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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Nichols College
124 Ctr Rd, Dudley

0.19 m
Shepherd Hill Regional High School
68 Dudley Oxford Rd, Dudley

0.88 m
Bartlett High School
52 Lake Pkwy, Webster

2.81 m
Memorial Athletic Field
Ray St, Webster

3.06 m
Southbridge High School
132 Torry Rd, Southbridge

4.92 m
Heritage School Grades 2 - 4
34 Oxford Rd, Charlton

5.83 m
Joslin Diabetes Camp
150 Richardson Corner Rd, Charlton

6.28 m
Solair Resort
65 Ide Perrin Rd # 22, Woodstock

6.52 m
West Street School Gr 1-5
156 W St, Southbridge

6.80 m
Barton Center
30 Ennis Rd, North Oxford

7.69 m
Greenbriar Recreation Park
N Oxford, Oxford

7.82 m
Sturbridge Hills Condominium
2611 Colonial Dr, Sturbridge

9.23 m
Cedar Pond Recreation Park
60 Cedar St, Sturbridge

10.01 m
Sutton Memorial High School
383 Boston Rd, Sutton

10.51 m
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