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This is an overview of all things tennis in North Little Rock, Arkansas. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tom Utley      Little Rock, Arkansas
10 months
Looking for singles play, schedule flexible.
4.00 to 4.50

Sharon Perry      Otter Creek Tennis Club
1 year, 1 month
I am in search of tennis lessons for my granddaughter who will be 11 this year. She has been taking lessons for 4 years at Baseline Tennis Court. She has never competed. My cell (phone hidden)

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Sherman Park Community Center
615 N Beech St, North Little Rock

1.14 m
Idlewild Park
3422 Cedar St, North Little Rock

1.33 m
North Heights Recreation Center
4876 Schaer St, North Little Rock

2.09 m
Pikeview Elementary School
5082 Highcliff Dr, North Little Rock

2.13 m
Foothills Apartments
2425 Jacksonville Blvd, North Little Rock

2.21 m
North Little Rock High School
Lake View Rd, North Little Rock

2.25 m
East End Park
E Capitol Ave, Little Rock

2.29 m
Riverwalk Apartments
2346 Riverfront Dr, Little Rock

2.35 m
Hanger Hill Park
1115 Hanger St, Little Rock

2.37 m
Dunbar Community Center
1676 S Chester St, Little Rock

2.64 m
Allsopp Park
3727 Cedar Hill Rd, Little Rock

2.72 m
Centennial Park
1546 Wolfe St, Little Rock

2.75 m
Randolph Rd
5739 Randolph Rd, North Little Rock

2.86 m
Overbrook Apartments
5901 John F Kennedy Blvd, North Little Rock

2.96 m
McCain Park
3673 McCain Park Dr, North Little Rock

3.00 m
Little Rock Country Club
4200 Country Club Blvd, Little Rock

3.14 m
Burns Park Tennis Center
4000 Joe Poch Ln, North Little Rock

3.15 m
War Memorial Park
199 Fair Park Blvd, Little Rock

3.86 m
Granite Heights Park
3869 Arkansas 365, Little Rock

4.28 m
Henson Park Tennis Center
407 N Beverly, Sherwood

4.51 m
Meriwether Park
1301 Florida Ave, Little Rock

4.90 m
Rebsamen Tennis Center
1406 Leisure Pl, Little Rock

5.01 m
University of Arkansas
101 Campus Dr, Little Rock

5.24 m
Little Rock Racquet Club
1 Huntington Rd, Little Rock

5.57 m
Kanis Park
Kanis Park Rd, Little Rock

5.60 m
Sylvan Hills High School
404 Bear Paw Rd, Sherwood

5.73 m
Reservoir Park
Reservoir Park, Little Rock

5.74 m
Benny Craig
4612 Gum Springs Rd, Little Rock

5.75 m
Links At Sherwood
2372 Lantrip Rd, Sherwood

5.75 m
Indianhead Park
29 Deerfield Dr, Sherwood

7.13 m
Wakefield Park
7599 Woodson Rd, Little Rock

7.27 m
Pleasant Valley Country Club
Pleasant Valley Dr, Little Rock

7.84 m
The Links at The Rock
117 Margeaux Dr, Maumelle

8.31 m
McClellan High School
McClellan High Dr, Little Rock

8.51 m
Little Rock Athletic Club
4610 Sam Peck Rd, Little Rock

8.60 m
8882 Mabelvale Cut Off Rd, Little Rock

10.32 m
Eagle Hill Apartment Community
8502 Colonel Miller Rd, Little Rock

11.32 m
Otter Creek Tennis Club
14000 Otter Creek Pkwy, Little Rock

12.06 m
Bryant High School
422 Wise St, Bryant

17.39 m
Dogwood Lakes Apartments
4323 Boardwa;k, Benton

18.72 m
Cabot High School
426 N Lincoln St, Cabot

20.55 m
Tynall Park
901 E Sevier St, Benton

22.72 m
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Judy Nethercutt
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10 Matches Played
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