Tennis in Kanata, Ontario

Are you looking to play tennis in Kanata, Ontario? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, and courts in Kanata, Ontario.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Cattail Creek Park
38 Chimo Dr, Ottawa

0.45 m
March Tennis Club
2500 Campeau Dr, Kanata

0.82 m
Glen Cairn Tennis Club
70 Castlefrank Rd, Kanata

1.18 m
Goldridge Park
400 Goldridge Dr, Ottawa

1.23 m
Walden Park
130 Walden Dr, Ottawa

1.68 m
Bluegrass Park
59 Bluegrass Dr, Ottawa

2.47 m
Klondike Road Park
1365 Halton Terrace, Ottawa

3.38 m
Crowridge Tennis Courts
388 Crownridge Dr, Ottawa

3.52 m
Alexander Grove Park
10 Warner Colpitts Ln, Ottawa

3.60 m
Lynwood Park
7 Sycamore Dr, Ottawa

3.83 m
Winthrop Park
61 Corkstown Rd, Ottawa

4.28 m
Valleystream Park
3412 Richmond Rd, Ottawa

4.85 m
March Central Community Center
1030 Riddell Dr, Ottawa

5.39 m
Morrison Park
1095 Morrison Dr, Ottawa

5.61 m
Trend Arlington Park
50 Bellman Dr, Ottawa

5.75 m
Elmhurst Park
1099 Grenon Ave, Ottawa

5.77 m
Judge Park
837 Grenon Ave, Ottawa

5.87 m
Club de Tennis Wychwood
39 Rue Lake, Gatineau

6.04 m
Tennis Centre West Ottawa
120 Greenview Ave, Ottawa

6.12 m
Kilreen Park
1250 Southwood Dr, Ottawa

6.16 m
Craig Henry Tennis Club
135 Craig Henry Dr, Nepean

6.28 m
Frank Ryan Park
950 Alpine Ave, Ottawa

6.38 m
Britannia Yacht Club
2777 Cassels St, Ottawa

6.39 m
Lincoln Heights Park
265 Britannia Rd, Ottawa

6.56 m
Pinecrest Park
2240 Torquay Ave, Ottawa

6.62 m
Barrhaven Tennis Club
76 Larkin Dr, Ottawa

6.89 m
Huntley Community Centre
108 Juanita Ave, Ottawa

7.33 m
Navaho Park
2031 Navaho Dr, Ottawa

7.75 m
City View Tennis Club
60 Fieldrow St, Ottawa

8.17 m
The Glens Tennis Club - Grenfell Park
53 Avonlea Rd, Ottawa

8.18 m
Lions Park Richmond
3302 Huntley Rd, Ottawa

8.20 m
McKellar Park
539 Wavell Ave, Ottawa

8.25 m
Tanglewood Park
30 Woodfield Dr, Ottawa

8.44 m
Greenlawn Park
1145 Greenlawn Cres, Ottawa

8.45 m
Half Moon Bay
3500 Greenbank Rd, Nepean

8.72 m
Kiwanis Park
411 Dovercourt Ave, Ottawa

8.76 m
Parkland - Central Park
310 Central Park Dr, Ottawa

8.96 m
General Burns Park
107 Chesterton Dr, Ottawa

9.22 m
The Glens Tennis Club - Pineglen Park
22 Brisbane Rd, Ottawa

9.27 m
Davidson Park
5 Ryerson Ave, Ottawa

9.41 m
Guinness Park
120 Ramsgrange St, Ottawa

9.45 m
Long Park
1190 Deer Park Rd, Ottawa

9.47 m
Lexington Park
1404 Lexington St, Ottawa

9.96 m
Elmdale Tennis Club
184 Holland Ave, Ottawa

10.18 m
Carleton Heights Park
1665 Apeldoorn Ave, Ottawa

10.18 m
Parc des Trembles
14 Rue des Pinsons, Hull

10.26 m
Dogwood Park
2890 Munster Rd, Ottawa

10.27 m
Rolling River Park
4386 Spratt Rd, Ottawa

10.40 m
Parc Moussette
12 Rue Boudria, Hull

10.59 m
Parc du Plateau
145 Rue de l'Atmosphère, Hull

10.63 m
Fairmont Park
265 Fairmont Ave, Ottawa

10.69 m
49-A Maple Dr, Ottawa

10.72 m
Mooneys Bay Park
2960 Riverside Dr, Ottawa

10.88 m
Uplands Park
3165 Uplands Dr, Ottawa

10.89 m
Arnott Park
691 Hartman Cres, Ottawa

11.15 m
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa

11.30 m
Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club
176 Cameron Ave, Ottawa

11.69 m
Parc Larocque
2 Rue Fortier, Hull

11.77 m
Kaladar Park
2554 Kaldar Ave, Ottawa

11.83 m
Owl Park
180 Bourbon St, Ottawa

11.83 m
Windsor Park
3560 Wyman Pl, Ottawa

11.89 m
Chamberlain Park
80 Chamberlan Ave, Ottawa

11.89 m
St James Tennis Courts
690 Lyon St, Ottawa

11.93 m
Centennial Park
5572 Doctor Leach Dr, Ottawa

11.95 m
Parc du Ruisseau (de l'Île)
Boulevard Sacré-coeur / Rue St-Rédempteur, Hull

12.23 m
Parc Fontaine
77 Rue Helene Duval, Hull

12.23 m
Parc Bisson
11 Rue Boucher, Gatineau

12.26 m
Windsor Park Ottawa
1 Windsor Ave, Ottawa

12.34 m
Jack Purcell Park
320 Jack Purcell Ln, Ottawa

12.54 m
Ottawa Tennis Community Centre
Hillcrest 600 Smyth Rd & Ridgemont 2597 Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa

12.56 m
Trappers Park
3580 Trapper's Rd, Ottawa

12.60 m
St Lukes Park
166 Frank St, Ottawa

12.68 m
Pushman Park
1270 Pebble Rd, Ottawa

12.73 m
Brantwood Park
120 Clegg St, Ottawa

12.91 m
Aladdin Park
3939 Albion Rd, Ottawa

13.00 m
Parc des Hautes-Plaines
475 Boul. des Hautes-Plaines, Hull

13.03 m
Sandlewood Park
2850 Sandalwood Dr, Ottawa

13.07 m
Bingham Park
145 Cathcart St, Ottawa

13.09 m
Sieveright Park
2999 Sable Ridge Dr, Ottawa

13.15 m
Featherstone Park
2330 Virginia Dr, Ottawa

13.30 m
St Germain Park
86 Templeton St, Ottawa

13.31 m
Club La Sporthèque de Hull
72 rue Jean-Proulx, Gatineau

13.48 m
Dale Park
1590 Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa

13.49 m
Bordeleau Park
349 Bruyere St, Ottawa

13.50 m
Playfair Park
1801 Playfair Dr, Ottawa

13.59 m
Russell Boyd Park
1735 St. Bernard St, Ottawa

13.59 m
Harold Barnhart Park
5650 Scobie Cres, Ottawa

13.61 m
New Edinburgh Park
203 Stanley Ave, Ottawa

13.62 m
Rideau Sports Centre
1 Donald St, Ottawa

13.81 m
Riverrain Park
400 N River Rd, Ottawa

13.90 m
Parc de la Riviera
50 Rue de Grenoble, Gatineau

14.19 m
Canterbury Park
2185 Arch St, Ottawa

14.21 m
Preston Park
1161 Blohm Dr, Ottawa

14.22 m
Lindenlea Park
15 Rockcliffe Way, Ottawa

14.31 m
Kemp Park
11 Robert Kemp, Ottawa

14.32 m
Dara Tennis Club
49A Maple Dr, Ottawa

14.38 m
Cecil Morrison Park
1332 Ave N, Ottawa

14.41 m
Collège Saint-Alexandre de Gatineau
Chemin des Érables, Gatineau

14.60 m
Parc des Draveurs
205 Boulevard de la Gappe, Gatineau

14.66 m
Rockcliffe Lawn Tennis Club
465 Lansdowne Rd N, Ottawa

14.79 m
Parc Pierre-Lafontaine
rue Saint-Antoine, Gatineau

14.88 m
École Polyvalente De L'Érablière
98 Rue le Loutre, Gatineau

14.96 m
Sheffield Glen Park
2320 Southvale Cres, Ottawa

15.15 m
Ottawa Athletic Club
2525 Lancaster Rd, Ottawa

15.24 m
Manor Park
100 Braemar St, Ottawa

15.26 m
Alfred Taylor Recreation Facility
2300 Community Way, Ottawa

15.30 m
Almonte Tennis Club
Gemmil Park, Alamonte

15.76 m
Parc de l'Oiseau Bleu
41 Rue de Beloeil, Gatineau

15.80 m
Bathgate Park
1423 Matheson Rd, Ottawa

16.12 m
Woodburn Park
1819 Stonehenge Cres, Ottawa

16.24 m
Birdland Park
3 Whippoorwill Dr, Ottawa

16.96 m
Parc Pierre-Laporte
451 Rue Ellard, Gatineau

16.96 m
Elmridge Park Tennis Club
1841 Elmridge Rd, Ottawa

17.05 m
Combermere Park
11 Combermere Ln, Ottawa

17.31 m
Beacon Hill Tennis Club
2381 Ogilvie Rd, Gloucester

17.63 m
Osgoode Community Centre
5660 Osgoode Main St, Ottawa

18.25 m
Bearbrook Park
99 Bearbrook Rd, Ottawa

18.44 m
Parc Joseph H Maloney
Rue A.-Gibeault, Gatineau

18.72 m
Longleaf Park
5831 Gladewoods Pl, Ottawa

19.93 m
Chapel Hill Park
1556 Forest Valley Dr, Ottawa

20.06 m
Racette Park
1410 Henri Lauzon St, Ottawa

20.53 m
St Francois Park
1855 Simard Dr, Ottawa

20.94 m
Bilberry Park
6600 Bliberry Dr, Ottawa

21.36 m
Orleans Tennis Club
1257 Joseph Drouin Ave, Ottawa

21.41 m
Pierre Rocque Park
1257 Joseph Drouin Ave, Ottawa

21.50 m
Queenswood Heights Centennial Park and Community Centre
1485 Duford Dr, Ottawa

22.05 m
Kinsella Park
1600 Prestwick Dr, Ottawa

22.33 m
Marshas Park
855 Lawnsberry Dr, Ottawa

22.34 m
Local Events
May 08 - May 14 Add
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Active Tennis Networks
Picture Network Details
The Ottawa Tennis Network
Members: 297   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Official Network - The Ottawa Tennis Network is an official network of GTN. This network is open to...
Craig Henry Tennis Club
Members: 171   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
135 Craig Henry Drive
StatCan Tennis League - relocated (OTN)
Members: 31   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
This is the Statcan Tennis League, originally an "office" league now open to people...
Carleton University Tennis Club
Members: 43   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Carleton University Tennis Club 2013-2014
Club de Tennis de Hull (CTH)
Members: 183   Location: Hull, Quebec
Réseau officiel du Club de Tennis de Hull (CTH), ouvert aux résidents qui ont...
Tennis Centre West Ottawa
Members: 5   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Year-Round 13 court Tennis Facility with Clay Courts in Britannia Park.
City View Doubles
Members: 4   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
This is for a doubles ladder organized by City View Tennis Club under Afan Zhu's...
Sporthèque de Hull
Members: 26   Location: Gatineau, Quebec
Fondée en 1981, la Sporthèque compte 5 terrains de tennis intérieurs, une salle...
Barrhaven Tennis Club
Members: 1   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
This is the singles ladder for the Barrhaven Tennis Club
Britannia Yacht Club
Members: 14   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
The club has an active tennis program that caters to all ages and skill levels....
Members: 3   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
A 4-court hard surface tennis club serving the Ottawa area.
March Tennis Club
Members: 1   Location: Kanata, Ontario
This is the Kanata March Tennis Club ladder. The club is located at 2500 Campeau...
General Burns Tennis Club Leagues
Members: 1   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Weekly Men's Doubles
Quinn's Pointe Tennis
Members: 2   Location: Barrhaven, Ontario
This group is for people enthusiastic about tennis and that would like to play some...
Barrhaven Tennis Club
Members: 28   Location: Barrhaven, Ontario
This network will permit members to join the Adult Challenge Ladder and Junior...
AV Club Tennis
Members: 18   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
AV (and friends) Community Tennis
Orbcomm Tennis Enthusiasts
Members: 2   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
to organize tennis practice/playing at Orbcomm
Osgoode Ward Tennis Network
Members: 1   Location: Ottawa, Ontario
A friendly network for tennis players throughout rural south Ottawa - Greely,...
Activities Underway
Name Type Start End Network
Mixed's Singles 2.0 to 6.0 Tennis LadderLadder League2020-05-212021-05-21
Mixed's Singles 2.0 to 4.0 Tennis LadderLadder League2020-05-242021-05-24
The Top 100 Tennis LadderLadder League2021-01-012021-12-31The Ottawa Tennis Network
CVTC single ladder 2021Ladder League2021-04-012021-10-31
Mixed Singles 2.0 to 5.5 Tennis LadderLadder League2021-05-012021-09-30Tennis Centre West Ottawa
Ligue Échelle CTH - 2021 (Prep)Ladder League2021-05-172021-09-19Club de Tennis de Hull (CTH)
Test 2021 Craig Henry Tennis LadderLadder League2021-06-152021-09-30Craig Henry Tennis Club
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
Local Chat
Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Akshay Puli      Ottawa - 2 days, 9 hours
Hi All, As the weather gets better and hopefully courts open up, looking to partner up with someone in the evening and/or weekend. I used to be an intermediate player but after an injury 2 years back I was forced to stop playing. I might be crusty, but hoping to pickup the game again. Text me and we can schedule a game together. 613-604-6546.

Lavel Tiwana      Ottawa - 2 days, 20 hours
Hi! I'm looking for partners around the Mooney's Bay area. I'm free on weekends and evenings most weekdays.

Nicole St Maurice      Ottawa - 3 weeks, 5 days
Hi! I'm looking for partners around the Nepean area. It's been a few years since I've played so I'm around a 2.5. I'm free on weekends and evenings most weekdays.

Ruben Gamez      Gatineau - 1 week, 3 days
Looking for a tennis player to play at the courts - parc pier lafontaine, terrains parc des draveurs, parc Louis philion, 3 - 4.5 lvl.

DENIS BOUCHARD      Gatineau - 1 week, 6 days
Bonjour. Dispo 7/7 au parc Moussette. Niveau 3.5/4.
male3.50 to 4.25

Normand Jocelyn      Gatineau - 1 month
Cherche partenaires de tennis pour des cours de tennis à Hull.
Je suis de niveau 2.5. Je joue depuis 2 ans.

Robert Podeanu      Gatineau - 2 weeks, 5 days
Looking for an intermediate rally/games partner to play at Moussette park or Plateau school. Available weekdays after 5 and weekends. DM me. Thank you
maleadult2.50 to 3.50

Emily Mayo      Ottawa - 6 months
Hi! I am looking for someone to play with at either Stanley Park (New Edinburgh) during the day before sun-down or at Elgin St. courts after sun-down, where there are court lights. I am an advanced beginner(2.5-3).
young adult

Setareh Kh      Ottawa - 3 weeks, 4 days
I live in Stittsville and I am available after 4:30 p.m
femaleadult3.00 to 4.00

Clarissa Connelly      Ottawa - 5 months, 4 weeks
Trying to get a bit more tennis games in before it gets too cold. Anyone want to play at the St. Luke’s court? Let me know!

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Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Tennis Stringer $20
Ottawa, Ontario
613 111 1111
Denis Regimbald
390 Boul. Greber
Gatineau, Quebec

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