Tennis in Irving, Texas

This is an overview of all things tennis in Irving, Texas. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Irving, Texas.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Total Matches Played: 4,452

1090 Local Players

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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Christopher Chen      DeSoto, Texas
5 days, 16 hours
Hello, anyone want to hit around Desoto/Duncanville? I am probably around a 3.5 player

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
3 days, 23 hours
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Jaime Ferreira Santos      Irving, Texas
2 months, 1 week
Hi. I am looking for a tennis partner in the Irving area. I want to resume playing after some time outside the courts. I should be a 3.5 to 3.75 player and I love this game. I intend to do it 2-3 times a week after 6 pm. Let me know if you are interested.

Upendra R      Dallas, Texas
2 months, 1 week
Helloo!.. I am looking for a SINGLES tennis partner. I had played competitively in the past for 3 - 3.5 levels.
I am looking forward to play 2 to 3 times a week after 6pm during weekdays and flexible over weekends.
maleadult3.00 to 4.50

John Jure      Arlington, Texas
1 month, 2 weeks
I would like to find some guys who want to play tennis.I prefer in the arlington,Texas area.
male3.25 to 4.75

John Jure      Euless, Texas
2 weeks
I'm in highland village this week with access to private courts.Im a 3.5-4.5 male player.Im a bit rusty and dying to play some tennis.Text me if interested.8178620797
maleadult3.50 to 4.50

Andrew Seung      Bridlewood Country Club
1 month
I'm looking for anyone willing to hit some balls and play some practice matches with me. I'm available in the evenings and on weekends. I am located near Argyle and Denton area, but am willing to drive 10-15 minutes away.

Alex Lehman      The Colony, Texas
1 month, 2 weeks

After playing collegiate level through college and getting bumped up to 5.0 in a USTA league about 4 years ago, I took 4ish years off and looking to jump back into tennis. I'm available on evenings and weekends, please message me if anyone is available to hit. I'm located in The Colony/Plano area but willing to travel a bit.
3.50 to 5.00

Anil Deshpande      Irving, Texas
1 month, 2 weeks
Hi All ,
Iam in South Irving and play at Senter Park and Iam about 2.5 ,
maleadult2.50 to 3.00

Gowtham K      Plano, Texas
4 months, 2 weeks
I am a visitor to US currently living in Matagorda Springs Dr. I am a veteran player (around 3.5 level) seeking to play tennis every morning with a group but not able to find one in this neighborhood. Appreciate if anyone could give me some leads to connect with a group.

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
N O Connor Rd
892 N O Connor Rd, Irving

0.61 m
Senter Park
Sendter Rd, Irving

0.68 m
Keeler Park
1319 W 6th St, Irving

0.80 m
W Oakdale Rd
196 W Oakdale Rd, Irving

1.49 m
Sunrise Park
1148 Owenwood Dr, Irving

1.79 m
Garrett Dr
Garrett Dr, Irving

2.62 m
University Of Dallas
1845 East Northgate Drive, Irving

2.66 m
Macarthur High School
3700 North MacArthur Blvd, Irving

2.82 m
Las Colinas Country Club
4400 North O'Connor Rd, Irving

3.19 m
Cistercian Rd
87 Cistercian Rd, Irving

3.32 m
Jaycee Zaragosa Park
3076 Clymer St, Dallas

3.32 m
Four Seasons Resort & Club
4150 North MacArthur Boulevard, Irving

3.62 m
John W Carpenter (Building Top)
9331 John W Carpenter Fwy, Dallas

3.65 m
North West Recreation Center
2800 Cheyenne St, Irving

3.67 m
North Lake College
4959 N Macarthur Blvd, Irving

4.14 m
Turner Park
Park Square, Grand Prairie

4.98 m
Brook Hollow Golf Club
1946 Las Palms Dr, Dallas

5.08 m
Nimitz, Grand Prairie

5.09 m
Stadium Dr
Stadium Dr, Dallas

5.23 m
Waggoner Park
1633 Lower Tarrant Rd, Grand Prairie

5.26 m
L. B. Houston Tennis Center
11225 Luna Rd, Dallas

5.44 m
North Hampton Park
2059 Bickers St, Dallas

5.76 m
University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center At Dallas
5323 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas

6.12 m
Hill Street Park
NW 16th St, Grand Prairie

6.21 m
Hackberry Creek Country Club
1901 Royal Lane, Irving

6.22 m
Brownwood Park
9952 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas

6.67 m
Mt View College
Mt View College, Dallas

6.76 m
Park W. Blvd.
Park W Blvd, Carrollton

6.77 m
W Illinois Ave
W Illinois Ave, Dallas

6.77 m
F A A Rd
F A A Rd, Fort Worth

6.78 m
Verandah Club
2201 Stemmons Frwy, Dallas

6.84 m
Stevens Park
2171 Kessler Pky, Dallas

7.00 m
Weiss Park
Coombs Creek Dr, Dallas

7.02 m
Dallas Baptist College
Dallas Baptist College, Dallas

7.11 m
Ranchview High School
8401 Valley Ranch Pkwy East, Irving

7.16 m
Bear Creek Golf Course
Bear Creek Ct, Fort Worth

7.20 m
Great Southwest Golf Club
612 E Ave J., Grand Prairie

7.23 m
N Oak Cliff Blvd
163 N Oak Cliff Blvd, Dallas

7.26 m
Marcus Park
Marcus Dr, Dallas

7.52 m
Kidd Springs Park
914 Sylvan Ave, Dallas

7.79 m
Walnut Hill Park
10078 Fieldfare Dr, Dallas

7.85 m
Page Park
638 S Montclair Ave, Dallas

7.86 m
Fairfax Park
Roland Ave, Dallas

7.90 m
Tyre Park
1069 Tapley St, Grand Prairie

7.94 m
Mc Kinnon St
3180 Mc Kinnon St, Dallas

8.09 m
Cimarron Park
201 Red River Trail, Irving

8.12 m
Reverchon Park
3310 Maple Ave, Dallas

8.13 m
Waterworth Park
2610 Valley View, Farmers Branch

8.14 m
Germany Park
5678 W University Blvd, University Park

8.16 m
Midway Park
238 W Midway Dr, Euless

8.17 m
Himes Dr
403 Himes Dr, Euless

8.19 m
Northaven Park
3922 Alta Vista Ln, Dallas

8.53 m
Seay Tennis Center
7050 Westchester, Dallas

8.54 m
Oran Good Park
13469 Tom Field Rd, Farmers Branch

8.59 m
Lake Cliff Park
757 Blaylock Dr, Dallas

8.62 m
Dallas Country Club
4039 Mockingbird Ln, Highland Park

8.71 m
Trinity High School
986 Trojan Trl, Euless

8.77 m
White Ln
10089 White Ln, Irving

8.80 m
Davis Park
St Johns Dr. at Alice Cir, Dallas

8.81 m
Prather Park
4632 Drexel Dr, Highland Park

8.82 m
Templeton Trail Park
12911 Templeton Trl, Farmers Branch

8.84 m
Kiest Park
2094 Perryton Dr, Dallas

8.89 m
Corn Valley Rd
3171 Corn Valley Rd, Grand Prairie

8.90 m
Williams Park
3845 University Blvd, University Park

9.01 m
Cole Park
3142 Cambrick St, Dallas

9.02 m
Smith Park
4018 Greenbrier Dr, University Park

9.04 m
Wood Crest Country Club
3515 Racquet Club Dr, Grand Prairie

9.11 m
Wrangler Cir
Wrangler Cir, Dallas

9.13 m
Bob Eden Park
W Mid Cities Blvd, Euless

9.26 m
Kiest Tennis Center
W Kiest Blvd, Dallas

9.33 m
W Airfield Dr
W Airfield Dr, Grapevine

9.34 m
Lafayette St
3856 Lafayette St, Dallas

9.37 m
N Macarthur Blvd
N Macarthur Blvd, Irving

9.37 m
Granada Ave
3521 Granada Ave, University Park

9.42 m
Showman Park
14031 Ivanwood Dr, Farmers Branch

9.45 m
Curtis Park
3600 Lovers Ln., Dallas

9.55 m
The Hockaday School
4798 College Park Dr, Dallas

9.55 m
Netherland Park
Dallas North Tollway, Dallas

9.62 m
Brookhaven Racquet Club
3334 Golfing Green Drive, Dallas

9.64 m
Cochran Park
5268 Mission Ave, Dallas

9.71 m
Cox St
1951 Cox St, Carrollton

9.75 m
Caruth Park
7778 Turtle Creek Blvd, University Park

9.76 m
Crestline Ave
12322 Crestline Ave, Dallas

9.79 m
Beckley Saner Park
2736 Toluca Ave, Dallas

9.93 m
Brookhaven College
Alpha Rd, Dallas

9.97 m
Rolling Hills Country Club
401 Lamar Blvd E, Arlington

9.98 m
Southwestern Methodist University
6047 Dublin St, University Park

9.99 m
Burleson Park
6558 Durham St, Dallas

10.03 m
Glencoe Park
5380 Ellsworth Ave, Dallas

10.05 m
Smu Blvd
Smu Blvd, Dallas

10.06 m
Harwood Junior High School
3000 Martin Dr, Bedford

10.07 m
Preston Hollow Park
Park Ln, Dallas, Dallas

10.07 m
Warsaw Dr
1762 Warsaw Dr, Dallas

10.14 m
Pemberton Dr
6201 Pemberton Dr, Dallas

10.20 m
Bob Cook Park
1955 Craig Hanking Dr, Arlington

10.21 m
Falcon Ln
872 Falcon Ln, Coppell

10.22 m
Warner St
1140 Warner St, Carrollton

10.22 m
Rhoton Park
2246 Ridgedale Dr, Carrollton

10.26 m
Inwood Rd
Inwood Rd, Dallas

10.32 m
Colleyville Heritage High School
5401 Heritage Ave, Colleyville

10.39 m
Buckner Park
4561 Victor St, Dallas

10.49 m
Heritage Middle School
5300 Heritage Ave, Grapevine

10.51 m
Thurgood Marshal Recreation Center
1762 Ariel Dr, Dallas

10.61 m
Aberdeen Ave
6963 Aberdeen Ave, Dallas

10.66 m
Duncanville High School
900 Camp Wisdom Rx, Duncanville

10.68 m
Greenhill Tennis Center
4141 Spring Valley Road, Addison

10.68 m
Sam Houston High School
2000 Sam Houston Dr, Arlington

10.71 m
Lamar High School
1400 W Lamar Blvd, Arlington

10.81 m
Tietze Park
2846 Skillman St, Dallas

10.92 m
Central Junior High School
3191 W Pipeline Rd, Euless

10.92 m
Cooper Fitness Center
12100 Preston Rd, Dallas

11.03 m
Easement Park
3928 Morman Ln, Addison

11.06 m
Wagon Wheel Tennis Center
950 Creekview Dr, Coppell

11.06 m
Middle School Park
625 Cannon St, Grapevine

11.06 m
Kelly Blvd
2007 Kelly Blvd, Carrollton

11.12 m
The Green In The Village Apartments
6060 Village Bend Dr, Dallas

11.16 m
Leadville Pl
4199 Leadville Pl, Addison

11.17 m
Village Tennis Center
8310 Southwestern Blvd, Dallas

11.18 m
Columbian Country Club
Country Club Dr, Carrollton

11.19 m
Creative Playground
Polo Rd, Grand Prairie

11.33 m
Oak Cliff Country Club
2200 W Red Bird Lane, Dallas

11.34 m
Westdale Hills Golf Club
3683 Pipeline Rd, Euless

11.36 m
Randall Park
5880 Columbia Ave, Dallas

11.43 m
University Of Texas At Arlington - Tennis Center
701 W Nedderman Dr, Arlington

11.44 m
W Wheatland Rd
7225 W Wheatland Rd, Dallas

11.47 m
Florina Park
7225 W Wheatland Rd, Dallas

11.47 m
State Highway 26
State Highway 26, Grapevine

11.48 m
Lakewood Country Club
6609 La Vista Dr, Dallas

11.50 m
Oak Creek Tennis Center
2531 Oak Creek Dr, Carrollton

11.57 m
Mill Valley Park
2107 Carmel Dr, Carrollton

11.58 m
Exline Park
2500 Lobdell St, Dallas

11.64 m
S Greenstone Ln
698 S Greenstone Ln, Duncanville

11.66 m
E Freeman St
476 E Freeman St, Duncanville

11.68 m
Middle Run
811 Middle Run, Duncanville

11.69 m
Coppell High School Tennis Center
185 West Parkway Blvd, Coppell

11.69 m
Heritage Park
164 Ball St, Grapevine

11.70 m
T Bar M Racquet Club
6060 Dilbeck, Dallas

11.74 m
Arlington High School
818 W Park Row Dr, Arlington

11.79 m
Armstrong Historical Park
367 E Wheatland Rd, Duncanville

11.79 m
Jewish Community Center Of Dallas
7900 Northaven, Dallas

11.82 m
Randol Mill Park
1924 W Randol Mill Rd, Arlington

11.84 m
Quorum Dr
Quorum Dr, Addison

11.86 m
Bedford Boys Ranch
2801 Forest Ridge Dr, Bedford

11.89 m
W Wheatland Rd #2
W Wheatland Rd, Dallas

11.90 m
Canterbury Dr
2400 Canterbury Dr, Carrollton

11.94 m
Meadow Stone Ln
2716 Meadow Stone Ln, Dallas

11.97 m
Grapevine High School
3223 Mustang Dr, Grapevine

11.98 m
E Vista Ridge Blvd
157 E Vista Ridge Blvd, Lewisville

12.00 m
Anderson-Bonner Park
Swan Lake Pkwy, Dallas

12.01 m
Churchill Park
6906 Churchill Way, Dallas

12.05 m
Northwood Country Club
6583 Ridgeview Cir, Dallas

12.12 m
Samuell Grand Tennis Center
6200 E Grand Ave, Dallas

12.16 m
Ridgewood Park
6860 Fisher Rd, Dallas

12.19 m
Royal Oaks Country Club
7859 Greenville Ave, Dallas

12.21 m
Howard Moore Park
2046 Bever Blvd, Arlington

12.22 m
Beckley Heights Park
6699 Meade St, Dallas

12.27 m
Vandergriff Park
268 W Timberview Ln, Arlington

12.31 m
Juanita Craft Park
2912 Foreman St, Dallas

12.34 m
Orbiter Park
9001 Pinewood Dr, Dallas

12.36 m
Fielder Park
1100 S Fielder Rd, Arlington

12.36 m
Cotton Creek Club
9055 John T. White, Fort Worth

12.44 m
Tokalon Dr
7166 Tokalon Dr, Dallas

12.45 m
White Rock Lake
7100 Tokalon Dr., Dallas

12.46 m
L.D. Bell High School
1601 Brown Trail, Hurst

12.57 m
Fair Oaks Tennis Center
7501 Merriman Parkway, Dallas

12.62 m
Bowie High School
Highbank Dr, Arlington

12.67 m
Lifetime Fitness - Colleyville
1221 Church St, Colleyville

12.67 m
Martha Pointer Park
2147 Placid Dr, Carrollton

12.72 m
Hamilton Park
12129 Willowdell Dr, Dallas

12.74 m
Arlington Tennis Center
500 W Mayfield Rd, Arlington

12.80 m
Bedford Junior High School
325 Carolyn Dr, Bedford

12.82 m
Greenbay Park
5273 Wullschleger Ln, Dallas

12.87 m
Hurst Junior High School
500 Harmon Rd, Hurst

12.90 m
Arden Terrace Park
S Lancaster Rd, Dallas

12.92 m
Scott Mill Rd
2906 Scott Mill Rd, Dallas

13.00 m
Colleyville Middle School‎
998 Bogart Dr, Colleyville

13.00 m
Cummings Park
4803 Bonnie View Rd, Dallas

13.06 m
Dove Road Park
1741 Hood Ln, Grapevine

13.09 m
High Pointe Ln
1679 High Pointe Ln, Cedar Hill, Dallas

13.10 m
North Slope
1252 North Slope, Carrollton

13.14 m
Colleyville City Park
5109 Bransford Rd, Colleyville

13.19 m
Prestonwood Country Club
15909 Preston Rd, Dallas

13.23 m
Hurst Tennis Center
700 Mary Dr, Hurst

13.23 m
Kingsley Rd, Dallas

13.29 m
Airborn Inc
4304 Sojourn Dr, Addison

13.33 m
Fretz Park Tennis Center
7021 Mossvine Dr, Dallas

13.36 m
Singing Hills Park
6498 Old Ox Rd, Dallas

13.39 m
Danieldale Park
W Wheatland Rd, Dallas

13.42 m
Kiowa Park
6398 Hickory Hill Dr, Dallas

13.54 m
Trinity Christian Academy
17001 Sojourn Dr, Addison

13.60 m
Croft Rd
2126 Croft Rd, Carrollton

13.60 m
Abrams Rd
9083 Abrams Rd, Dallas

13.63 m
Lake Highlands North Park
9322 Church Rd, Dallas

13.64 m
Stag Rd
3212 Stag Rd, Dallas

13.65 m
Smith-Barfield Park
640 W Pleasantview Dr, Hurst

13.71 m
Ramsey Park
1165 High Pointe Ln, Cedar Hill

13.74 m
N Buckner Service Road E
178 N Buckner Service Road E, Dallas

13.75 m
Woodland Park
3384 Norwood Ln, Arlington

13.78 m
Bent Tree Country Club
5201 Westgrove Drive, Dallas

13.83 m
College Park
3335 Highland Woods Dr, Dallas

13.98 m
Church Rd
9553 Church Rd, Dallas

13.99 m
Lake Highlands High School
9449 Church Rd, Dallas

13.99 m
Bent Tree Swim and Tennis Club
18018 Voss Road, Dallas

14.02 m
Thorntree Country Club
825 W Wintergreen, DeSoto, Dallas

14.09 m
Kingscrest Cir
15761 Kingscrest Cir, Dallas

14.17 m
Cottonwood Park
325 S Cottonwood Dr, Richardson

14.18 m
El Padre
7595 La Cosa Dr, Dallas

14.18 m
Timmaron Bent Creek Neighborhood Center
1205 Bent Creek Dr, Old Town

14.19 m
E Wheatland Rd
1044 E Wheatland Rd, Dallas

14.20 m
Texins Assoc. For Texas Instruments Activity Center
13900 N Central Expressway, Dallas

14.28 m
Birdville High School
9106 Mid Cities Blvd, North Richland Hills

14.34 m
Richardson High School
1250 W Belt Line Rd, Richardson

14.34 m
Brentfield Dr
6844 Brentfield Dr, Dallas

14.43 m
TCC Northeast Campus
828 W Harwood Rd, Hurst

14.45 m
Coyote Ridge Country Club
1619 Bandera Dr, Carrollton

14.59 m
Richardson West Jr High School
1309 Holly Dr, Richardson

14.59 m
Cravens Park
278 Cravens Park, Arlington

14.61 m
Everglade Park
6132 Showbend Ln, Dallas

14.62 m
Lakeland Hills Park
8528 Hunnicut Rd, Dallas

14.65 m
Campbell Green Park
6899 Ledyard Dr, Dallas

14.66 m
Richland College
12800 Abrams Rd, Dallas

14.73 m
Kingsley Rd
Kingsley Rd, Dallas

14.79 m
Paul Quinn College
Simpson Stuart Rd, Dallas

14.80 m
Southlake Tennis Center
450 W Southlake Blvd., Southlake

14.83 m
Branch Hollow Park
Arbor Creek Dr, Carrollton

14.93 m
Gateway Park
2468 N Jim Miller Rd, Dallas

14.95 m
McCree Park
Plano Pky, Dallas

14.97 m
Crawford Park
401 Straus Road, Cedar Hill

15.10 m
Oak Creek Tennis Center
2531 Oak Creek Dr, Carrollton

15.10 m
Crossroads Church
6450 TX-360, Grand Prairie

15.15 m
Lochwood Park
11110 Fernald Ave, Dallas

15.20 m
Mimosa Park
1237 Mohawk Trl, Richardson

15.22 m
JJ Lemon Park
4127 Texas College Dr, Dallas

15.30 m
Pearce High School
1600 N Coit Rd, Richardson

15.35 m
Desoto West Jr. High
800 N Westmoreland Rd, DeSoto

15.36 m
Richland Park
832 S Lois Ln, Richardson

15.36 m
Pemberton Hill Park
430 Ezekial Ave, Dallas

15.38 m
Chesterton Dr
Chesterton Dr, Richardson

15.38 m
Northfield Park
Northfield Park, North Richland Hills

15.44 m
Juan Seguin High School
7001 Silo Rd, Arlington

15.46 m
Queen Margaret Dr
Queen Margaret Dr, Carrollton

15.50 m
Ferguson Road Park
1963 Gross Rd, Dallas

15.53 m
Heights Park
815 N Floyd Rd, Richardson

15.56 m
Highland Hills Park
Riverside Rd, Dallas

15.59 m
Old Renner Park
6767 Winding Rose Trl, Dallas

15.61 m
Carrol High School
1406 Mayfair Place, Southlake

15.64 m
Bentwood Park
6098 Bentwood Trl, Dallas

15.68 m
Woodland Park
882 Woodland Way, Richardson

15.72 m
Buckner Baptist CHLD Home Dr
Buckner Baptist CHLD Home Dr, Dallas

15.74 m
Hillview Park
8655 Rustown Dr, Dallas

15.74 m
Frances Way
416 Frances Way, Richardson

15.75 m
Bunchberry Dr
10309 Bunchberry Dr, Dallas

15.87 m
Harry Stone Park
2438 Materhorn Dr, Dallas

15.97 m
Longhorn Blvd
8 Longhorn Blvd, Cedar Hill

16.04 m
Martin High School
4501 W Pleasant Ridge Rd, Arlington

16.06 m
Sun Valley Park
795 Sweetbriar Dr, Lewisville

16.09 m
Hebron High School
Hebron High School, Carrollton

16.10 m
Shepton High School
5505 W Plano Pkwy, Plano

16.20 m
Terrace Park
La Salle Dr, Richardson

16.33 m
Nantucket Dr
1823 Nantucket Dr, Richardson

16.41 m
Richland Tennis Center
6720 NE Loop 820, North Richland Hills

16.43 m
Richfield Park
7435 Chapman Dr, North Richland Hills

16.46 m
DeSoto East Middle School
216 N Parks Dr, DeSoto

16.48 m
Shaddock Blvd
2108 Shaddock Blvd, Plano

16.60 m
Pleasant Oaks Park
8722 Fairhaven Ln, Dallas

16.62 m
S J Stovall Park
6118 Kingswood Dr, Arlington

16.69 m
University of Texax-Dallas
800 W Campbell Rd, Richardson

16.70 m
Cedar Valley College
Cedar Valley College, Dallas, Dallas

16.75 m
DeSoto High School
525 Eagle Dr, DeSoto

16.79 m
Burlington Dr
3621 Burlington Dr, Dallas

16.81 m
Eastfield College
Eastfield College, Mesquite

16.84 m
Canyon Creek Park
2243 Lawnmeadow Dr, Richardson

16.84 m
Old Settlers Rd
3359 Old Settlers Rd, Flower Mound

16.85 m
Cliff Nelson Park
4842 W Bardin Rd, Arlington

16.86 m
N Jj Lemmon St
1231 N Jj Lemmon St, Dallas

16.89 m
Woodhaven Country Club
913 Country Club Ln, Fort Worth

16.94 m
Range Park
3905 Bahamas Dr, Mesquite

16.95 m
Eastern Hills Park
5900 Yosemite Dr, Fort Worth

16.96 m
Gleneagles Country Club
5401 West Park Blvd, Plano

17.01 m
Motley Park
3741 Moon Dr, Mesquite

17.02 m
Mark Twain Park
1260 Larkspur Dr, Richardson

17.05 m
Berkner High School
1600 Spring Valley Rd, Richardson

17.07 m
Leonard Johns Park
1850 Timbercreek Road, Flower Mound

17.07 m
Cotillion Park
11111 Cotillion Dr, Dallas

17.19 m
Summit High School
981 W Turner Warnell Rd, Arlington

17.25 m
Joe Hawn Park
9542 Briggs St, Dallas

17.29 m
Westchester Park
4148 Talon Dr, Flower Mound

17.41 m
Dallas County Youth Village
1582 E Langdon Rd, Hutchins

17.43 m
Lawrence Park
3360 Statler Dr, Mesquite

17.43 m
Huffhines Tennis Center
1601 Syracuse, Richardson

17.49 m
Houston Park
2150 Parkcrest Dr, Garland

17.56 m
Foster Village Park
7551 Pebblebrook Dr, Watauga

17.59 m
Grove Park
1493 Mc Callum Dr, Garland

17.60 m
Canyon Creek Country Club
625 Lookout Dr, Richardson

17.61 m
Summit Ridge Apartments
1070 Grandys Ln, Lewisville

17.68 m
Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch
6760 Windhaven Pkwy, The Colony

17.71 m
Martin Luther King Park
5560 Alexander Dr, Fort Worth

17.73 m
Dallas Athletic Country Club
4151 La Prada Dr, Mesquite

17.73 m
Bunche Park
5698 Ramey Ave, Fort Worth

17.73 m
Sarazen Dr
4631 Sarazen Dr, Mesquite

17.74 m
McKenzie Park
2771 Emerald Dr, Mesquite

17.79 m
Willow Bend Dr
Willow Bend Dr, Plano

17.82 m
Plano West High School
5601 W Parker Rd, Plano

17.82 m
Custer Park
3316 Orchard Ridge Ln, Richardson

17.87 m
Rustown Dr
2662 Rustown Dr, Mesquite

17.93 m
Ash Ln
950 Westridge Ave, Lancaster

17.96 m
Jaycee Park
W Pleasant Run Rd, Lancaster

17.98 m
Fireside Park
8813 Fireside Dr, Dallas

18.04 m
Rugel Park
1676 Hermitage Dr, Mesquite

18.09 m
Cambell Park
213 S Miller Ferry Rd, Hutchins

18.10 m
JH Florence Park
Ashwood Dr, Mesquite

18.11 m
Tosch Park
2416 Larchmont Dr, Mesquite

18.14 m
Bridlewood Country Club #2
4561 Skyline Dr, Flower Mound

18.20 m
Oakridge Country Club
2800 Diamond Oaks Dr, Garland

18.28 m
Yale Park
1841 Linda Ln, Richardson

18.29 m
Indian Springs Middle School
305 Bursey Rd, Keller

18.36 m
Oakland Lake Park
1644 Ederville Rd S, Fort Worth

18.37 m
The Colony High School
4333 Blair Oaks Dr, The Colony

18.37 m
Liberty Park
1423 Highedge Dr, Plano

18.41 m
Park on Walnut Creek Dr
1546 N Walnut Creek Dr, Mansfield

18.42 m
Walnut Creek Country Club
1151 Country Club Dr, Mansfield

18.42 m
Eastglen Dr
5694 Eastglen Dr, Flower Mound

18.47 m
Lancaster Elementary
1165 W Main St, Lancaster

18.48 m
Crossman Park
Northwest Hwy, Garland

18.49 m
Glencliff Dr
Glencliff Dr, Plano

18.57 m
Garland Tennis Center
1010 W Miller Rd, Garland

18.59 m
W Buckingham Rd
W Buckingham Rd, Garland

18.60 m
Keller High School
630 Pate Orr Rd N, Keller

18.60 m
Galloway Park
2318 Spiceberry Ln, Mesquite

18.60 m
Lyndon B Johnson Fwy
18333 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Mesquite

18.61 m
Seabourn Park
765 Fielding Dr, Mesquite

18.63 m
Memorial Blvd
2358 Memorial Blvd, Mesquite

18.68 m
Old Seagoville Rd
9941 Old Seagoville Rd, Dallas

18.71 m
Central Park
S 10th St, Garland

18.76 m
Central Park
S 10th St, Garland

18.76 m
Bridlewood Country Club
5130 Par Dr, Flower Mound

18.77 m
Shelingham Tennis & Swim Club
1450 England Dr, Roanoke

18.78 m
Plano Senior High School
2200 Independence Parkway, Plano

18.84 m
Republic Pky
1694 Republic Pky, Mesquite

18.88 m
W Avenue B
1168 W Avenue B, Garland

18.88 m
S 1st St
2851 S 1st St, Garland

18.97 m
Hillwood Middle School
8250 Parkwood Hill Blvd, Fort Worth

18.98 m
Kimble Park
1603 Brazoria Dr, Mesquite

19.05 m
Broadway Park
3321 Katrine St, Haltom City

19.11 m
Lancaster City Park
273 Lions Club Park Rd, Lancaster

19.14 m
Cullom Park
1220 Travis St, Garland

19.15 m
Cannaday Park
2923 Independence Dr, Mesquite

19.32 m
Spring Park Racquet Club
Springpark Way, Garland

19.33 m
Briarhill Park
Sandberg Pl, Highland Village

19.39 m
Windcrest Dr
Windcrest Dr, Plano

19.41 m
Haltom High School
5501 Haltom Rd, Haltom City

19.43 m
Westlake Tennis Center
601 Gross Rd, Mesquite

19.44 m
Arcadia Trail Park
5101 Arcadia Ct, Fort Worth

19.46 m
Amur St
1060 Amur St, Mesquite

19.48 m
The Trails Tennis and Swim Club
725 Trails Pkwy, Garland

19.54 m
Tykes to Titans Tennis
3117 Sebring Dr, Plano

19.55 m
Fairfield Dr.
Fairfield Dr, Garland

19.56 m
Tennyson Pky
Tennyson Pky, Plano

19.57 m
Community Center Blvd
76 Community Center Blvd, Highland Village

19.65 m
Beach Club Rd
Beach Club Rd, Dallas

19.65 m
Winters Park
3670 Webb Dr, Garland

19.69 m
Trophy Club Country Club
500 Trophy Club Dr, Roanoke

19.69 m
Arcadia Trail Park on Glen Springs Trail
4850 Glen Springs Trail, Fort Worth

19.75 m
Bridges Park
6600 Miller Dr, The Colony

19.77 m
Poteet Dr
3314 Poteet Dr, Mesquite

19.79 m
Arcadia Trail Park on Island Park Dr
8307 Island Park Dr, Fort Worth

19.79 m
Mayflower Dr
4096 Mayflower Dr, Garland

19.90 m
Texas Wesleyan University
3243 Ave A, Fort Worth

19.92 m
Lifetime Fitness
7100 Preston Rd, Plano

20.04 m
Stonebriar Country Club
5050 Country Club Dr, Frisco

20.05 m
Jasper High School
Archgate Dr, Plano

20.06 m
Lou Huff Park
415 Parker Rd, Garland

20.07 m
Danbury Dr
Danbury Dr, Garland

20.08 m
12th St
1399 12th St, Dallas

20.16 m
Legacy High School
1270 Cardinal Rd, Mansfield

20.22 m
Bradfield Park
1022 Mars Dr, Garland

20.41 m
Naaman Forest Blvd
Naaman Forest Blvd, Garland

20.58 m
Virgin Irwin Park
4313 Shepherd Ln, Balch Springs

20.80 m
18th St
1922 18th St, Plano

20.96 m
Jack Carter Park
6600 Garfield Dr, Plano

20.99 m
Rainier Rd
3947 Rainier Rd, Plano

20.99 m
Roanoke Cannon Park
750 Cannon Pkwy, Roanoke

21.00 m
Griggs Park
4598 Griggs Ct, Forest Hill

21.08 m
Bowman Middle School
2693 Jupiter Rd, Plano

21.59 m
Rolling Hills Ball Park
2534 Coffey Ave, Fort Worth

21.93 m
Tarrant County College
5202 Ca Roberson Blvd, Fort Worth

21.98 m
High Point Tennis Center
421 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano

22.20 m
Collin County Community College
2800 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Dallas

22.74 m
Los Rios Country Club
1700 Country Club Drive, Plano

22.84 m
Plano East High School
Los Rios Blvd, Plano

23.55 m
Everman High School
Dan Meyer Dr, Fort Worth

24.06 m
Twin Creeks Dr
Twin Creeks Dr, Allen

24.28 m
Murphy Middle School
620 N Murphy Rd, Murphy

24.41 m
Wheat Ridge Rd
Wheat Ridge Rd, Allen

25.47 m
E Main St
E Main St, Allen

26.07 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Northwood Club Tennis
6524 Alpha Road
Dallas, Texas
James McAvoy
6342 Highgate Ln
Dallas, Texas
Ethan Isaiah Galvan
1151 Country Club Dr.
Mansfield, Texas

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Tennis LOVE Colony (TLC)
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