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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Bedford High School
481 Northfield Rd, Bedford

0.88 m
Stafford Park
5498 Mayville Ave, Maple Heights

1.43 m
Dunham Park
6206 Dunham Rd, Maple Heights

2.07 m
Dellwood Park
18860 Dellwood Dr, Walton Hills

2.12 m
Rockside Park Towers
25400 Rockside Rd, Bedford Heights

2.13 m
Force Indoor Sports- Bedford
26555 Richmond Rd, Bedford Heights

2.85 m
Hawthorne Valley Country Club
27840 Aurora Rd, Solon

2.85 m
Kerruish Park
Tarkington Ave, Cleveland

2.91 m
Valley View Woods Park
13005 Schreiber Rd, Valley View

2.97 m
Green Road Park
23707 Emery Rd, Warrensville Heights

3.20 m
Warrensville Heights Middle School
4500 Warrensville Center Rd, Warrensville Heights

3.45 m
Dan Kostel Recreation Park
5411 Turney Rd, Cleveland

3.61 m
Eastwood Elementary School
4050 Eastwood Ln, Warrensville Heights

3.82 m
Lombardo Park
9736 Charles Dr, Valley View

3.98 m
Fredrick Douglass Park
15700 Lotus Dr, Cleveland

4.02 m
Glendale Park
3842 E 151st St, Cleveland

4.71 m
Shaker Family Center
19824 Sussex Rd, Cleveland

4.84 m
Canterbury Golf Club
22000 S Woodland Rd, Cleveland

5.18 m
Chagrin Valley Country Club
4700 Som Center Rd, Chagrin Falls

5.21 m
Shaker Heights Thornton Park
3301 Warrensville Ctr Rd, Shaker Heights

5.36 m
Glen Meadow Park
9947 E Idlewood Dr, Twinsburg

5.36 m
Saint Maron Church
7800 Brookside Rd, Independence

5.44 m
Shaker Heights Country Club
3300 Courtland Blvd, Shaker Heights

5.46 m
Solon Community Park
6679 SOM Center Rd , Solon

5.51 m
Independence Recreation Center
6354 Selig Dr, Independence

5.72 m
Shaker Heights Recreation Park
3115 Woodbury Rd, Shaker Heights

5.95 m
Cleveland Racquet Club
29825 Chagrin Blvd, Pepper Pike

6.04 m
Hathaway Brown School
North Park Blvd, Shaker Heights

6.06 m
Orange High School
Gail Allison Dr, Chagrin Falls

6.14 m
The Mandel JCC
26001 South Woodland Rd, Beachwood

6.17 m
University School
20701 Brantley Rd, Shaker Heights

6.20 m
Laurel School
1 Lyman Cir, Shaker Heights

6.36 m
Luke Easter Park
3240 E 116th St, Cleveland

6.40 m
Deer Run Apartments
9913 Darrow Park Rd, Twinsburg

6.43 m
Twinsburg Community Center
10260 Ravenna Road, Twinsburg

6.47 m
Nordonia High School
8006 S Bedford Rd, Macedonia

6.47 m
John Carroll University
2587 S Belvoir Blvd, University Heights

6.72 m
Beachwood Park
25325 Fairmount Blvd, Beachwood

6.77 m
Warsaw Park
6700 Warsaw Ave, Cleveland

6.77 m
Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School
6380 Mill Rd, Broadview Heights

7.04 m
Brecksville City Hall Tennis Courts
9163 Brecksville Rd, Brecksville

7.05 m
John Glenn Park
1280 E Dartmoor Ave, Seven Hills

7.06 m
Calvin Park
2209 Mapleview Dr, Seven Hills

7.06 m
Atrium Apartments in The Village
41 Village Pl, Beachwood

7.31 m
Cleveland Skating Club
2500 Kemper Rd, Shaker Heights

7.33 m
The Country Club
2825 Lander Rd, Pepper Pike

7.37 m
Purvis Park
2119 Wrenford Rd, University Heights

7.39 m
Four Seasons Apartments
26650 George Zeiger Dr, Beachwood

7.48 m
Roxboro Middle School
2400 Roxboro Rd, Cleveland

7.53 m
Peak Performance Center
1 Eagle Valley Court, Broadview Heights

7.58 m
Tuxedo Park
5199 W 4th St, Brooklyn Heights

7.63 m
Valleywood Park
370 Orchardview Rd, Seven Hills

7.86 m
Cain Park
3430 Superior Park Dr, Cleveland

7.91 m
Case Western Reserve University
11940 Carlton Rd, Cleveland

8.17 m
Ursuline College
2550 Lander Rd, Pepper Pike

8.17 m
Cleveland Heights Tennis Club
1793 Radnor Rd, Akron

8.33 m
University School - Hunting Valley
2785 Som Ctr Rd, Hunting Valley

8.35 m
Bexley Park
Charlton Rd, South Euclid

8.40 m
Chagrin Falls High School
400 E Washington St, Chagrin Falls

8.42 m
Hawken Middle School
5000 Clubside Rd, Cleveland

8.46 m
Mayfield Sand Ridge Club
1545 Sheridan Rd, Mayfield

8.50 m
Oakwood Club
1516 Warrensville Center Rd, Cleveland Heights

8.58 m
Brainard Park
5542 Meadow Wood Blvd, Lyndhurst

8.61 m
Normandy High School
2500 W Pleasant Valley Rd, Cleveland

8.67 m
Harmody Park
1718 Mayview Ave, Cleveland

8.68 m
Brush High School
4875 Glenlyn Rd, Cleveland

8.94 m
Loew Park
4711 West 32nd S, Cleveland

8.95 m
Forest Hill Park - North
Lee Rd, East Cleveland

9.07 m
Veterans Memorial Park
6328 State Rd, Parma

9.09 m
Gilmour Academy
34001 Cedar Rd, Gates Mills

9.18 m
The Club at Hillbrook
14800 Hillbrook Dr, Chagrin Falls

9.19 m
WC Reed Playfield
2002 Fern Ct, Cleveland

9.19 m
Rockerfeller Park
9601 Wade Park Ave, Cleveland

9.22 m
Broadview Heights Recreation Park
8938 Broadview Rd, Cleveland

9.31 m
Lyndhurst Park
1331 Parkview Dr, Lyndhurst

9.34 m
Moulton/Scoutway Park
1386 E 120th St, Cleveland

9.41 m
Mayfield Park
6306 Marsol Rd, Mayfield

9.41 m
Archmere Park
4015 Archmere Ave, Cleveland

9.43 m
Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center
1625 E 85th St, Cleveland

9.45 m
Redwood Swim and Tennis Club
8560 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg

9.46 m
Forestwood Park
5900 W 48th St, Parma

9.48 m
Forest Hill Park - South
Lee Rd, East Cleveland

9.53 m
Denison Park
1015 Quarry Dr, Cleveland Heights

9.75 m
Barrington Country Club
680 North Aurora Rd, Aurora

9.77 m
Hawthorn Club Apartments
Sycamore Ln, Aurora

9.81 m
Marsol Apartments
6501 Marsol Rd, Cleveland

9.82 m
Lake Lucerne Park
8432 Lake Shore Dr, Chagrin Falls

9.88 m
Walter A. Burks Park
11013 Grantwood Ave, Cleveland

9.88 m
The Country Club of Hudson
2155 Middleton Rd, Hudson

9.89 m
The Regency Luxury Apartments
5500 6100 Laurent Dr, Parma

9.96 m
Forest Hills Park
1000 Thornhill Dr, Cleveland

10.04 m
The Wembley Club
8345 Woodberry Blvd, Chagrin Falls

10.16 m
The Lakes of Aurora
Countrywood Trail, Aurora

10.20 m
Lake Forest Country Club
100 Lake Forest Dr, Hudson

10.34 m
Mayfield High School
6116 Wilson Mills Rd, Mayfield

10.54 m
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Ave, Cleveland

10.57 m
Breen Technology Center
538 Canal Rd, Cleveland

10.88 m
Residence at Barrington
416 Canterbury, Aurora

10.90 m
Chagrin Valley Hunt Club
7620 Old Mill Rd, Gates Mills

10.97 m
Walden Country Club
1119 Aurora Hudson Rd, Aurora

10.98 m
Gates Mill Community Park
1460 Chagrin River Rd, Gates Mills

11.06 m
Laurel School
7420 Fairmount Rd, Russell Center

11.08 m
Western Reserve Academy
98 Academy Ln, Hudson

11.21 m
Harold T Clark Tennis Courts
2929 S Marginal Rd, Cleveland

11.21 m
Aurora High School
109 W Pioneer Trail, Aurora

11.27 m
North Royalton Memorial Park
14600 State Rd, North Royalton

11.41 m
Hudson High School
7310 Stow Rd, Hudson

11.49 m
Walden Golf and Country Club
1119 Aurora Hudson Rd, Aurora

11.72 m
Western Reserve Racquet and Fitness Club
11013 Aurora-Hudson Road, Streestboro

11.93 m
Hawken Upper School
12465 County Line Rd, Gates Mills

12.23 m
Shady Lake Apartments
9292 Shady Lake Dr, Streestboro

13.75 m
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