Tennis in Toledo, Ohio

Are you looking to play tennis in Toledo, Ohio? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, and courts in Toledo, Ohio.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Smith Park
1100 Fernwood Ave, Toledo

0.91 m
Willys Park
Jeep Pkwy, Toledo

1.70 m
Jermain Park
3711 Monroe St, Toledo

1.77 m
Woodrow Wilson Park
738 E Oakland St, Toledo

1.85 m
Ottawa Park
Parkside Dr, Toledo

1.95 m
Asbury Park
4352 Walker Ave, Toledo

2.35 m
Highland Park
1800 S Ave, Toledo

2.76 m
University of Toldeo - East
Stadium Dr, Toledo

2.95 m
Bennett Park
4933 Bennett Rd, Toledo

2.95 m
University of Toledo - West
3017 Squad Rd, Toledo

3.07 m
Navarre Park
Navarre Ave & White St, Toledo

3.13 m
Burroughs Elementary School
2420 S Ave, Toledo

3.21 m
Veterans Memorial Park
225 Riverview Pl, Rossford

3.37 m
Marvin Playground Park
3050 Marvin Ave, Toledo

3.38 m
Brentwood Park
Brentwood Dr, Northwood

3.62 m
Beech Street Park - East
Beech St, Rossford

3.84 m
GM Powertrain
1455 W Alexis Rd, Toledo

3.85 m
Beech Street Park - West
Glenwood Rd, Rossford

3.91 m
Ottawa Hills School
2532 Evergreen Rd, Ottawa Hills

4.06 m
Pine Glen Park
4300 Vogel Dr, Toledo

4.09 m
Fassett Middle School
3025 Starr Ave, Oregon

4.34 m
Park on Willis Blvd
4498 Willis Blvd, Toledo

4.49 m
Bay View Park
N Summit St, Toledo

4.58 m
Toledo Tennis Club
4330 Indian Rd, Toledo

4.67 m
Whitmer High School
5601 Clegg Dr, Toledo

4.73 m
Harry Kessler Park
4867 290th St, Toledo

4.82 m
Inverness Club
4601 Dorr St, Toledo

4.89 m
2960 Pickle Rd, Oregon

4.90 m
Owens Community College - Outdoor Sports Complex
30335 Oregon Rd, Perrysburg

5.13 m
Winterfield Park
4613 Hill Ave, Toledo

5.20 m
Toledo Country Club
3949 River Rd, Toledo

5.24 m
Central Park
6000 Wales Rd, Northwood

5.25 m
Friendship Park
2930 131st St, Toledo

5.51 m
Belmont Country Club
29601 Bate Rd, Perrysburg

5.77 m
Wallbridge Park
528 N Main St, Walbridge

5.85 m
Pearson Park
Pearson Park Dr, Oregon

6.09 m
Copeland Park
4799 Copland Blvd, Toledo

6.12 m
Shadow Valley at Central
5400 W Central Ave, Toledo

6.16 m
Heather Downs Country Club
3910 Heatherdowns Blvd, Toledo

6.26 m
Rogers Park
236 McTigue Dr, Toledo

6.42 m
Arbor Hills Junior High School
5334 Whiteford Rd, Sylvania

6.46 m
Valley Grove Park
1098 Valley Grove Dr, Maumee

6.46 m
Glenwood Athletic Complex
28720 Lime City Rd, Perrysburg

6.55 m
YMCA on Cass
2317 Cass Rd, Toledo

6.71 m
Maumee Valley Country Day School
1715 S Reynolds Rd, Toledo

6.73 m
Anderson Park
1885 Craig Rd, Maumee

6.75 m
Lucas County Recreation Center
1406 Key St, Maumee

6.83 m
Brookwood Swim & Tennis Club
1565 W Dean Rd, Temperance

6.90 m
Laurel Hill Swim and Tennis Club
2222 Cass Rd, Toledo

6.92 m
Bedford Public Schools
1800 W Dean Rd, Temperance

7.26 m
Sylvania Country Club
5201 Corey Rd, Sylvania

7.30 m
Maumee High School
1147 Saco St, Maumee

7.39 m
Shadow Valley Club
1661 S Holland Sylvania Rd, Maumee

7.44 m
Clay High School
5665 Seaman Rd, Oregon

7.50 m
Stone Hebrew Academy
6465 Sylvania Ave, Sylvania

7.59 m
White Park
8581 Douglas Rd, Lambertville

7.74 m
Carranor Polo Club
502 E 2nd St, Perrysburg

7.75 m
Library Park
501 River Rd, Maumee

8.23 m
St James Club
7337 W Bancroft St, Toledo

8.24 m
Carr Park
9218 Lewis Ave, Temperance

8.27 m
Springfield High School
1470 S Mc Cord Rd, Holland

8.33 m
Southview High School
7225 Sylvania Ave, Sylvania

8.44 m
Perrysburg Junior High School
550 E S Boundary St, Perrysburg

8.51 m
Perrysburg Recreation Park
970 Elm St, Perrysburg

8.57 m
Northview High School
5403 Silica Dr, Sylvania

8.76 m
Side Cut Park
1206 Old Trail Rd, Maumee

9.50 m
Brandywine Country Club
6904 Salisbury Rd, Maumee

9.54 m
Maumee Bay State Park
1713 N Curtice Rd, Oregon

9.64 m
Eisenhower Middle School
369 S Curtice Rd, Oregon

9.72 m
Perrysburg Rotary Tennis Ct
Fort Meigs Rd, Perrysburg

10.31 m
Stone Oak Club
100 Stone Oak Blvd, Holland

10.47 m
Perrysburg Tennis Center
1750 Progress Dr, Perrysburg

11.20 m
Moncolova Park
6339 Albon Rd, Maumee

11.76 m
Clay Center Park
399 3rd St, Clay Center

12.06 m
Luna Pier Park
11377 Harold Dr, Luna Pier

12.58 m
Baer Park
N 5th St, Waterville

14.01 m
Fallen Timbers Family Recreation Club
307 Edgerton Dr, Waterville

14.29 m
Veteran's Memorial Park
600 Washington St, Genoa

14.47 m
Anthony Wayne High School
5967 Finzel Rd, Whitehouse

14.70 m
La Salle Park
13453 S Dixie Hwy, La Salle

14.89 m
Pemberville Community Park
154 E College Ave, Pemberville

18.03 m
Memorial Park
173 Parkview Dr, Swanton

18.19 m
Monroe High School
901 Herr Rd, Monroe

18.67 m
Father Cairns Park
837 S Roessler St, South Monroe

18.71 m
Woodmore High School
633 Fremont St, Elmore

19.15 m
Munson Park
2770 North Custer Rd, Monroe

19.29 m
Soldiers And Sailors
705 E Front St, Monroe

19.29 m
Monroe Family YMCA
1309 W Elm Ave, Monroe

19.31 m
St Mary's Park
145 W Elm Ave, Monroe

19.35 m
Britton Deerfield Middle School
252 Deerfield Rd, Deerfield

19.43 m
Blissfield High School
630 S Ln St, Blissfield

19.64 m
Bowling Green HIgh School
Fairview Ave, Bowling Green

19.71 m
North College Courts
700 Leroy Ave, Bowling Green

19.96 m
Keefe Courts
Stadium Dr, Bowling Green

20.05 m
Cantrick Junior High School
1008 Riverview Ave, Monroe

20.40 m
Monroe Country Club
611 Cole Rd, Monroe

21.16 m
Frenchtown Township Hall Park
2744 Vivian Rd, Monroe

22.10 m
Grand Rapids Township Park
1836 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids

23.58 m
Gerken Paving Inc
2776 Co Rd 69, Gibsonburg

25.91 m
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Northwest Ohio Tennis Network
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Toledo Country Club
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Toledo Country Club Mixed Doubles Ladder
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Milind Joshi      Sylvania - 2 years, 10 months
Recently moved to sylvania . I used to play tennis in high school and then played recquettball for 7 yrs. Want to play in either near UTMC or in sylvania. I prefer times after 5pm. At night is fine too if courts have lights. Text me (preferred over call ) @ 540 892 0910.
Thank you.

Miguel Rosemblat      Lambertville - 2 years, 11 months
I am a returner. Twenty years playing, 66 years old. Interested in playing afetr 4 pm anyday. I played in Miami wih 3.5

Yvo Arias      Toledo - 4 years, 3 months
Hi everyone i'm new in Toledo and i would really like to start playing tennis

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Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Toledo Tennis Tech
3351 W. Bancroft St.
Toledo, Ohio
419 531 0985

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