Tennis in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

This is an overview of all things tennis in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Karolina Karl      Boston, Massachusetts
3 months
Hi! I am new in town, will be staying for the whole of November, and am looking for a partner to play in South End, Boston Common, or somewhere around. Flexible with time, 2 years of experience playing at friendly tournaments in EU. Let's connect!
female2.25 to 3.00

Nora Penzel      Somerville, Massachusetts
2 months, 2 weeks
Hi all,
I am Nora, and I just recently moved to Somerville, MA. I'm looking for a tennis buddy to hit some balls with, e.g., once per week. I have played since I was a child but haven't practiced much in the last few years. Thus I am a bit rusty.

Kelly Servick      Cambridge, Massachusetts
6 months, 1 week
Hello! Looking to rally or play casual matches, ideally at Cambridge Library courts or nearby. I'm a somewhat rusty high school player now in my mid-30s and looking to reconnect to the sport.
2.75 to 3.50

Muddassar Mubeen      Melrose, Massachusetts
7 months, 3 weeks
Hi, looking for a practice partner around Melrose/Malden/Cambridge/Winchester areas. Available in evenings during weekdays and can do morning/evening on weekends.

Gret McGilvray      Salem, Massachusetts
6 months, 1 week
I'm new on this site and looking to play tennis in Salem, MA. Usually play against my husband, but he has a broken collarbone. It's going to be a while!

yuhan man      Brookline, Massachusetts
6 months, 3 weeks
I am a student at BU. I am a great fan of tennis and want to find someone to play tennis(either practice or match). I can play around Brookline/Cambridge/Allston/Brighton. I am free on Sunday, and any weekdays except for Thursday. Please let me know if you are interested
adult2.75 to 4.25

Muddassar Mubeen      Melrose, Massachusetts
6 months, 4 weeks
Anyone looking to practice/hit this weekend around Melrose/Malden/Woburn

David Ozment      Boston, Massachusetts
7 months, 1 week
I will be in Boston until July 29.
Prefer doubles, but can also do singles.
Available almost any time July 2-7.
Also usually available most times during the day until July 28.
I am in Jamaica Plain area, but don’t mind driving.
3.00 to 4.50

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Manchester Essex Regional Middle High School
36 Lincoln St, Manchester-by-the-Sea

0.16 m
Essex County Club
153 School St, Manchester-by-the-Sea

0.52 m
Manchester Athletic Club
8 Atwater Ave, Manchester-by-the-Sea

1.00 m
Manchester Bath & Tennis Club
27 Raymond St, Manchester-by-the-Sea

2.43 m
Dix Park
77 Haskell St, Beverly

2.67 m
Gordon College
20 Hull St, Wenham

3.12 m
Essex Park
26 Martin St, Essex

3.74 m
Landmark School
429 Hale St, Beverly

3.76 m
Centerville Elementary School
17 Hull St, Beverly

3.85 m
Endicott College
295 Hale St, Beverly

4.52 m
Kimball Haskell Park
28 Cross St, Beverly

4.99 m
Myopia Hunt Club
435 Bay Rd, South Hamilton

5.04 m
Stage Fort Park
24 Hough Ave, Gloucester

5.05 m
Gloucester High School
32 Leslie O Johnson Rd Ste 1, Gloucester

5.26 m
Beverly High School
100 Sohier Rd, Beverly

5.88 m
Patton Park
RT-1A & Asbury St, Hamilton

5.88 m
Bass River Tennis Club
31 Tozer Rd, Beverly

5.96 m
Salem Willows Park
Fort Ave, Salem

6.11 m
Hamilton-Wenham Park
14 Union St, South Hamilton

6.11 m
Corinthian Yacht Club
1 Nahant St, Marblehead

6.20 m
Wenham Tea House
4 Monument St, Wenham

6.48 m
Beverly Golf & Tennis Club
134 McKay St, Beverly

6.51 m
Eastern Yacht Club
47 Foster St, Marblehead

6.62 m
Annisquam Yacht Club
17 River Rd, Gloucester

6.86 m
Bass Rocks Golf Club
34 Bch Rd, Gloucester

6.93 m
Collins Cove Playground
93 Conners Rd, Salem

6.93 m
Obear Park
198 Livingston Ave, Beverly

7.11 m
Pingree School
537 Highland St, South Hamilton

7.16 m
Marblehead Veterans Middle School
217 Pleasant St, Marblehead

7.24 m
Kernwood Country Club
1 Kernwood St, Salem

7.24 m
Cross Keys Retreat
76 Topsfield Rd, Wenham

7.24 m
Seaside Park
80 Atlantic Ave, Marblehead

7.25 m
Furlong Park
98 Osborne St, Swampscott

7.45 m
Higgenson Bicentennial Playground
108 Topsfield Rd, Wenham

7.50 m
Brookwood School
5 Cherry Hill Dr, Danvers

7.52 m
The Captain's Lodge
237 Eastern Ave, Gloucester

7.56 m
Palmer Cove Park
99 Salem St, Salem

7.66 m
Forest River Park
98 Belleau Rd, Salem

7.80 m
Marblehead High School
2 Humphrey St, Marblehead

7.89 m
Bishop Fenwick High School
99 Margin St, Peabody

8.00 m
Salem State College
352 Lafayette St, Salem

8.14 m
Danvers High School
60 Cabot Rd, Danvers

8.20 m
Danvers Park
75 Park St, Danvers

8.36 m
Cohen Hillel Academy
6 Community Rd, Marblehead

8.38 m
Turner Hill Club
Manor House Ln, Ipswich

8.39 m
Salem State University
71 Loring Ave, Salem

8.48 m
Ipswich High School
134 High St, Ipswich

8.68 m
Rockport Inn & Suites
183 Main St, Rockport

8.73 m
Salem High School
77 Willson St, Salem

8.95 m
Steward Elementary School
261 Perkins Row, Topsfield

9.21 m
O'Connor Park
19 Home St, Peabody

9.24 m
The Beach Club
80 Shepard Ave, Swampscott

9.40 m
Rockport High School
24 Jerdens Ln, Rockport

9.48 m
St John's Preparatory School
72 Spring St, Danvers

9.54 m
John L Foley Tennis Center
98 Swampscott Rd, Salem

9.73 m
Highlands Elementary School
190 Hobart St, Danvers

9.75 m
Pigeon Cove Park
53 Story St, Rockport

9.80 m
Swampscott High School
207 Forest Ave, Swampscott

9.91 m
Phillips Park
567 Humphrey St, Swampscott

10.26 m
Ipswich Country Club
148 Country Club Way, Ipswich

10.33 m
Salem Country Club
133 Forest St, Peabody

10.35 m
Proctor Elementary School
60 Main St, Topsfield

10.36 m
Raddin Park
98 Ronny Ter, Peabody

10.67 m
Clark Street Playground
98 Clark St, Lynn

10.68 m
Ferncroft Country Club
10 Village Rd, Middleton

10.80 m
Peabody High School
485 Lowell St, Peabody

10.87 m
Masconomet High School
20 Endicott Rd, Boxford

11.02 m
Keaney Park
Memorial Park Ave, Lynn

11.31 m
Magnolia Avenue Playground
43 Magnolia Ave, Lynn

11.53 m
Flax Pond Playground
617 Chestnut St, Lynn

11.58 m
Cook St Playground
70 Cook St, Lynn

11.63 m
Gowdy Memorial Playground
492 Cedar Brook Rd, Lynn

11.96 m
Arcangel Software
107 Mill St, Middleton

12.56 m
Cary Street Club
89 Summer St, Nahant

12.80 m
Newhall Park
7 Oak St, Lynnfield

12.83 m
Northeast Tennis Club
123 River St, Middleton

12.92 m
Nahant Country Club
280 Nahant Rd, Nahant

13.01 m
Frey Playground
323 Walnut St, Lynn

13.03 m
Oldtown Country Club
25 Marsh Ave, Newbury

13.19 m
Barry Park
84 Ainsworth Pl, Lynn

13.20 m
Flash Rd Playground
Flash Rd, Nahant

13.52 m
Lynnfield High School
275 Essex St, Lynnfield

13.63 m
Resorts North Club
20 Elm St, North Reading

13.66 m
Governor Dummer Academy
1 Elm St, Newbury

13.83 m
Triton Regional High School
112 Elm St, Byfield

13.91 m
Gibson Park
87 Hayes Ave, Revere

13.97 m
Riverside Cemetery Park
366 Central St, Saugus

14.74 m
Lynnfield Middle School
505 Main St, Lynnfield

14.78 m
Boxford Town Park
7 Spofford Rd, Boxford

14.80 m
Di Biase Corporation
749 Lowell St, Lynnfield

14.99 m
Belmonte Middle School
25 Dow St, Saugus

15.06 m
Anna Parker Playground
108 Essex St, Saugus

15.40 m
American Legion Park
52 Milton Way, Georgetown

15.43 m
Wakefield High School
Farm St & Hemlock, Wakefield

15.50 m
Black Swan Country Club
258 Andover St, Georgetown

15.74 m
No. Reading Middle School
1 Sherman Rd, Reading

16.10 m
Perkins Playground
7 Beacon Ave, Newburyport

16.18 m
Ipswich River Park
10 Central St, North Reading

16.20 m
Mapleway Playground
98 Maple Way, Wakefield

16.22 m
Bellevue Golf Club
320 Porter St, Melrose

16.35 m
Veteran's Field
365 North Ave, Wakefield

16.52 m
Seal Harbor Park
90 Seal Harbor Rd, Winthrop

16.64 m
Eli Pond
50 Crystal St, Melrose

17.02 m
Cedardale Groveland Outing Center
20 Bare Hill Rd, Groveland

17.05 m
Paul Revere Park
80 Park Ave, Revere

17.05 m
Trafton Park
110 Granite St, Malden

17.09 m
Melrose High School
315 Lynn Fells Pkwy, Melrose

17.29 m
Memorial Park
53 Harrison St, Reading

17.33 m
Cashman Park
99 Whites Ct, Newburyport

17.34 m
Winthrop High School
372 Main St, Winthrop

17.45 m
South Broadway Park
252 Maplewood St, Malden

17.55 m
Bear Hill Country Club
2 N St, Stoneham

17.69 m
Ingleside Park
6 Walden St, Winthrop

17.73 m
Reading Memorial High School
62 Oakland Rd, Reading

17.76 m
Stoneham High School
149 Franklin St, Stoneham

17.80 m
Voke Park
44 Springvale Ave, Chelsea

17.80 m
Pinevale Park
77 Riverside Dr, Reading

17.82 m
Willows Racquet & Fitness Center
815 Turnpike St, North Andover

18.24 m
Coughlin Park
30 Bay View Ave, Winthrop

18.24 m
Atkinson Common Park
388 High St, Newburyport

18.30 m
Sturges Park
136 Pine Ridge Rd, Reading

18.36 m
North Andover Country Club
500 Great Pond Rd, Andover

18.37 m
East Boston Yacht Club
1 Rice St, East Boston

18.40 m
Brooks School
1160 Great Pond Rd, North Andover

18.41 m
Meadowbrook Country Club
292 Grv St, Reading

18.49 m
Austin Preparatory School
101 Willow St, Reading

18.54 m
Barrows Elementary School
16 Edgemont Ave, Reading

18.60 m
Pentucket Regional High School
24 Main St, West Newbury

18.86 m
Riverside Park
94 Nettleton Ave Exit, Haverhill

18.91 m
Phillips Academy - Varsity Tennis Courts
Field House Rd, Andover

18.94 m
Amerige Park
Highland Ave & Pine St, Malden

18.95 m
Lion's Park
Lions Way, Salisbury

19.08 m
Phillips Academy
54 Old Campus Rd, Andover

19.30 m
Mary O'Malley Park
200 Commandants Way, Chelsea

19.39 m
Carr Park
20 Winslow Ave, Medford

19.39 m
Woburn Street Elementary School
227 Woburn St, Wilmington

19.41 m
John Devir Park
Fellsway & Emerald St, Malden

19.43 m
North Andover High School
420 Osgood St, Andover

19.51 m
East Boston Memorial Park
143 Porter St, Boston

19.53 m
Wildwood Elementary School
182 Wildwood St, Wilmington

19.66 m
Harris Playground
77 Bradbury Ave, Medford

19.71 m
Renaissance Club
377 Kenoza St, Haverhill

19.76 m
Long Island Park
Long Island Rd, Quincy

19.76 m
Pomps Pond
Abbot St and Porter Rd, Andover

19.76 m
Morrison Playground
Central Ave, Medford

19.79 m
Porzio Park
598 Sumner St, Boston

19.87 m
North Intermediate School
320 Salem St, Wilmington

19.88 m
Hickey Playground
Brogan Rd, Malden

19.93 m
Leonard Field
99 Collamore St, Winchester

20.00 m
Stillman Tennis Center
255 Medford St, Charlestown

20.14 m
Woburn High School
88 Montvale Ave, Woburn

20.15 m
Memorial Middle School
81 Central Ave, Hull

20.20 m
Winchester Indoor Lawn Tennis Club
41 E St, Winchester

20.33 m
Andover High School
80 Shawsheen Rd, Andover

20.35 m
Amesbury Middle School
220 Main St, Amesbury

20.41 m
Ferullo Field
99 Tidd Ave, Woburn

20.54 m
McDonald Field
Loring Ave, Winchester

20.58 m
Foss Park
70 Fellsway W, Somerville

20.69 m
Prince Street Park Tennis Courts
15 Commercial St, Boston

20.76 m
Arthur D Healey School K-8
5 Meacham St, Somerville

20.77 m
Lawrence High School
70-71 N Parish Rd, Lawrence

20.84 m
Amesbury High School
5 Highland St, Amesbury

20.86 m
Library Park
1 Wade Pl, Woburn

20.87 m
Bunker Hill Community College
200 Rutherford Ave, Boston

20.89 m
Victory Park
Winthrop St, Medford

20.91 m
Barry Playground
74 Summer St, Medford

20.94 m
Cedardale Health & Fitness Club
931 Boston Rd, Haverhill

20.95 m
South Lawrence East Middle School
165 Crawford St, Lawrence

20.97 m
Packer Tennis Courts
15 Palmer St, Winchester

21.04 m
Winchester Tennis Association Tennis Center
27 Palmer St, Winchester

21.04 m
Camp Bauercrest
17 Old County Rd, Amesbury

21.04 m
Marine Park
E 2nd St. and Farragut Rd, Boston

21.18 m
Hirsh Tennis Center
199 Frederick Ave, Medford

21.18 m
Winnekenni Park
347 Kenoza Ave, Haverhill

21.20 m
Science Park
1 Charles River Dam Rd, Boston

21.22 m
Brooks Playstead Park
114 Playstead Rd, Medford

21.56 m
Tufts University
90 Professors Row, Medford

21.58 m
Boston Athletic Club
653 Summer St, Boston

21.62 m
Tufts University - Ellis Oval
18 Lower Campus Rd, Somerville

21.64 m
Valley Professional Center
411 Merrimack St, Methuen Town

21.68 m
Boston Common
Boylston St & Charles St, Boston

21.71 m
Dilboy Park
320 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Somerville

21.86 m
Mystic River Road Park
Mystic River Rd & Fairfield St, Medford

21.98 m
Winchester Country Club
468 Mystic St, Arlington

22.14 m
Greene Rose Heritage Park
140 Harvard St, Cambridge

22.18 m
Peter's Park
1230 Washington St, Boston

22.29 m
Crosby Courts
80 Oxford St, Arlington

22.31 m
Haverhill High School
137 Monument St, Haverhill

22.38 m
Library Park
124 Ellery St, Cambridge

22.42 m
Pemberton Tennis Courts
97 Pemberton St, Cambridge

22.49 m
Joe Moakley Park
Columbia Rd & Old Colony Ave, Boston

22.50 m
Haverhill Country Club
58 Brickett Ln, Haverhill

22.56 m
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Mass Ave, Cambridge

22.68 m
Titus Sparrow Park
200 W Newton St, Boston

22.74 m
Arlington Boys & Girls
90 Pond Ln, Arlington

22.77 m
Harvard University - Garden St
60 Garden St, Cambridge

22.78 m
Badminton & Tennis Club
52 Hemenway St, Boston

22.97 m
University of Massachusetts Boston
164 Umass Boston, Boston

22.97 m
Hoyt Field
22 Montague St, Cambridge

23.03 m
Carter Playground
640 Columbus Ave, Boston

23.06 m
Cambridge Tennis Club
40 Willard St, Cambridge

23.10 m
Press Park
10 Blackstone St, Cambridge

23.12 m
Ramsay Park
1929 Washington St, Boston

23.15 m
Clifford Playground
171 Norfolk Ave, Boston

23.25 m
Orchard Park
906 Albany St, Boston

23.31 m
Harvard University Murr Center
65 N Harvard St, Boston

23.33 m
Beren Tennis Center
65 N Harvard St, Boston

23.36 m
Savin Hill Park
123 Grampian Way, Boston

23.40 m
SW Corridor Park
84 Whittier St, Boston

23.51 m
Madison Park
122 Dewitt Dr, Roxbury

23.51 m
Evergreen Day School
799 Concord Ave, Cambridge

23.52 m
Wentworth Institute of Technology
540 Parker St, Boston

23.62 m
Boston University - Nickerson Field
285 Babcock St, Boston

23.68 m
Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center
1350 Tremont St, Roxbury Crossing

23.74 m
BU Indoor Tennis Center
100 Ashford St, Boston

23.82 m
Amory Tennis Center
45 Amory St, Brookline

23.83 m
Harvard University - Vanderbilt Hall
253 Longwood Ave, Boston

23.86 m
Winthrop Playground
21 Danube St, Boston

23.89 m
Glacken Park
678 Huron Ave, Cambridge

23.89 m
Byrne Playground
15 Mill St, Boston

24.03 m
Longwood Playground
80 Newell Rd, Brookline

24.13 m
Grove Street Playground
98 Bacon Rd, Belmont

24.14 m
Devotion Playground
Stedman St, Brookline

24.15 m
Malcom X Park
2730 Washington St, Roxbury

24.17 m
Melnea Cass Rec. Center
120 Washington St, Boston

24.18 m
Marcella Playground
80 Marcella St, Roxbury

24.28 m
Tenean Beach
Conley St, Boston

24.30 m
Anna M Cole Community Park
10 Lamartine St, Boston

24.32 m
The Mount Auburn Club
57 Coolidge Ave, Watertown

24.45 m
Ringer Park
Gordon St and High Rock Way, Boston

24.58 m
Smith Field
2-14 Ingalls Terrace, Plaistow

24.81 m
Ripley Playground
57 Ripley Rd, Boston

24.84 m
Michael Driscoll K-8 School
64 Westbourne Terrace, Brookline

24.92 m
Arsenal Park
485 Arsenal St, Watertown

24.95 m
Franklin Park
Pierpont Rd, Boston

24.99 m
Indoor Gym Tennis Center
60 Tappan St, Brookline

25.06 m
Lawndale Terrace Garden Park
256 Lamartine St, Boston

25.07 m
Timberlane Regional High School
36 Greenough Rd, Plaistow

25.40 m
Waldstein Playground
2 Strathmore Rd, Brookline

25.43 m
English High School
570 Amory St, Boston

25.43 m
Rogers Park
56 Rogers Park Ave, Boston

25.54 m
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital
170 Morton St, Boston

25.61 m
Sportsmen's Tennis Center
950 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester

25.64 m
JP Court
12 Carolina Ave, Jamaica Plain

25.72 m
Cassidy Playground
2200 Beacon St, Boston

25.88 m
Eliot Street Park
140 Eliot St, Brookline

25.89 m
Showa Park
145 Louders Ln, Boston

26.41 m
The Country Club
191 Clyde St, Chestnut Hill

26.51 m
Pine Manor College
400 Heath St, Chestnut Hill

26.88 m
Baker School
230 Beverly Rd, Brookline

27.58 m
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Your Advantage Racquet Services
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Legendary Stringing
15 Old Haswell Park Rd Middleton, MA
173 Seven Star Rd Groveland MA
Lynnfield, Massachusetts
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Christoph Stringing
27 Audubon Road
Reading, Massachusetts
(781) 929-8190
Towle Racket Stringing
15 Utica St.
Woburn, Massachusetts

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