Tennis in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Are you looking to play tennis in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Washington Plaza
1420 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh

0.49 m
Allegheny Commons Park East Park
214 E Cmns, Pittsburgh

0.79 m
Community College of Allegheny County
W Ohio St, Pittsburgh

1.17 m
Kennard Playground Field
2298 Reed St, Pittsburgh

1.23 m
Chatham Village Court
436 Bingham St, Pittsburgh

1.32 m
Fineview Park
Edinvale & Lanark St, Pittsburgh

1.52 m
South Hills Middle School
595 Crane Ave, Pittsburgh

1.84 m
Herron Hills Tennis Courts
911 Shawnee St, Pittsburgh

1.95 m
McKinley Park
475 Bausman St, Pittsburgh

1.98 m
Manchester Park
Fulton St & Warner St, Pittsburgh

1.99 m
Brashear High School
588 Crane Ave, Pittsburgh

2.00 m
Washingtons Landing Public Tennis Courts
200 Waterfront Dr, Pittsburgh

2.25 m
Transverse Park
Transverse Ave, Mt Oliver

2.39 m
Arsenal Park
231 39th St, Pittsburgh

2.54 m
Moore Park
1801 Pioneer Ave, Pittsburgh

2.60 m
Crane Village Apartments
400 Elm Spring Dr, Pittsburgh

2.67 m
Carnegie Mellon University
5100 Margaret Morrison St, Pittsburgh

2.83 m
Schenley Park
1 Overlook Dr, Pittsburgh

2.88 m
Banksville Park
Banksville Park Entr, Pittsburgh

2.88 m
Pittsburgh Classical Academy 6-8
1400 Crucible St, Pittsburgh

2.94 m
The Pittsburgh Golf Club
5280 Northumberland St, Pittsburgh

3.01 m
Riverview Park
Riverview Ave, Pittsburgh

3.20 m
Wilson Park
102 Sheldon Ave, Green Tree

3.33 m
Fort Pitt Playground
Hillcrest St & N Atlantic Ave, Pittsburgh

3.50 m
Greentree Sports Plex
600 Iron City Dr, Pittsburgh

3.57 m
Sheraden Park
Surban Ave, Pittsburgh

3.66 m
Foster Park
Foster Ave, Ingram

3.73 m
Oakwood Park
Craftmont St & Durbin St, Pittsburgh

3.84 m
Dormont Park
1770 McFarland Rd, Dormont

3.92 m
Garland Parklet
298 Enright Pl., Pittsburgh

3.93 m
Burgwin Park
5401 Glenwood Ave, Pittsburgh

4.03 m
Keystone Oaks High School
1000 Kelton Ave, Pittsburgh

4.08 m
Keystone Oaks High School
1000 Kelton Ave, Pittsburgh

4.11 m
Keystone Oaks Middle School
1002 Kelton Ave, Pittsburgh

4.12 m
Taylor Alderdice High School
2409 Shady Ave, Pittsburgh

4.24 m
Mellon Park Tennis Center
6427 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh

4.24 m
Carriage Park Apartments
467 Chatham Park Dr, Pittsburgh

4.28 m
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
616 N Highland Ave, Pittsburgh

4.30 m
Heth's Playground
Hampton St & Heths Ave, Pittsburgh

4.36 m
Williamsburg Park
139 Valley Park Dr, Pittsburgh

4.37 m
Charles F Dinan Memorial Playground
4656 Farmington St, Pittsburgh

4.44 m
Paynter Elementary School
3454 Pleasantvue Dr, Pittsburgh

4.50 m
Mount Lebanon Township Park
Ralston Place, Pittsburgh

4.51 m
Brentwood Park
3624 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh

4.63 m
Rising Sun Family Fitness Center
3185 Provost Rd, Whitehall

4.69 m
Thornburg Center Park
600 Hamilton Rd, Thornburg

4.70 m
Denny Park
Denny Park Dr, Pittsburgh

4.75 m
Carnegie park
Forsythe Rd, Carnegie

4.84 m
Stanton Avenue Courts
East Liberty, Pittsburgh

5.04 m
Frick Park
800 South Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh

5.18 m
Shaler Area High School
1 Paul Schweiger Way, Pittsburgh

5.26 m
Farrell Park
1550 Etna Ave, Pittsburgh

5.29 m
Richter Park
25 Kenneth Dr, Pittsburgh

5.39 m
Mt. Lebanon Tennis Center
900 Cedar Blvd, Pittsburgh

5.44 m
Carlynton High School
Carlynton School Ln, Pittsburgh

5.54 m
Hamilton Park
Terrace Dr, Castle Shannon

5.57 m
Koenig Field
401 Greendale Ave, Pittsburgh

5.66 m
Meadow Park
Meadow Park Ln, Pittsburgh

5.67 m
Ross Elementary School
90 Houston Rd, Pittsburgh

5.70 m
Baldwin High School
4653 Clairton Blvd, Pittsburgh

5.79 m
Foster Elementary School
700 Vermont Ave, Pittsburgh

5.80 m
Kiwanis Park
Meyer Rd, Glenshaw

5.82 m
The Edgewood Club
One Pennwood Ave, Pittsburgh

5.83 m
Fechter Court
42 St Clair Dr, Mt Lebanon

5.89 m
Southwestern Veterans Center
7060 Highland Dr, Pittsburgh

5.91 m
Fairhaven Park
Fairhaven Rd, McKees Rocks

5.93 m
Markham Elementary School
165 Crescent Dr, Pittsburgh

6.03 m
North Hills High School
135 6th Ave, Pittsburgh

6.08 m
Scott Township Municipal Park
301 Lindsay Rd, Carnegie

6.11 m
Whitehall Borough Complex
100 Borough Park Dr, Whitehall

6.20 m
Edgewood Tennis and Fitness Club
2920 Mckelvey Rd, Pittsburgh

6.40 m
Highland Country Club
450 Highland Ave, Pittsburgh

6.44 m
Avon Park
6885 Perrysville Ave, Ben Avon Heights

6.44 m
Whitaker Park
292 Connection St, Whitaker

6.48 m
Woodland Hills Junior High School
7600 Evans St, Pittsburgh

6.48 m
Ben Avon Heights Borough Park
8 Penhurst Rd, Ben Avon Heights

6.52 m
High Cliff Elementary School School
156 Peony Ave, Pittsburgh

6.55 m
McBride Park
1798 McBride St, Pittsburgh

6.73 m
Charles Kindle Memorial Field
2842 Lincoln Rd, Penn Hills

6.76 m
Brywick Park
856 Lochlin Dr, Pittsburgh

6.80 m
Scharmyn Park
Grandview Ave & Cedar Dr, Pittsburgh

6.86 m
Sherwood Park
Sherwood Rd, Wilkinsburg

6.91 m
Squaw Valley Park
325 Fox Chapel Rd, Pittsburgh

7.15 m
Chartiers Valley Middle School
50 Thoms Run Rd, Bridgeville

7.17 m
Fox Chapel Racquet Club
Fox Chapel Racquet Club, Pittsburgh

7.29 m
Pressley Ridge School
8235 Ohio River Blvd, Pittsburgh

7.31 m
Stoneridge Covenant Church
811 Dressel Rd, Allison Park

7.34 m
The Woodhawk Club
1771 Teal Trace Rd, Pittsburgh

7.38 m
Woodland Hills High School
2506 Greensburg Pike, Pittsburgh

7.39 m
Clever Park
115 Robinson Pool Dr, McKees Rocks

7.39 m
Forest Hills Tennis Center
100 Braddock Rd, Pittsburgh

7.47 m
Chapel Gate Club
119 Glen David Dr, Pittsburgh

7.48 m
Pittsburgh Field Club
121 Field Club Rd, Pittsburgh

7.49 m
Trotwood Hills Park
1879 Robson Dr, Upper St Clair

7.66 m
Longue Vue Club
400 Longue Vue Dr, Verona

7.79 m
West Mifflin Area High School
91 Commonwealth Ave, West Mifflin

7.81 m
Bethel Park High School
309 Church Rd, Bethel Park

7.81 m
Presto Park
28 Price Rd, Presto

7.88 m
Webb Park
11 Walnut Ave, Rennerdale

7.93 m
Breisinger Field
410 E Bruceton Rd, Pleasant Hills

7.97 m
Shady Side Academy
Senior Trail, Pittsburgh

8.07 m
Vincentian Academy
McInyre Square, Pittsburgh

8.17 m
Upper St Clair Municipal Park
1820 McLaughlin Run Rd, Upper St Clair

8.26 m
Fox Chapel Golf Club
426 Fox Chapel Rd, Pittsburgh

8.36 m
The McCandless Club
Thompson Run Rd & RedCoach Rd, Allison Park

8.39 m
Settlers Cabin Park
641 Ridge Rd, Robinson Township

8.54 m
Edgewood Country Club
100 Churchill Rd, Churchill

8.56 m
Rosedale Beach Club
5401 3rd St, Penn Hills

8.58 m
Fox Chapel High School
Fox Chapel Road, Pittsburgh

8.61 m
Green Oaks Country Club
5741 Third St, Verona

8.71 m
Western Area YMCA
179 Montour Run Rd, Robinson Township

8.82 m
O'Hara Township Community Club
100 Aqua Dr, Pittsburgh

8.93 m
Baker Park
1430 Morrow Rd, Upper St Clair

8.95 m
Crescent Hills Park
141 Sycamore Dr, Penn Hills

9.17 m
Wall Park
8816 Sloop Rd, Pittsburgh

9.24 m
Thomas Jefferson High School
Chamberlain Rd, Jefferson Hills

9.28 m
South Park
100 Buffalo Dr, South Park Township

9.31 m
Crestas Ball Field
2298 Milligan Ave, North Versailles

9.33 m
Wildwood Golf Club
2195 Sample Rd, Allison Park

9.36 m
Glen Creek Tennis Club
1919 Stoltz Rd, South Park

9.47 m
Andrew Reilly Memorial Park
247 Wray Dr, Jefferson Hills

9.58 m
Morgan Park
515 Millers Run Rd, Morgan

9.74 m
Oakmont Park
Oakmont Pa., Pittsburgh

9.78 m
Fairview Park
3178 Laurel Ridge Cir, Bridgeville

10.01 m
Bellwood Park
Monroeville Blvd, Monroeville

10.05 m
Cornell Elementary School
1099 Maple St Ext, Coraopolis

10.17 m
Simmons Park
1200 Clifton Rd, Bethel Park

10.27 m
Moon Township Park
1350 Joe DeNardo Way, Coraopolis

10.32 m
Hays Park
359 Hays Rd, Upper St Clair

10.38 m
Devlin Park
9957 Grubbs Rd, Wexford

10.42 m
Highbury Park
36 Highbury Rd, Chapel Downs

10.44 m
Hampton Courts
2929 McCully Road, Pittsburgh

10.46 m
Sewickley Heights Manor Courts at The Ridge
322 Rockledge Dr, Sewickley

10.58 m
Woodland Hills Club
2799 Bingham Dr, Upper St Clair

10.59 m
Oakmont Country Club
1233 Hulton Rd, Oakmont

10.68 m
Sewickley Heights Manor Main Courts
101 Greenwood Drive, Sewickley

10.73 m
Alpha Tennis & Fitness of Pittsburgh
One Alpha Drive E, Harmar

10.76 m
Overlook Park
522 Thomas St, Monroeville

10.84 m
Pioneer Park
245 Young Dr, Monroeville

10.91 m
The Club Sport and Health
1 Racquet Ln, Monroeville

11.01 m
Blueberry Hill Park
Blaines Way, Sewickley

11.04 m
The Club Sport and Health
1 Racquet Ln, Monroeville

11.06 m
Montour Heights Country Club
1491 Coraopolis Heights Rd, Coraopolis

11.16 m
JCC-Henry Kaufmann Family Park
261 Rosecrest Dr, Monroeville

11.21 m
Renziehausen Park
Eden Park Blvd & Tulip Dr, McKeesport

11.21 m
Universal Park
1 Memorial Park Ln, Penn Hills

11.33 m
North Allegheny High School
10375 Perry Hwy, Wexford

11.49 m
North Park
Pearce Mill Rd, Allison Park

11.52 m
Z Hotel
375 Golfside Dr, Wexford

11.78 m
Acme Park
Herron Ave, Cheswick

11.79 m
Evergreen Park
498 Harper Dr, Monroeville

11.87 m
US Air Force Base
316 Defense Ave, Coraopolis

11.89 m
Peters Township Tennis Center
610 East McMurray Rd, McMurray

11.92 m
Sewickley Valley YMCA
691 Blackburn Rd, Sewickley

11.97 m
Deer Creek Park
109 Eisele Rd, Cheswick

11.99 m
Riverfront Park
300-398 Chadwick St, Sewickley

12.02 m
Monroeville Community Park
2396 Tilbrook Rd, Monroeville

12.07 m
North Fayette Township Park
400 N Branch Rd, Oakdale

12.08 m
Allegheny Country Club
250 Country Club Rd, Pittsburgh

12.24 m
Monroeville Municipal Park
2322 Tilbrook Rd, Monroeville

12.27 m
MacLean Avenue Park
186 Maclean Ave, Cheswick

12.32 m
Sewickley Community Park
15 Chadwick St,, Sewickley

12.39 m
Edgeworth Club
511 East Dr, Sewickley

12.40 m
Rolling Hills Country Club
455 E McMurray Rd, Canonsburg

12.56 m
Gateway High School
6006 Gateway Campus Blvd, Monroeville

12.61 m
Robert Morris University
1 Massey Way, Coraopolis

12.63 m
Haymaker Swim & Racquet Club
106 Penn Lear Dr, Monroeville

12.67 m
West Allegheny High School
100 Church Rd, Imperial

12.72 m
Plum High School
966 Elicker Rd, Plum

12.86 m
Moon Area High School
8353 University Blvd, Carnot-Moon

12.88 m
Station Way Park
300 Station Way, Elizabeth

12.88 m
Trafford Middle School
100 Brinton Ave, Trafford

13.05 m
Gateway Heights Club
2249 Ramsey Rd, Monroeville

13.06 m
Diane B Meakem Foundation
603 Beaver St, Sewickley

13.13 m
Sweickley Heights Golf Club
126 Backbone Rd, Sewickley

13.34 m
Beechwood Park
123 Monticello Dr, Monroeville

13.39 m
Sewickley Academy - Nichols Field
Beaver Rd, Sewickley

13.40 m
Youghiogheny Country Club
1901 Greenock Buena Vista Rd, McKeesport

13.54 m
Peters Township High School
264 E McMurray Rd, Canonsburg

13.57 m
Pennsylvania Tennis Academy
119 Neely School Rd, Wexford

13.58 m
The Health Club at Southpointe
1001 Corporate Dr, Canonsburg

13.61 m
Heritage Park
Red Gate Dr,, Monroeville

13.62 m
Quaker Valley High School
144 65th Infantry Division Memorial Hwy, Pittsburgh

13.70 m
Oxford Athletic Club North
100 Village Club Dr, Wexford

13.72 m
Heritage Park
301 W Barr St, McDonald

13.75 m
Boyce Park Ballfields
675 Old Frankstown Rd, Pittsburgh

13.79 m
Windwood Health and Sports Club
1000 Lake Rd, Bradford Woods

13.85 m
Ferndale Park
4708 Lolly Dr, Monroeville

13.90 m
Richland Swim Club
Dickey Rd, Gibsonia

14.15 m
Hawkeye Park
711 Hawkeye Dr, Monroeville

14.33 m
Bairdford Park
44 Maple Ave, Bairdford

14.37 m
Cecil Township Ballfield
Millers Run Rd, McDonald

14.59 m
Mount Vernon Youth Development Park
100 Terrytown Dr, McKeesport

14.65 m
Alpine Park
Luzerene Dr, Monroeville

14.77 m
Dick's Sporting Goods Inc
345 Court St, Coraopolis

14.86 m
East Deer Recreational Facility
Front St, Creighton

14.97 m
Richland Elementary School
3811 Bakerstown Rd, Gibsonia

14.99 m
Marshall Middle School
5145 Wexford Run Rd, Wexford

14.99 m
Pine Richland High School
700 Warrendale Rd, Gibsonia

15.06 m
Chambers Park
2650 Chambers Park Ct, Murrysville

15.14 m
Valley Senior High School
703 Stevenson Blvd, New Kensington

15.23 m
Warrendale Park
Mt Pleasant Rd, Warrendale

15.40 m
Bear Hollow Park
4100 Bear Hollow Park Court, Murrysville

15.90 m
Memorial Park
Rt. 56 & Stevenson Blvd, Pittsburgh

16.05 m
Nottingham Township Community Park
909 Sugar Run Rd, Eighty Four

16.11 m
Fort Cherry Junior Senior High
32 Chiarelli Ln, McDonald

16.23 m
Norwin Middle School
10991 Mockingbird Dr, Irwin

16.30 m
Treesdale Golf and Country Club
One Arnold Palmer Dr, Gibsonia

16.43 m
Valley Sports Complex
700 Craigdell Rd, New Kensington

16.53 m
Lakevue Athletic Club
124 Sylvan Spring Ln, Valencia

16.56 m
Ringgold High School
3659 Dry Run Rd, Monongahela

16.56 m
Canon Mcmillan High School
Elm St, Canonsburg

16.89 m
Economy Park
Forcey Dr, Fairoaks

16.95 m
Mounds Park
755 Mound St, Monongahela

17.03 m
Irwin Park
Pennsylvania Ave & Chestnut St, Irwin

17.05 m
Suterville Playground
200 Water St, Sutersville

17.24 m
Morrell Field Park
2354 Brodhead Rd, Aliquippa

17.36 m
Franklin Regional High School
3170 School Rd, Murrysville

17.37 m
Burrell Park
201 Delberta Rd, Lower Burrell

17.42 m
Mars Area High School
521 Mars Rd, Mars

17.42 m
Borough of Economy Park
2868 Conway Wallrose Rd, Baden

17.83 m
Highlands Middle School
1350 Broadview Blvd, Natrona Heights

18.45 m
Burrell High School
1021 Puckety Church Rd, New Kensington

18.50 m
Penn Trafford High School
3381 Pennsylvania 130, Harrison City

18.77 m
Valley Avenue Recreational Park
330 Carrol Ln, Wickerham Manor-Fisher

18.79 m
Palmer Park
1400 Palmer Park Rd, Donora

18.81 m
Hill Crest Country Club
3411 Leechburg Rd, Lower Burrell

18.86 m
Collinsburg Park
592 Collinsburg Rd, West Newton

18.92 m
Quigley Catholic High School
200 Quigley Dr, Baden

19.02 m
Crabapple Community Park
1415 W Newton Rd, Herminie

19.15 m
Middlesex Township Community Park
133 Browns Hill Rd, Valencia

19.23 m
Smith Township Park
415 Joffre Cherry Valley Rd, Burgettstown

19.29 m
Alsco Community Park
Springhill Rd, Harrison Township

19.40 m
Westmoreland Country Club
7100 Mellon Rd, Export

19.47 m
Cranberry Community Park
10 Ernie Mashuda Dr, Cranberry Township

19.59 m
Fawn Township Municipal Park
399 Heather Ln, Tarentum

19.60 m
Fellsburg Park
300 Lingrel St, Belle Vernon

19.98 m
West Newton Community Park
205 Peach Alley, West Newton

20.42 m
Center Municipal Park
216 Center Grange Rd, Aliquippa

21.40 m
Jeannette McKee Middle School
1000 Lowry Ave, Jeannette

21.69 m
Northmoreland Park
299 Air Shaft Rd, Apollo

21.99 m
Washington Park
283 Dunn Ave, Washington

22.26 m
Monaca Ballfield and Park
Pretzel Path, Monaca

22.32 m
Central Valley High School
160 Baker Rd, Monaca

22.35 m
Washington & Jefferson College
50 N Lincoln St, Washington

22.60 m
Freeport Community Park
Washington St, Freeport

23.27 m
Buffalo Golf Course
201 Monroe Rd, Sarver

23.71 m
Rochester Area High School
550 Reno St, Rochester

23.79 m
Beaver County Housing Park
300 State St, Beaver

24.28 m
Beaver Area High School
114 Tuscarawas Rd, Beaver

24.35 m
Hunker Borough Park
402 Constitution Ave, Hunker

25.82 m
Local Events
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Active Tennis Networks
Picture Network Details
Pittsburgh Indoor Tennis Club
Members: 18   Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Non- Membership Indoor Tennis Facility in the Shadyside Section of Pittsburgh. ...
Arsenal Tennis Network
Members: 28   Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Tennis players of all levels, based in Lawrenceville and surrounding neighborhoods...
Washington Tennis Group
Members: 1   Location: Washington, Pennsylvania
This community is for tennis players in the Washington county area looking for other...
PGH Tennis
Members: 1   Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
This network is created to have friendly tennis tournament for friends live in...
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Activities Underway
Picture Name Type Start End Network
Pitt Intramural TennisLadder League2021-09-132022-06-13
Pitt Intramural TennisLadder League2021-09-132022-06-13
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Tennis Lessons
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Local Chat
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Gina Decola      Pittsburgh - 2 months, 3 weeks
Our summer tennis program is looking to recruit for a 4.0 and above team. We play in the evenings at various clubs in the surrounding Pittsburgh area. Please message me if you're interested in playing.



Ro Han      Pittsburgh - 7 months, 2 weeks
Looking for a tennis partner to hit around! 26M. Pittsburgh PA.

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 1 year, 5 months
I have been adding more and more features to our "events" tool. Events are a great way to organize play sessions, and attract a group of players to meet at a specific place and time.

Here are some of the features...
- Minimum and maximum players
- Auto cancel if minimum players is not met
- Required playing levels
- Specify the gender
- Determine allowed guests per member
- Determine when members can sign up
- Repeat the event up to a year
- Check-in to the event
- Waiting lists
- Take online payments
- Send invitations
- Determine who can see your event

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Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 9 months, 2 weeks
I get more emails asking about tennis lessons than anything else. So, I have created a dedicated search for finding a lesson:


Do you or your club teach tennis lessons? If so, submit a listing for your lesson here:


Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 1 year, 4 months
There is now an "Invite your friends" link at the bottom of your "My Links" drop down at the top left of each page (when logged in).

Please help us grow by inviting your friends. :)

Andrei D      Pittsburgh - 2 years, 3 months
Hi there, looking 4.0+ players to practice/play matches.

Charles Li      Hampton Township - 2 years, 8 months
Looking for 4.0+ NTRP hitting/training partners near Hampton Township, not interested in competing. Please message me if interested, thanks!

David Clark      Pittsburgh - 3 years, 8 months
Hello, I'm David and I'm an intermediate level player living in Pittsburgh (North Hills area). I belong at Oxford Athletic club that has indoor courts. Can play near me or travel a reasonable distance. 3.0-4.5 player rating range is preferred. Contact me anytime.

Kris T      Pittsburgh - 3 years, 10 months
Anyone near upper st Clair looking for singles or doubles partner (level 3.5 to 4) ? Thx

B H      Pittsburgh - 4 years, 7 months
South hills player just looking to hit around/practice for now. Mt. Lebo, Scott twp, Greentree area. I can get out during the week for about 45 min over lunch in the Greentree area to hit and certain times on the weekends. LMK, thanks!

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Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Racquet Stringing
3223 arapahoe road
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
dan's stringing
2607 sherwood rd
Hampton, Pennsylvania

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