Tennis in Cambridge Massachusetts

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Library Park
124 Ellery St, Cambridge

0.01 m
Hoyt Field
22 Montague St, Cambridge

0.75 m
Press Park
10 Blackstone St, Cambridge

0.80 m
Harvard University Murr Center
65 N Harvard St, Boston

0.92 m
Greene Rose Heritage Park
140 Harvard St, Cambridge

0.96 m
Harvard University - Garden St
60 Garden St, Cambridge

1.06 m
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Mass Ave, Cambridge

1.33 m
Anderson Courts
100 Pemberton St, Cambridge

1.48 m
Foss Park
70 Fellsway W , Somerville

1.77 m
Bunker Hill Community College
200 Rutherford Ave, Boston

1.87 m
Devotion Playground
Stedman St, Brookline

2.00 m
Science Park
1 Charles River Dam Rd, Boston

2.13 m
Ringer Park
Gordon St and High Rock Way, Boston

2.17 m
Badminton & Tennis Club
52 Hemenway St, Boston

2.23 m
Glacken Park
678 Huron Ave, Cambridge

2.25 m
Longwood Playground
80 Newell Rd, Brookline

2.35 m
Tufts University
90 Professors Row, Medford

2.41 m
Titus Sparrow Park
200 W Newton St, Boston

2.56 m
Stillman Tennis Center
255 Medford St, Charlestown

2.60 m
Boston Common
Boylston St & Charles St, Boston

2.62 m
North End
605 Commercial St, Boston

2.65 m
Arsenal Park
485 Arsenal St , Watertown

2.66 m
Carter Playground
640 Columbus Ave, Boston

2.70 m
Wentworth Institute of Technology
540 Parker St, Boston

2.72 m
Dilboy Park
320 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Somerville

2.77 m
Crosby Courts
80 Oxford St, Arlington

2.86 m
Peter's Park
1230 Washington St, Boston

3.02 m
Belmont High School
Orchard St and Underwood St, Belmont

3.07 m
Rogers Park
56 Rogers Park Ave, Boston

3.11 m
Waldstein Playground
2 Strathmore Rd, Brookline

3.12 m
Chenery Middle School
95 Washington St, Belmont

3.28 m
Mystic River Road Park
Mystic River Rd & Fairfield St, Medford

3.35 m
Arlington Boys & Girls
90 Pond Ln, Arlington

3.46 m
Cassidy Park
2200 Beacon St, Boston

3.51 m
John Devir Park
Fellsway & Emerald St, Malden

3.51 m
Marcella Playground
80 Marcella St, Roxbury

3.55 m
Eliot Street Park
140 Eliot St, Brookline

3.60 m
Victory Field
50 Orchard St, Watertown

3.67 m
Pequossette Park
280 Trapelo Rd, Belmont

3.79 m
Malcom X Park
2730 Washington St, Roxbury

3.81 m
Brooks Playstead Park
114 Playstead Rd, Medford

3.87 m
Burr Park
118 Park St, Newton

3.95 m
Lawndale Terrace Garden Park
256 Lamartine St, Boston

4.09 m
Casey Playground
80 Watertown St, Watertown

4.12 m
Ward School
10 Dolphin Rd, Newton

4.16 m
Winthrop Playground
21 Danube St, Boston

4.24 m
Amerige Park
Highland Ave & Pine St, Malden

4.25 m
Wellington Park
35 Grove St, Arlington

4.27 m
Columbus Park
Columbia Rd & Old Colony Ave, Boston

4.37 m
Baldwin Eelementary School
1 Oak St, Brookline

4.42 m
The Country Club
191 Clyde St, Chestnut Hill

4.43 m
English High School
570 Amory St, Boston

4.50 m
Stearns Playground
Jasset St, Newton

4.54 m
JP Court
12 Carolina Ave, Jamaica Plain

4.55 m
Franklin Park
Pierpont Rd, Boston

4.55 m
Pine Manor College
400 Heath St, Chestnut Hill

4.64 m
Cabot Park
75 East Side Pkwy, Newton

4.72 m
Showa Park
145 Louders Ln, Boston

4.79 m
Hawthorn Playground
Hawthorn St, Newton

4.92 m
Marine Park
E 2nd St. and Farragut Rd, Boston

5.02 m
Ryan Rink
524 Pleasant St, Watertown

5.04 m
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital
170 Morton St, Boston

5.11 m
Fitzgerald Elementary School
140 Beal Rd, Waltham

5.16 m
Newton Centre Playground
185 Tyler Terrace, Newton

5.22 m
University of Massachusetts Boston
164 Umass Boston, Boston

5.28 m
Savin Hill Park
123 Grampian Way, Boston

5.38 m
Ripley Playground
57 Ripley Rd, Boston

5.39 m
Newton North High School
Hull St, Newton

5.43 m
Paul Revere Park
80 Park Ave, Revere

5.51 m
Cheescake Brook
276 Albemarle Rd, Newton

5.52 m
Albemarle Park
Albemarle Rd, Newton

5.52 m
Baker School
230 Beverly Rd, Brookline

5.53 m
Weeks Playground
2 Cedric Rd, Newton

5.61 m
Lowell Park
190 Grove St , Waltham

5.61 m
Fessenden School
250 Waltham St, Newton

5.63 m
Newton South High School
140 Brandeis Cir, Newton

5.65 m
Bentley College
400 Beaver St, Waltham

5.72 m
Sportsmen's Tennis Center
950 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester

5.77 m
Packer Tennis Courts
15 Palmer St, Winchester

5.79 m
Byrne Playground
15 Mill St, Boston

5.83 m
Lakewood Tennis Club
71 Manchester Rd, Newton

5.98 m
Coldspring Park
1196 Beacon St, Newton

6.05 m
Fallon Field
8 Walworth St, Boston

6.11 m
Wellington Park
98 Princess Rd, Newton

6.13 m
Adams Playground
739 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington

6.20 m
Ingleside Park
6 Walden St, Winthrop

6.24 m
Newton Highlands Playground
14 Dedham St, Newton

6.36 m
Roberts Playground
38 Dunbar Ave, Boston

6.37 m
Peabody Elementary School
255 Country Club Rd, Newton

6.38 m
Charles River Country Club
483 Dedham St, Newton

6.41 m
Melrose High School
315 Lynn Fells Pkwy, Melrose

6.49 m
Eli Pond
50 Crystal St, Melrose

6.62 m
Winthrop High School
372 Main St, Winthrop

6.64 m
Tenean Beach
Conley St, Boston

6.67 m
Mildred Avenue Middle School
5 Mildred Ave, Boston

6.67 m
Richard J. McGrath Park
1584 Washington St, Newton

6.76 m
Billings field
380 Lagrange St, Boston

6.76 m
Hunt Playground
38 Almont St, Boston

6.86 m
Burr School
171 Pine St, Newton

6.93 m
Memorial Playground
40 Stein Cir, Newton

6.95 m
Solomon Schecter School
33 Chinian Path, Newton

6.96 m
Stoneham High School
149 Franklin St, Stoneham

7.01 m
Mt. Ida College
90 Carlson Ave, Newton

7.05 m
Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly
677 Winchester St, Newton

7.10 m
Dorchester Park
2100 Dorchester Ave, Boston

7.11 m
Weider Park
123 Dale St, Boston

7.11 m
Angier School
1697 Beacon St, Newton

7.14 m
The Roxbury Latin School
101 St Theresa Ave, West Roxbury

7.14 m
Seal Harbor Park
90 Seal Harbor Rd, Winthrop

7.21 m
Ryan Playground
17 Southmere Rd, Boston

7.25 m
Hyde Park
420 W St, Hyde Park

7.30 m
Upper Falls Playground
1171 Chestnut St, Newton

7.31 m
Clarke Middle School
Stedman Rd & Brookside Ave, Lexington

7.31 m
Graverson Playground
1250 Trapelo Rd, Waltham

7.32 m
Auburndale Park
West Pine St, Newton

7.35 m
Brandeis University
425 South St, Waltham

7.41 m
Belmonte Middle School
25 Dow St, Saugus

7.61 m
Young Playground
Young St & Coe St, Quincy

7.62 m
Ross Playground
452 Huntington Ave, Boston

7.62 m
Mills Field
82 Gould St, Needham

7.68 m
Library Park
1 Wade Pl, Woburn

7.71 m
Woburn High School
88 Montvale Ave, Woburn

7.72 m
Kelly Field Playground
Brook Rd, Milton

7.97 m
Presidents Golf Course
357 W Squantum St, Quincy

8.00 m
Schofield Elementary School
27 Cedar St, Wellesley

8.15 m
Gallagher Park
80 Worthen Rd, Lexington

8.17 m
Lower Falls Playground
545 Grove St, Newton

8.17 m
Hamilton Park
554 Grove St, Newton

8.17 m
Montclair Elementary School
8 Belmont St, Quincy

8.19 m
Milton Academy
325 Randolph Ave, Milton

8.23 m
Smith Pond Playground
267 Reservation Rd, Boston

8.31 m
Milton Academy - Faulkner Field
170 Centre St, Milton

8.50 m
Andrew Park
Franklin St & Howe St, Milton

8.57 m
Noble & Greenough School
10 Campus Dr, Dedham

8.67 m
Eastern Nazarene College
139 Waterston Ave, Quincy

8.80 m
Needham High School
155 Pickering St, Needham

8.82 m
St Bartholomew School
1180 Greendale Ave, Needham

8.85 m
Wakefield High School
Farm St & Hemlock, Wakefield

8.87 m
Cunningham Park
75 Edge Hill Rd, Milton

8.88 m
Martini Shell Park
979 Truman Hwy, Boston

8.96 m
Merrymount Park
Hancock St & Fenno St, Quincy

9.02 m
Pollard Middle School
200 Harris Ave, Needham

9.10 m
Dedham High School
30 Mt Vernon St, Dedham

9.15 m
Wellesley Country Club
300 Wellesley Ave, Wellesley Hills

9.23 m
Dedham Tennis Club
38 Glenridge Rd, Dedham

9.29 m
Veteran's Field
365 North Ave, Wakefield

9.31 m
Valley Rd Recreation Area
35 Valley Rd, Lexington

9.34 m
Wollaston Golf Club
999 Randolph Ave, Milton

9.36 m
Iacono - Readville Playground
78 Fleet St, Boston

9.39 m
Iacono - Readville Playground
78 Fleet St, Boston

9.39 m
Curry College
1071 Blue Hill Ave, Milton

9.45 m
Curry College
1071 Blue Hill Ave, Milton

9.45 m
Quincy Tennis Club
19R Glendale Rd, Quincy

9.61 m
Ursuline Academy
85 Lowder St, Dedham

9.62 m
Babson College
W Gate Rd, Wellesley

9.63 m
Camp Meigs Field
1872 Hyde Park Ave, Boston

9.66 m
Newman Elementary School
1100 Central Ave, Newton

9.69 m
Quincy High School
100 Russell Park, Quincy

9.89 m
Dedham Country Club
124 Country Club Rd, Dedham

10.01 m
Hunnewell Field
425 Washington St, Wellesley

10.03 m
Hunnewell Tennis Center
435 Washington St, Wellesley

10.03 m
Weston Middle School
456 Wellesley St, Weston

10.06 m
Weston High School
409 Wellesley St, Weston

10.17 m
Broad Meadows Middle School
22 Calvin Rd, Quincy

10.18 m
Kincaide Park
56 Roberts St, Quincy

10.45 m
Needham Pool & Racquet Club
1550 Central Ave, Needham

10.50 m
Wellesley Middle School
42 Donizetti St, Wellesley

10.53 m
Rahanis Park
2 Patriot Rd, Burlington

10.69 m
Dana Hall School
45 Dana Rd, Wellesley

10.71 m
Fore River Park
16 Nevada Rd, Quincy

10.88 m
Wellesley College - Central St
106 Central St, Wellesley

11.49 m
Caryl Park
120 Dedham St, Dover

11.94 m
Bedford High School
95 Mudge Way, Bedford

12.02 m
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Sagar Bhandari      Somerville - 7 months
Hi, I am looking to play tennis in Somerville (public library court) or Cambridge (Harvard courts). Level is probably 2.5-3. I am open to play on weekends and after 4 pm on a weekday.

Matt Robinett      Somerville - 7 months
Hi there, I just moved to the Somerville area and I'm looking for a hitting and practice set partner. I'm a pretty decent player, but I've never played competitively.

Robin Chandler      Boston - 2 years, 5 months
Sorry, 4.0 female here.

Sushil Sahu      Quincy - 1 year, 7 months
Hi, I am Sushil, new to this network. I play in Quincy, really nice courts out there. Is any one available for a Ladder match on SUN, 30th July; morning 7-10 am? @ Faxon Commons or Quincy High School courts.

ping Huang      Boston - 2 years, 5 months
hi, everyone, How can I book the Boston common court?

Albert Cheng      Cambridge - 2 years, 7 months
Hi everyone. I've just moved to Cambridge and am looking for some people to hit with. I'm about a 4.0 player but could be rusty. I'm up to play on weekends and even on weekday evenings.

Margaret McConnell      Cambridge - 2 years, 7 months
I am looking to start playing regularly probably level 2.5? Especially with anyone who wants to play on the courts by the Radcliffe Quad and the Dance Center. Open to play in the evening or on weekends or early in the morning (7am).

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