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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Gregg Park
1650 Park Circle, Columbia

0.79 m
University of South Carolina - Wheat St
1556 Wheat St, Columbia

0.85 m
Columbia Tennis Center
1635 Whaley St, Columbia

1.13 m
University of South Carolina - Sam Daniels
Flora St, Columbia

1.19 m
Benedict College
2308 Richland St, Columbia

1.39 m
Brookland Cayce High School
1300 State St, Cayce

1.78 m
Earlewood Park
111 Parkside Dr, Columbia

1.79 m
CA Johnson High School
2219 Barhamville Rd, Columbia

1.81 m
Dreher High School
3319 Millwood Ave, Columbia

2.40 m
W A Perry Middle School
2600 Barhamville Rd, Columbia

2.44 m
AC Flora High School
1 Falcon Dr, Forest Acres

3.16 m
Columbia College
4830 Russell Ave, Columbia

3.20 m
Eau Claire High School
742 Elliott Ave, Columbia

3.27 m
St Andrews Middle School
1359 Bluefield Dr, Columbia

3.56 m
Alcorn Middle School
5125 Fairfield Rd, Columbia

3.70 m
Trenholm Park
3900 Covenant Rd, Forest Acres

3.94 m
Quail Racquet & Swim Club
4927 Quail Ln, Columbia

4.39 m
Fort Jackson - Wheeler St
Wheeler St, Columbia

4.41 m
Hampton Memorial Park
1117 Brandon Ave, Columbia

4.45 m
Woodland Park
6500 Olde Knight Pkwy, Columbia

4.51 m
Forest Lake Club
340 Country Club Dr, Columbia

4.62 m
Cayce Tennis Center
Saxe Gothe Rd, Cayce

4.65 m
Quail Hollow Swim & Racquet Club
187 Blackhawk Ter, West Columbia

4.67 m
WG Sanders Middle School
136 Alida St, Columbia

4.71 m
Columbia High School
1701 Westchester Dr, Columbia

4.77 m
Fort Jackson - Sumter Ave
Sumter Ave, Columbia

4.89 m
King's Grant Tennis Courts
200 North King's Grant Dr, Columbia

4.99 m
Fort Jackson - Garnett
Garnett, Columbia

5.17 m
The Rockbridge Club
4135 Rockbridge Rd, Columbia

5.35 m
Greenview Park
6700 David St, Columbia

5.37 m
Airport High School
1315 Boston Ave, West Columbia

5.40 m
Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School
W Campus Rd, West Columbia

5.49 m
Fulmer Middle School
1614 Walterboro St, West Columbia

5.55 m
Parenta Pharmaceutical
1 Southern CT, West Columbia

5.66 m
Fort Jackson - Semmes Rd
Semmes Rd, Columbia

5.77 m
St Andrews Park
920 Beatty Rd, St. Andrews

5.95 m
Fort Jackson - Kershaw Rd
Kershaw Rd, Columbia

6.04 m
Fort Jackson - Benning Rd
Benning Rd, Columbia

6.31 m
River's Edge Retreat
1019 Garden Valley Ln, Seven Oaks

6.31 m
Southeast Park
951 Hazelwood Rd, Columbia

6.48 m
Bluff Road Park
148 Carswell Dr, Columbia

6.66 m
Richland Northeast High School
7500 Brookfield Rd, Columbia

6.74 m
Richland County Tennis Center
7500 Parklane Rd, Dentsville

7.03 m
Lexington County Tennis Complex
425 Oak Dr, Lexington

7.07 m
Midland Park
2768 Fish Hatchery Rd, West Columbia

7.27 m
Seven Oaks Park
240 Leisure Ln, Seven Oaks

7.70 m
Caughman Road Tennis Center
2800 Trotter Rd, Hopkins

8.46 m
Quail Valley Swim & Racquet Club
1330 Country Squire Dr, Columbia

8.86 m
Windsor Pool
9875 Windsor Lake Blvd, Dentsville

8.93 m
Irmo High School
6671 Saint Andrews Rd, Columbia

9.12 m
Murraywood Swim & Racquet Club
2050 Cedarbrook Dr, Columbia

9.56 m
Cross Roads Middle School
6949 Saint Andrews Rd, Columbia

9.62 m
Topspin Racquet & Swim Club
5347 Sunset Blvd, Columbia

9.93 m
Spring Valley Country Club
300 Spring Valley Rd, Columbia

10.04 m
Lower Richland High School
2615 Lower Richland Blvd, Hopkins

10.06 m
Columbia YMCA
1501 Kennerly Rd, Irmo

10.99 m
Coldstream Racquet & Swim Club
2121 Lake Murray Blvd, Columbia

11.12 m
Ducth Fork Tennis Center
Friarsgate Blvd, Irmo

11.35 m
Wildewood County Club
90 Mallet Hill Rd, Columbia

11.40 m
Spring Valley High School
120 Sparkleberry Ln, Columbia

11.51 m
Hopkins Park
150 Hopkins Park Rd, Hopkins

11.57 m
Woodlands Country Club
100 Norse Way, Columbia

12.17 m
North Springs Park
Clemson Rd, Columbia

12.78 m
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