Tennis in Westford, Massachusetts

This is an overview of all things tennis in Westford, Massachusetts. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Westford, Massachusetts.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Local Stats

Ladder Leagues Underway:
Team Leagues Underway:
Tournaments Underway:
Total Matches Played: 6,455

1933 Local Players

Activities Underway
NH Tennis Challenge Tennis Tournament

NH Tennis Challenge

3.50 to 3.99
32 players
Merrimack NH Tennis Ladder Tennis Ladder League

Merrimack NH Tennis Ladder

Ladder League
3.00 to 5.99
15 players
Westford Tennis Tennis Tournament

Westford Tennis

0.00 to -0.01
0 players
Cambridge league Tennis Ladder League

Cambridge league

Ladder League
All levels
6 players
BU Rec Tennis Offline League Fall 2023 Tennis Ladder League

BU Rec Tennis Offline League Fall 2023

Ladder League
All levels
9 players
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
Local Chat
Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Andy Park      Boston, Massachusetts
9 hours, 33 minutes
I would to invite everyone to check out our ladder league located in Boston.

Click the link below to learn more:
BU Rec Tennis Offline League Fall 2023

Rajendra Kekan      Westford, Massachusetts
2 weeks
I would to invite everyone to check out our tournament located in Westford.

Click the link below to learn more:
Westford Tennis

Caleb Miller      Melrose, Massachusetts
2 months, 3 weeks
Looking to play with someone around 3.00-4.00 but really willing to play anyone I usually play in Melrose Ma and would like to stay somewhat local. Reply back if you would like to play.
maleyoung adult3.25+

Joe B.      Wakefield, Massachusetts
3 months, 2 weeks
Looking for a hitting partner that is 3.00 or better. I usually play in Wakefield MA, very nice outdoor court. Can play any day of the week, flexible times. Reply back if interested. Thanks.
2.75 to 3.50

john montelione      Westford, Massachusetts
2 months, 3 weeks
I would to invite everyone to check out our network located in Westford.

Click the link below to learn more:
Summer Raquet Club

john montelione      Westford, Massachusetts
2 months, 3 weeks
I'm reaching out to join a ternnis group or individuals from June 1 to Sept 30th
I live in Westford MA.
Play mostly doubles - 3.5 to 3.75.
Looking to play 3 to 4 times a week.
Area: Westford, Chelmsford, Acton, Groton, Concord, Carlisle, Harvard
I can be reached at
c#(phone hidden)
e: (email hidden)
malesenior3.50 to 3.75

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
1 year, 1 month
Right now, you can get a Premium Membership for an entire year, for only $15.

Go here to learn more:

Hoony Youn      Newton, Massachusetts
3 months
Hi, Looking for a hitting partner in Jeju-do, South Korea.

Dennis Monich      Hudson, Massachusetts
4 months, 1 week
Hello, looking for someone to casually hit together at least once a week (or whenever available). I prefer Mondays or Wednesdays but can do Thursdays as well. I'm fine with driving. I haven't played in a few years, but I used to be good xP I may need some time to get back into it.

Raghav Singal      Boston, Massachusetts
5 months, 2 weeks
Looking for solid 5.0 hitting partners around South End.
4.75 to 5.25

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Local Events
Sep 23 - Sep 29 Add
There are no events this week, or in the future.
These are the nearby events. Events are just play sessions for leagues, tournaments, lessons, or just open play. Learn more.

Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
John Robinson School
60 Concord Rd, Westford

1.40 m
American Legion Field
17 River St, Westford

1.55 m
Nashoba Valley Technical High School
100 Littleton Rd, Westford

1.58 m
Stony Brook Middle School
9 Farmer Way, Westford

2.19 m
Walsh Field
Carlisle Rd, Westford

2.57 m
Old Nab Park
Plain Rd, Westford

2.72 m
Chelmsford Swim & Tennis Club
133 Robin Hill Rd, Chelmsford

3.05 m
Littleton Common Park
65 Shattuck St, Littleton

3.32 m
Marcus Lewis Tennis Center - West
102 Nonset Path, Acton

4.11 m
Acton Indoor Tennis Association
908 Main St, Acton

4.26 m
Chelmsford High School
200 Richardson Rd, Chelmsford

4.39 m
Littleton High School
56 King St, Littleton

4.48 m
Mc Carthy Middle School
250 N Rd, Chelmsford

4.51 m
All Seasons Tennis Club
Granite Rd, Acton

4.69 m
Camp Nashoba
140 Nashoba Rd, Littleton

4.72 m
Quail Ridge Country Club
354B Great Rd, Acton

5.12 m
Tyngsborough Elementary School
205 Westford Rd, Tyngsboro

5.17 m
South Row Middle School
244 Boston Rd, Chelmsford

5.24 m
Vesper Country Club
185 Pawtucket Blvd, Tyngsborough

5.65 m
Russell Mill Swim & Tennis Club
160 Mill Rd, Chelmsford

5.66 m
Greater Lowell Technical High School
243 Pawtucket Blvd, Tyngsborough

5.70 m
Carlisle Middle School
83 School St, Carlisle

5.87 m
Groton Country Club
94 Lovers Ln, Groton

6.08 m
Academy Of Notre Dame
Industrial Way, Tyngsborough

6.35 m
Callery Park
252 B St, Lowell

6.38 m
Middlesex School
1400 Lowell Rd, Concord

6.72 m
Lawrence Academy
26 Powderhouse Rd, Groton

6.77 m
Swallow Union Elementary School
522 Main St, Dunstable

6.80 m
Lawrence Academy
45 Main St, Groton

6.88 m
Boxborough High School
Hayward Rd and Charter Rd, Acton

6.91 m
Elm St Courts
Elm St, Acton

6.92 m
Acton Boxbourough Regional High School
36 Charter Road, Acton

6.92 m
Father Maguires Park
108 Mammoth Rd, Lowell

7.14 m
Groton-Dunstable High School
703 Chicopee Row, Groton

7.22 m
Acton Boxbourough Jr High Courts
16 Charter Road, Acton

7.23 m
Butler Middle School
1120 Gorham St, Lowell

7.40 m
Nashoba Brooks School
200 Strawberry Hill Rd, Concord

7.49 m
Groton School
282 Farmers Row, Groton

7.63 m
UMass Lowell
250 Riverside St, Lowell

7.86 m
Dillon McAnespie Field
11 Spring Park Ave, Dracut

7.99 m
Swym Fit Club
90 Swanson Rd, Boxborough

8.25 m
Shedd Park
RT-38 & Boylston St, Lowell

8.48 m
Bay Ridge at Nashua Apartments
97 Bay Ridge Dr, Nashua

8.63 m
Rideout Playground
50 Maple St, Concord

8.64 m
Billerica Recreation Park
20 Campbell Rd, Billerica

8.67 m
McPherson Park
185 Hildreth St, Lowell

8.71 m
Lampson Recreation Complex
15 Campbell Rd, Billerica

8.81 m
Sky Meadow Country Club
6 Mountain Laurels Dr, Nashua

8.83 m
Henry J Robinson Middle School
110 June St, Lowell

8.87 m
Royal Crest Estates Apartments
1 Newcastle Dr, Nashua

9.03 m
Concord Academy
166 Main St, Concord

9.24 m
Veterans Park
Veterans Park Way, Pelham

9.28 m
Gateway Hills Health Club
100 Innovative Way, Nashua

9.28 m
The Bromfield Middle School
14 Mass Ave, Harvard

9.39 m
Concord Country Club
246 Old Rd To 9 Acre Corner, Concord

9.44 m
Emerson Park
295 Thoreau St, Concord

9.67 m
Heritage Pool & Raquet Club
155 Old Bedford Rd, Concord

9.87 m
The Thoreau Club
275 Forest Ridge Rd, Concord

9.88 m
Bedford High School
95 Mudge Way, Bedford

9.94 m
Concord-Carlisle Regional High School
500 Walden St, Concord

10.05 m
Varnum Brook Elementary School
10 Hollis St, Pepperell

10.06 m
Trull Brook Tennis Center
170 River Rd, Tewksbury

10.06 m
All Seasons Tennis Club
153 Fairhaven Rd, Concord

10.07 m
John Glenn Middle School
99 McMahon Rd, Bedford

10.07 m
Tewksbury Memorial High School
320 Pleasant St, Tewksbury

10.08 m
New Searles Elementary School
39 Shady Ln, Nashua

10.20 m
Wedgewood Swim & Tennis Club
85 Page Rd, Bedford

10.69 m
Willard Elementary School
185 Powder Mill Rd, Concord

10.78 m
Sunset Heights Elementary School
15 Osgood Rd, Nashua

10.78 m
Maynard High School
1 Tiger Dr, Maynard

10.92 m
The Greenwood Club
261 Mossman Rd, Sudbury

10.95 m
Bishop Guertin High School
194 Lund Rd, Nashua

11.07 m
Nashua Country Club
25 Fairway St, Nashua

11.08 m
Pelham High School
85 Marsh Rd, Pelham

11.30 m
Atlantis Sports Club Bedford
44 Middlesex Tpke, Bedford

11.31 m
Shawsheen Valley Technical High School
100 Cook St, Billerica

11.34 m
Stow Community Park
50 Old Bolton Rd, Stow

11.39 m
Canterbury Apartments
294 Main Dunstable Rd, Nashua

11.40 m
Hanscom Middle School
6 Ent Rd, Hanscom AFB

11.61 m
Saunders Recreational Area
350 Livingston St, Tewksbury

11.72 m
Nashawtuc Country Club
1861 Sudbury Rd, Concord

11.88 m
Boston Sports Club
475 Bedford St, Lexington

11.89 m
Shawsheen Elementary School
298 Shawsheen Ave, Wilmington

11.92 m
Nashua High School South
36 Riverside St, Nashua

12.48 m
Lincoln Clay Courts
Ballfield Rd, Lincoln

12.50 m
Valley Rd Recreation Area
35 Valley Rd, Lexington

12.62 m
Minuteman Regional High School
758 Marrett Rd, Lexington

12.65 m
Nashua High School North
8 Titan Way, Nashua

12.69 m
Lincoln-Sudbury High School
350 Lincoln Rd, Sudbury

12.79 m
Boutwell Elementary School
93 Carter Ln, Wilmington

12.92 m
Riverview Gardens Apartments
155 Newton Dr, Nashua

12.97 m
Featherland Park
471 Concord Rd, Sudbury

13.04 m
Nashua Swim and Tennis Club
140 Lock St, Nashua

13.06 m
Nichols Field
40 Depot Rd, Hollis

13.10 m
Simonds Park
10 Bedford St, Burlington

13.15 m
Rahanis Park
2 Patriot Rd, Burlington

13.20 m
Sargent's Park
17 Sargent Avenue, Nashua

13.29 m
Nashoba Reg. High School
12 Green Rd, Bolton

13.36 m
Bobbi Coulter Rich Foundation
3 Spruce Tree Ln, Wayland

13.74 m
Gallagher Park
80 Worthen Rd, Lexington

13.78 m
Burlington Swim & Tennis Club
1 Country Club Ln, Burlington

13.87 m
Greeley Park
100 Concord St, Nashua

13.96 m
Wilmington High School
159 Church St, Wilmington

13.96 m
Philips Healthcare Campus
3000 Minuteman Rd, Andover

13.96 m
Charter Oak Country Club
394 Chestnut St, Hudson

14.03 m
Sudbury Swim & Tennis Club
49 Hemlock Rd, Sudbury

14.08 m
Wayland Swim & Tennis Club
228 Glezen Ln, Wayland

14.17 m
Indian Ridge Country Club
73 Lovejoy Rd, Andover

14.21 m
North Intermediate School
320 Salem St, Wilmington

14.22 m
Whip-Poor-Will Club
55 Marsh Rd, Hudson

14.30 m
Lunenburg High School
1079 Massachusetts Ave, Lunenburg

14.34 m
Forest Ridge Apartments
3 Hartford Ln, Nashua

14.42 m
Pennichuck Middle School
207 Manchester St, Nashua

14.45 m
Woburn Racquet Club
9 Webster St, Woburn

14.62 m
Lancaster Community Park
39 Harvard Rd, Lancaster

14.63 m
Wildwood Elementary School
182 Wildwood St, Wilmington

14.67 m
Greater Lawrence Technical School
57 River Rd, Andover

14.68 m
Woburn Street Elementary School
227 Woburn St, Wilmington

14.72 m
Clarke Middle School
Stedman Rd & Brookside Ave, Lexington

14.72 m
Hawthorne Brook Middle School
64 Brookline St, Townsend

14.90 m
Alvirne High School
200 Derry Rd, Hudson

14.91 m
Boulder Park Apartments
24 Kessler Farm Dr, Nashua

14.93 m
Burchard Field
269 Concord Rd, Weston

14.98 m
Longfellow Club
524 Boston Post Rd, Wayland

14.98 m
Ferullo Field
99 Tidd Ave, Woburn

15.07 m
Consalves Park
61 Willow St, Woburn

15.13 m
Pomps Pond
Abbot St and Porter Rd, Andover

15.17 m
Graverson Playground
1250 Trapelo Rd, Waltham

15.20 m
Feeley Park
220 Raymond Rd, Sudbury

15.24 m
Andover Country Club
60 Canterbury St, Andover

15.35 m
Weston Racquet Club
132 W St, Waltham

15.42 m
Andover High School
80 Shawsheen Rd, Andover

15.48 m
Sun Valley Swim & Tennis Club
14 Fairlawn Ln, Lexington

15.62 m
Reservoir Park
98 Reservoir Ter, Lawrence

15.64 m
Merrimack YMCA
45 Henry Clay Dr, Merrimack

15.74 m
Adams Playground
739 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington

15.74 m
Hudson High School
Chapin Rd, Hudson

15.76 m
Library Park
1 Wade Pl, Woburn

15.93 m
Lexington Christian Academy
48 Bartlett Ave, Lexington

15.98 m
Meadowbrook Country Club
292 Grv St, Reading

15.99 m
Phillips Academy
54 Old Campus Rd, Andover

16.03 m
Marlborough High School
431 Bolton St, Marlborough

16.04 m
Winchester Swim & Tennis Club
105 Johnson Rd, Winchester

16.10 m
Camp Tevya
1 Mason Rd, Brookline

16.18 m
Austin Preparatory School
101 Willow St, Reading

16.25 m
Leominster Park
111 Viscoloid Ave, Leominster

16.26 m
Phillips Academy - Varsity Tennis Courts
Field House Rd, Andover

16.35 m
Barrows Elementary School
16 Edgemont Ave, Reading

16.40 m
Doyle Field
Priest St, Leominster

16.46 m
Woburn High School
88 Montvale Ave, Woburn

16.48 m
Fidelity Investments
1 Spartan Way, Merrimack

16.53 m
Lawrence High School
70-71 N Parish Rd, Lawrence

16.60 m
Wayland High School
264 Old Connecticut Path, Wayland

16.62 m
Poet's Corner Park
300 Wadsworth Rd, Arlington

16.72 m
Howard Playstead Park
383 Lawrence St, Lawrence

16.73 m
South Lawrence East Middle School
165 Crawford St, Lawrence

16.78 m
Belmont Country Club
181 Winter St, Belmont

16.88 m
Reading Memorial High School
62 Oakland Rd, Reading

16.90 m
Waltham Athletic Club
249 Lexington St, Waltham

16.90 m
Regis College
235 Wellesley St, Weston

16.93 m
Gann Academy
333 Forest St, Waltham

17.00 m
Griffin Park
101 Range Rd, Windham

17.04 m
McDonald Field
Loring Ave, Winchester

17.04 m
Weston Golf Club
275 Meadowbrook Rd, Weston

17.04 m
Winchester Indoor Lawn Tennis Club
41 E St, Winchester

17.06 m
Sturges Park
136 Pine Ridge Rd, Reading

17.18 m
Berlin Memorial School
34 S St, Berlin

17.20 m
Pinevale Park
77 Riverside Dr, Reading

17.25 m
Massachusetts International Academy
280 Locke Dr, Marlborough

17.26 m
Packer Tennis Courts
15 Palmer St, Winchester

17.28 m
Winchester Tennis Association Tennis Center
27 Palmer St, Winchester

17.28 m
Nipper Maher Park
1 Morris St, Waltham

17.33 m
Michele Memorial Park
175-190 Lawrence Rd, Salem

17.34 m
Methuen High School
1 Ranger Rd, Methuen

17.34 m
Bentley College
400 Beaver St, Waltham

17.40 m
Wasserman Park
116 Naticook Rd, Merrimack

17.44 m
Winchester Country Club
468 Mystic St, Arlington

17.48 m
Goodrich Park
Goodrich St, Fitchburg

17.48 m
Memorial Park
53 Harrison St, Reading

17.51 m
Brandeis University
425 South St, Waltham

17.56 m
Leonard Field
99 Collamore St, Winchester

17.60 m
Willows Racquet & Fitness Center
815 Turnpike St, North Andover

17.62 m
The Meadowbrook School
10 Farm Rd, Weston

17.65 m
Wellington Park
35 Grove St, Arlington

17.73 m
Belmont Hill Club
825 Concord Ave, Belmont

17.75 m
Weston High School
409 Wellesley St, Weston

17.84 m
Hillside School
404 Robin Hill St, Marlborough

17.87 m
Wightman Tennis Club
100 Brown St, Weston

17.91 m
Ipswich River Park
10 Central St, North Reading

17.92 m
Beaver Brook Park
465 Waverley Oaks Rd #100, Waltham

17.94 m
Clinton High School
200 W Boylston St, Clinton

17.96 m
Fitzgerald Elementary School
140 Beal Rd, Waltham

17.96 m
Framingham High School
70 A St, Framingham

17.98 m
No. Reading Middle School
1 Sherman Rd, Reading

18.00 m
Belmont Day School
55 Day School Ln, Belmont

18.00 m
Lowell Park
190 Grove St, Waltham

18.06 m
Bear Hill Country Club
2 N St, Stoneham

18.09 m
Pine Brook Country Club
42 Newton St, Weston

18.09 m
Weston Middle School
456 Wellesley St, Weston

18.11 m
Auburndale Park
West Pine St, Newton

18.21 m
North Andover High School
420 Osgood St, Andover

18.34 m
Amherst Middle School
14 Cross Road, Amherst

18.35 m
Belmont Tennis Club
45 Kilburn Rd, Belmont

18.49 m
Burr School
171 Pine St, Newton

18.53 m
Arlington Boys & Girls
90 Pond Ln, Arlington

18.54 m
Winn Brook Elementary School
97 Waterhouse Rd, Belmont

18.57 m
The Rivers School
333 Winter St, Weston

18.60 m
Brooks Playstead Park
114 Playstead Rd, Medford

18.63 m
Pequossette Park
280 Trapelo Rd, Belmont

18.75 m
Sudbury River Tennis Club
201 Edgell Rd, Framingham

18.81 m
Ryan Rink
524 Pleasant St, Watertown

18.88 m
Mystic River Road Park
Mystic River Rd & Fairfield St, Medford

18.89 m
Wellington Park
98 Princess Rd, Newton

18.91 m
Belmont High School
Orchard St and Underwood St, Belmont

18.94 m
Fitchburg High School
140 Arnhow Farm Rd, Fitchburg

18.97 m
Fessenden School
250 Waltham St, Newton

18.99 m
Cheescake Brook
276 Albemarle Rd, Newton

19.01 m
Albemarle Park
Albemarle Rd, Newton

19.02 m
Chenery Middle School
95 Washington St, Belmont

19.03 m
Moxley Playground
48 Bemis St, Watertown

19.03 m
Hampshire Hills Sports and Fitness Club
50 Emerson Rd, Milford

19.03 m
Veteran's Field
365 North Ave, Wakefield

19.04 m
Natick Racquet Club
16 Michigan Dr, Natick

19.04 m
St Mark's School
25 Marlboro Rd, Southborough

19.08 m
Victory Park
Winthrop St, Medford

19.14 m
Di Biase Corporation
749 Lowell St, Lynnfield

19.20 m
Crosby Courts
80 Oxford St, Arlington

19.21 m
Parkhill Park
3 Delisle St, Fitchburg

19.27 m
Stoneham High School
149 Franklin St, Stoneham

19.28 m
Richard J. McGrath Park
1584 Washington St, Newton

19.29 m
North Andover Country Club
500 Great Pond Rd, Andover

19.31 m
Evergreen Day School
799 Concord Ave, Cambridge

19.33 m
Victory Field
50 Orchard St, Watertown

19.35 m
Stearns Playground
Jasset St, Newton

19.37 m
Hawthorn Playground
Hawthorn St, Newton

19.42 m
Fay School
48 Main St, Southborough

19.43 m
Dilboy Park
320 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Somerville

19.49 m
Hamilton Park
554 Grove St, Newton

19.51 m
Lower Falls Playground
545 Grove St, Newton

19.51 m
Woodland Golf Club
1897 Washington St, Auburndale

19.52 m
Kelly Memorial Park
89 Pine Plain Rd, Wellesley

19.56 m
Valley Professional Center
411 Merrimack St, Methuen Town

19.57 m
Algonquin High School
79 Bartlett St, Northborough

19.58 m
Casey Playground
80 Watertown St, Watertown

19.59 m
Grove Street Playground
98 Bacon Rd, Belmont

19.64 m
Litchfield Park
Albuquerque Ave, Litchfield

19.72 m
Bowditch Field
475 Union Ave, Framingham

19.72 m
Neighborhood Club
24 Berkeley St, West Newton

19.73 m
East Field
62 Wells St, Natick

19.74 m
Brae Burn Country Club
326 Fuller St, Newton

19.77 m
Lynnfield Middle School
505 Main St, Lynnfield

19.82 m
Oakley Country Club
410 Belmont St, Watertown

19.84 m
Cabot Park
75 East Side Pkwy, Newton

19.92 m
Newton North High School
Hull St, Newton

19.95 m
Glacken Park
678 Huron Ave, Cambridge

19.98 m
Tufts University
90 Professors Row, Medford

19.99 m
Brooks School
1160 Great Pond Rd, North Andover

20.03 m
Barry Playground
74 Summer St, Medford

20.06 m
Schofield Elementary School
27 Cedar St, Wellesley

20.08 m
Carr Park
20 Winslow Ave, Medford

20.12 m
Jasper Valley Swim and Tennis Club
325 Boston Post Rd, Amherst

20.14 m
Merrimack High School
38 McElwain St, Merrimack

20.16 m
Hirsh Tennis Center
199 Frederick Ave, Medford

20.19 m
Margaret A Neary Elementary School
53 Parkerville Rd, Southborough

20.19 m
Tufts University - Ellis Oval
18 Lower Campus Rd, Somerville

20.25 m
Angier School
1697 Beacon St, Newton

20.26 m
Hickey Playground
Brogan Rd, Malden

20.30 m
Windsor Club
1601 Beacon St, Waban

20.33 m
Mapleway Playground
98 Maple Way, Wakefield

20.34 m
Burr Park
118 Park St, Newton

20.39 m
Melrose High School
315 Lynn Fells Pkwy, Melrose

20.45 m
Wellesley Middle School
42 Donizetti St, Wellesley

20.46 m
Pemberton Tennis Courts
97 Pemberton St, Cambridge

20.47 m
Hunnewell Field
425 Washington St, Wellesley

20.56 m
Hunnewell Tennis Center
435 Washington St, Wellesley

20.56 m
Wakefield High School
Farm St & Hemlock, Wakefield

20.60 m
Wellesley College
336 Central St, Wellesley

20.62 m
Coldspring Park
1196 Beacon St, Newton

20.66 m
Eli Pond
50 Crystal St, Melrose

20.70 m
Arsenal Park
485 Arsenal St, Watertown

20.72 m
Cedardale Health & Fitness Club
931 Boston Rd, Haverhill

20.73 m
Amerige Park
Highland Ave & Pine St, Malden

20.78 m
Morrison Playground
Central Ave, Medford

20.85 m
Harvard University - Garden St
60 Garden St, Cambridge

20.90 m
Lakewood Tennis Club
71 Manchester Rd, Newton

20.96 m
The Haven Country Club
369 Cross St, Boylston

21.01 m
Newton Squash & Tennis Club
15 Chestnut Terrace, Newton

21.02 m
Newton Centre Playground
185 Tyler Terrace, Newton

21.03 m
Keyes Memorial Park
47 Elm Street, Milford

21.04 m
Wellesley College - Central St
106 Central St, Wellesley

21.06 m
John Devir Park
Fellsway & Emerald St, Malden

21.10 m
Ward School
10 Dolphin Rd, Newton

21.15 m
Dana Hall School
45 Dana Rd, Wellesley

21.18 m
Cambridge Tennis Club
40 Willard St, Cambridge

21.18 m
Wellesley Country Club
300 Wellesley Ave, Wellesley Hills

21.19 m
Babson College
W Gate Rd, Wellesley

21.21 m
Robert E Melican Middle School
145 Lincoln St, Northborough

21.22 m
North Court Swim & Tennis Club
141 S St, Northborough

21.23 m
Newton Commonwealth Golf Club
212 Kenrick St, Newton

21.28 m
Bellevue Golf Club
320 Porter St, Melrose

21.29 m
Beren Tennis Center
65 N Harvard St, Boston

21.40 m
Rogers Park
56 Rogers Park Ave, Boston

21.43 m
Haskell Field
73 Haskell St, Westborough

21.43 m
Arthur D Healey School K-8
5 Meacham St, Somerville

21.52 m
Weeks Playground
2 Cedric Rd, Newton

21.55 m
Upper Falls Playground
1171 Chestnut St, Newton

21.55 m
Mills Field
82 Gould St, Needham

21.57 m
Harris Playground
77 Bradbury Ave, Medford

21.58 m
Harvard University Murr Center
65 N Harvard St, Boston

21.60 m
Newton Highlands Playground
14 Dedham St, Newton

21.62 m
Boston College
Campanella Way, Chestnut Hill

21.73 m
Thompson Gardens Park
315 Princeton Rd, Sterling

21.79 m
Village Tennis Courts and Land
7 Davis Ln, Amherst

21.92 m
Ringer Park
Gordon St and High Rock Way, Boston

21.94 m
Library Park
124 Ellery St, Cambridge

21.94 m
Foss Park
70 Fellsway W, Somerville

22.07 m
Haverhill High School
137 Monument St, Haverhill

22.12 m
Woodlock Recreation Park
27-99 Woodlock Park Ln, Atkinson

22.19 m
Press Park
10 Blackstone St, Cambridge

22.25 m
Hoyt Field
22 Montague St, Cambridge

22.30 m
Cassidy Playground
2200 Beacon St, Boston

22.30 m
BU Indoor Tennis Center
100 Ashford St, Boston

22.31 m
Boston University - Nickerson Field
285 Babcock St, Boston

22.48 m
Longwood Cricket Club
564 Hammond St, Newton

22.48 m
Waldstein Playground
2 Strathmore Rd, Brookline

22.51 m
Newton South High School
140 Brandeis Cir, Newton

22.52 m
Michael Driscoll K-8 School
64 Westbourne Terrace, Brookline

22.59 m
Charles River Country Club
483 Dedham St, Newton

22.63 m
Baldwin Eelementary School
1 Oak St, Brookline

22.64 m
Eliot Street Park
140 Eliot St, Brookline

22.65 m
High Mowing School
222 Isaac Frye Hwy, Wilton

22.69 m
Devotion Playground
Stedman St, Brookline

22.76 m
Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly
677 Winchester St, Newton

22.79 m
Greene Rose Heritage Park
140 Harvard St, Cambridge

22.89 m
Greenville Elementary School
16 Adams St, Greenville

22.93 m
Goodale Park
64 Goodale St, West Boylston

22.94 m
Peabody Elementary School
255 Country Club Rd, Newton

23.04 m
Pine Manor College
400 Heath St, Chestnut Hill

23.05 m
Amory Tennis Center
45 Amory St, Brookline

23.15 m
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Mass Ave, Cambridge

23.20 m
Indoor Gym Tennis Center
60 Tappan St, Brookline

23.25 m
Bunker Hill Community College
200 Rutherford Ave, Boston

23.28 m
Longwood Playground
80 Newell Rd, Brookline

23.37 m
Dean Park
805 Main St, Shrewsbury

23.41 m
Mt. Ida College
90 Carlson Ave, Newton

23.42 m
The Country Club
191 Clyde St, Chestnut Hill

23.45 m
New Hampshire Winery Association
260 Stage Rd, Hampstead

23.51 m
Solomon Schecter School
33 Chinian Path, Newton

23.58 m
Memorial Playground
40 Stein Cir, Newton

23.58 m
Stillman Tennis Center
255 Medford St, Charlestown

23.61 m
Mary O'Malley Park
200 Commandants Way, Chelsea

23.67 m
Winnekenni Park
347 Kenoza Ave, Haverhill

23.74 m
Baker School
230 Beverly Rd, Brookline

23.85 m
Harvard University - Vanderbilt Hall
253 Longwood Ave, Boston

23.85 m
Science Park
1 Charles River Dam Rd, Boston

23.87 m
Badminton & Tennis Club
52 Hemenway St, Boston

24.03 m
Haverhill Country Club
58 Brickett Ln, Haverhill

24.17 m
Wilton Lyndeborough Cooperative Senior High School
57 School Rd, Wilton

24.17 m
West Boylston Park
48 Alhambra Rd, West Boylston

24.20 m
Manor Playground
98 Intervale St, Boylston

24.21 m
Prince Street Park Tennis Courts
15 Commercial St, Boston

24.25 m
Wentworth Institute of Technology
540 Parker St, Boston

24.27 m
Titus Sparrow Park
200 W Newton St, Boston

24.44 m
SW Corridor Park
84 Whittier St, Boston

24.44 m
Showa Park
145 Louders Ln, Boston

24.47 m
Carter Playground
640 Columbus Ave, Boston

24.49 m
Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center
1350 Tremont St, Roxbury Crossing

24.52 m
Boston Common
Boylston St & Charles St, Boston

24.53 m
Anna M Cole Community Park
10 Lamartine St, Boston

24.66 m
Timberlane Regional High School
36 Greenough Rd, Plaistow

24.67 m
School on Main St
440 Main St, Edgemere

24.72 m
Wilton Center Tennis Club
654 Isaac Frye Hwy, Wilton

24.76 m
Madison Park
122 Dewitt Dr, Roxbury

24.78 m
Shrewsbury High School
64 Holden St, Shrewsbury

24.80 m
Worcester Country Club
2 Rice St, Worcester

24.81 m
Marcella Playground
80 Marcella St, Roxbury

24.83 m
Ramsay Park
1929 Washington St, Boston

24.85 m
Lawndale Terrace Garden Park
256 Lamartine St, Boston

24.92 m
JP Court
12 Carolina Ave, Jamaica Plain

24.95 m
Peter's Park
1230 Washington St, Boston

24.95 m
Melnea Cass Rec. Center
120 Washington St, Boston

25.08 m
Smith Field
2-14 Ingalls Terrace, Plaistow

25.15 m
English High School
570 Amory St, Boston

25.18 m
Malcom X Park
2730 Washington St, Roxbury

25.21 m
Orchard Park
906 Albany St, Boston

25.26 m
Franklin Park
Pierpont Rd, Boston

25.59 m
Clifford Playground
171 Norfolk Ave, Boston

25.65 m
Holden Towers Tennis Club
38 Brattle St, Holden

25.73 m
Winthrop Playground
21 Danube St, Boston

25.84 m
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital
170 Morton St, Boston

25.86 m
Mountview Middle School
270 Shrewsbury St, Holden

26.01 m
Joe Moakley Park
Columbia Rd & Old Colony Ave, Boston

26.30 m
Burncoat High School
179 Burncoat St, Worcester

26.38 m
Ripley Playground
57 Ripley Rd, Boston

26.71 m
Sportsmen's Tennis Center
950 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester

26.71 m
Greendale YMCA
75 Shore Dr, Worcester

26.86 m
Bancroft School
110 Shore Dr, Worcester

26.96 m
Savin Hill Park
123 Grampian Way, Boston

27.20 m
Byrne Playground
15 Mill St, Boston

27.51 m
Morgan Park
578 Grove St, Worcester

27.64 m
Assumption College
500 Salisbury St, Worcester

27.87 m
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