I would to invite everyone to check out our tournament located in Newport News.

Click the link below to learn more:
Labor Day Classic

Thomas Onoff      Newport News, Virginia
2 months
I would to invite everyone to check out our tournament located in Newport News.

Click the link below to learn more:
Newport News Doubles

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
1 year, 1 month
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Renee Charman      Newport News, Virginia
3 months, 3 weeks
I would to invite everyone to check out our tournament located in Newport News.

Click the link below to learn more:
Fourth of July Classic

Tarek Hafez      Newport News, Virginia
3 months, 3 weeks
I’m looking for someone to play tennis with
3.00 to 4.50

E "Skip" Fox      Hampton, Virginia
3 months, 3 weeks
I would to invite everyone to check out our tournament located in Hampton.

Click the link below to learn more:
"HTC Smash-Down 2.5/3.5 Doubles Tournament"

E "Skip" Fox      Hampton, Virginia
3 months, 4 weeks
I would like to invite everyone to check out our tournaments and events located in The City of Hampton

Thomas Onoff      Newport News, Virginia
4 months
I would to invite everyone to check out our tournament located in Newport News.

Click the link below to learn more:
Newport News Singles - June 14th, last day to register

Janelle Tetteh      Chesapeake, Virginia
9 months
Hi! Looking for a tennis partner who’s skill level is between 2.0-3.0
youth2.25 to 3.25

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
10 months, 1 week
Surprise friends and family by gifting them a premium membership. Go here:

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Local Events
Sep 23 - Sep 29 Add
There are no events this week, or in the future.
These are the nearby events. Events are just play sessions for leagues, tournaments, lessons, or just open play. Learn more.

Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Paul D Camp Community College
253 James St, Smithfield

0.39 m
Cypress Creek Golfers' Club
600 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Smithfield

1.48 m
Gatling Pointe Yacht Club
1 Martin St, Smithfield

2.81 m
Smithfield High School
14171 Turner Dr, Smithfield

3.27 m
Carrollton Nike Park
13036 Nike Park Rd, Carrollton

3.94 m
James River Country Club
98 Downing Pl, Newport News

8.65 m
Nansemond Swim Club
8953 Eclipse Dr, Suffolk

9.02 m
Christopher Newport University
1 Ave Of The Arts, Newport News

9.33 m
Warwick Yacht & Country Club
400 Maxwell Ln, Newport News

9.46 m
Gildersleeve Middle School
1 Minton Dr, Newport News

9.47 m
Menchville High School
275 Menchville Rd, Newport News

9.78 m
Warwick High School
51 Copeland Ln, Newport News

9.96 m
Huntington Park
Riverpark Rd, Newport News

10.08 m
Huntington Park Tennis Center
361 Hornet Cir, Newport News

10.11 m
Hilton Tennis Club
111 Municipal Ln, Newport News

10.15 m
Glendale Recreation Club
53 Minton Dr, Newport News

10.17 m
Homer L Hines Middle School
561 McLawhorne Dr, Newport News

10.19 m
Jewish Community Center
2700 Spring Rd, Newport News

10.54 m
Denbigh High School
259 Denbigh Blvd, Newport News

11.00 m
Heritage High School
5800 Marshall Ave, Hampton

11.32 m
Beechwood Recreation Club
903 Colleen Dr, Newport News

11.44 m
Fort Eustis
2123 Pershing Ave, Fort Eustis

11.61 m
Hampton Roads Academy
739 Academy Ln, Newport News

11.89 m
Canon Virginia Inc
12000 Canon Blvd, Newport News

12.00 m
Bethel High School
1067 Big Bethel Rd, Hampton

12.04 m
An Achievable Dream Elementary School
726 16th St, Newport News

12.13 m
King-Lincoln Park
600 Jefferson Ave, Newport News

12.16 m
Jefferson Davis Middle School
1435 Todds Ln, Hampton

12.23 m
Briarfield Park
1560 Briarfield Rd, Hampton

12.31 m
Mary Passage Middle School
400 Atkinson Way, Newport News

12.34 m
Kiln Creek Golf Club & Resort
1003 Brick Kiln Blvd, Newport News

12.41 m
R.W.F.C. - Peninsula Racquet Sports Club
12650 Jefferson Ave, Newport News

12.42 m
Anderson Park
1344 20th St, Newport News

12.73 m
Lindsay Middle School
1636 Briarfield Rd, Hampton

12.94 m
Thomas Nelson Community College
525 Butler Farm Rd, Hampton

13.05 m
Dozier Middle School
432 Industrial Park Dr, Newport News

13.33 m
Hampton High School
1491 West Queen St, Hampton

13.93 m
Thomas Eaton Middle School
2108 Cunningham Dr, Hampton

14.24 m
Woodside High School
13450 Woodside Ln, Newport News

14.35 m
Tabb High School
4431 Big Bethel Rd., Yorktown

14.60 m
Armstrong Park
383 Cherokee Rd, Hampton

14.86 m
Grafton-Bethel Elementary School
410 Lakeside Dr, Yorktown

15.09 m
Grafton High School
403 Grafton Dr, Yorktown

15.20 m
Abram Frink Jr Community Center
8901 Pocahontas Trail, Williamsburg

15.64 m
Old Hampton Community Park
201 Lincoln St, Hampton

15.72 m
NASA Langley Research Center
8 Lindbergh Way, Hampton

15.78 m
Langley A.F.B. - Nealy Ave
76 Nealy Ave, Hampton

16.28 m
Hampton University
100 E Queen St, Hampton

16.65 m
York High School
9300 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Yorktown

16.89 m
Naval Station Norfolk - Sewells Point
9079 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk

16.97 m
Kingsmill Tennis Club
1010 Kingsmill Rd, Williamsburg

16.99 m
Hampton Tennis Center
9 Woodland Rd, Hampton

17.05 m
Poquoson High School
51 Odd Rd, Poquoson

17.26 m
Benjamin Syms Middle School
170 Fox Hill Rd, Hampton

17.32 m
Spratley Gifted Center
339 Woodland Rd, Hampton

17.46 m
Charles E Brown Park
1950 Old Williamsburg Rd, Yorktown

17.67 m
Phoebus High School
100 Ireland St, Hampton

17.74 m
Norfolk Naval Base - Pocahontas St
Pocahontas St, Norfolk

17.84 m
Kecoughtan High School
522 Woodland Rd, Hampton

18.02 m
U.S. Coast Guard Training Center
Perimeter Rd, Yorktown

18.22 m
Joint Forces Staff College
7800 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk

18.30 m
Jones Magnet Middle School
1819 Nickerson Blvd, Hampton

18.33 m
Paradise Ocean Club
490 Fenwick Rd, Hampton

18.48 m
Back Creek Park Tennis Center
3000 Goodwin Neck Rd, Yorktown

18.66 m
Navy Reserve Forces Command
1915 Forrestal Dr, Norfolk

18.68 m
Folkes / Stevens Indoor Tennis Center
4501 Parker Ave, Norfolk

18.89 m
Fergus Reid
911 Orapax Rd, Norfolk

19.49 m
Walsingham Academy Lower School
1100 Jamestown Rd, Williamsburg

19.52 m
U.S. Naval Air Reserve - Breezy Point
Breezy Point Crescent, Norfolk

19.55 m
Southall Landings Marina
333 Mainsail Dr, Hampton

19.62 m
Salt Ponds Marina Resort
11 Ivory Gull Crescent, Hampton

19.73 m
McCormack Nagelsen Tennis Center
705 S Henry St, Williamsburg

19.74 m
Quarterpath Park
202 Quarter Path Rd, Williamsburg

19.80 m
Norfolk Fitness & Wellness Center
7300 Newport Ave, Norfolk

20.11 m
Williamsburg Inn Tennis Club
136 E Francis St, Williamsburg

20.14 m
Granby High School
7101 Granby St, Norfolk

20.15 m
Jamestown High School
3751 John Tyler Hwy, Williamsburg

20.46 m
Middle & Upper School
7336 Granby St, Norfolk

20.48 m
College of William & Mary - Commons Tennis Courts
651 Ukrop Way, Williamsburg

20.56 m
The Historic Powhatan Resort
3601 Ironbound Rd, Williamsburg

20.87 m
Veterans Park
3793 Ironbound Rd, Williamsburg

20.99 m
Greensprings Vacation Resort
3500 Ludwell Pkwy, Williamsburg

21.62 m
Two Rivers Country Club
1400 Two Rivers Rd, Williamsburg

22.47 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
String Rx
3632 Eddystone Dr
Chesapeake, Virginia
Home Based757-803-2031

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Newport News, Virginia
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Nakari Blunt
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Johh-Paul Zano
Chesapeake, Virginia
Roderick Zano
Chesapeake, Virginia
Grace Kim
Suffolk, Virginia
John Cloud
Yorktown, Virginia
Ella Rivera
Newport News, Virginia
Marie Barden
Suffolk, Virginia
Neel Dharni
Yorktown, Virginia
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Sankalp Shinde
10 Matches Played
Ezra Crowder
10 Matches Played
Anthony Price
10 Matches Played
Neel Dharni
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Renee Charman
10 Matches Played
Marie Barden
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Grace Kim
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Noah Diebler
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Carolyn Bowman
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Daniel Martinez

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