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This is an overview of all things tennis in Fayetteville, Georgia. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Fayetteville, Georgia.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Kenneth Poyd      Sharpsburg, Georgia
11 months, 3 weeks
I just recently moved to Sharpsburg, Ga and am looking to play more tennis during the week. I live near the Northgate HS tennis courts which are always empty. I am about a 2.5 player maybe better just want to rally and get moving. Any takers?

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Greg Barber      Conley, Georgia
4 years, 11 months
Looking to hit

Greg Barber      Conley, Georgia
4 years, 11 months
Looking to hit with3.5 to 4.0 consistent players for exercise and cardio. Like to run.

george mcintyre      McGhee Tennis Center
4 years, 10 months
just us, 5th senior tennis singles may 25-28th 2018 hard court information george mcintyre (phone hidden) limited draw

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Kiwanis Ball Park
960 Redwine Road, Fayetteville

1.89 m
Mundy's Mill High School
9652 Fayetteville Rd, Jonesboro

5.16 m
Whitewater Creek Country Club
175 Birkdale Dr, Fayetteville

5.76 m
Mundy's Mill Middle School
10290 Commons Xing, Irondale

6.48 m
Glenloch Recreation Center
601 Stevens Entry, Peachtree City

6.90 m
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School
861 Evander Holyfield Highway, Riverdale

6.96 m
Lovejoy Regional Park
1935 Mcdonough Rd, Hampton

7.01 m
Braelinn Recreation Complex
115 Heritage Way, Peachtree City

7.17 m
Flat Creek Country Club
100 Flat Creek Road, Peachtree City

7.39 m
Braelinn Golf Club
500 Clubview Drive, Peachtree City

7.49 m
Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center
2443 Highway 54 West, Peachtree City

7.53 m
Jonesboro Junior High School
137 Spring Street, Jonesboro

7.69 m
Riverdale Park
7208 Church Street, Riverdale

7.94 m
Shamrock Park
949 Senoia Rd, Tyrone

8.27 m
Pebblepocket Park
211 Willow Bend Rd, Peachtree City

8.28 m
Pebblepocket Park
300 Willow Rd, Peachtree City

8.28 m
Dolce Atlanta Peachtree Hotel
201 Aberdeen Parkway, Peachtree City

8.72 m
Peachtree City Tennis Center
10 Planterra Way, Peachtree City

9.07 m
Peachtree City Tennis Center
136 Planterra Way, Peachtree City

9.07 m
Planterra Ridge Golf Club
500 Clubhouse Drive, Peachtree City

9.18 m
Flat Shoals Park
1914 Flat Shoals Road, Riverdale

9.59 m
Clayton County Tennis Center
2300 Highway 138, Jonesboro

9.77 m
Burdett Tennis Center
5975 Old Carriage Ln, Atlanta

10.20 m
Benjamin E Banneker High School
5935 Feldwood Road, Atlanta

10.54 m
Anchor Behavioral Health
5454 Yorktowne Drive, Atlanta

10.88 m
North Clayton High Schoo
1525 Norman Drive, Atlanta

11.14 m
B C Haynie Elementary School
1169 Morrow Road, Morrow

11.16 m
Canongate I Golf Club
924 Shaw Road, Sharpsburg

11.85 m
Dutchtown High School
149 Mitchell Road, Stockbridge

11.90 m
South Fulton Tennis Center
5645 Mason Road, Atlanta

11.90 m
Durham Lakes Country Club
156 Durham Lake Parkway, Fairburn

11.92 m
Clarence Duncan Park
6000 Riverton Road, Fairburn

11.95 m
Northgate High School
3220 Fischer Road, Sharpsburg

12.02 m
Clayton State University
2000 Clayton State Boulevard, Morrow

12.15 m
G P Babb Middle School
5500 Reynolds Road, Forest Park

12.17 m
Atlanta Airport Marriott
4711 Best Road, Atlanta

12.19 m
W A Fountain Elementary School
5215 West Street, Forest Park

12.22 m
Creekside High School
7405 Herndon Road, Fairburn

12.47 m
Bear Creek Middle School
7415 Herndon Road, Atlanta

12.59 m
Forest Park City Park
4983 Park Ave, Forest Park

12.85 m
Jamestown Park
4434 Herschel Rd, College Park

12.91 m
Morrow High School
2299 Old Rex Morrow Road, Morrow

12.95 m
Forest Park Middle School
930 Finley Drive, Forest Park

13.13 m
Welcome All Park
Welcome All Park, Atlanta

13.35 m
Mickie D Cochran Park
301 Banks Road, Stockbridge

13.38 m
Lake Shore High School
2933 Lakeshore Dr, College Park

13.41 m
Camp Creek Middle School
4345 Welcome All Rd, Atlanta

13.68 m
Palmetto Elementary School
505 Carlton Road, Palmetto

13.73 m
East Coweta High School
400 Georgia 154, Sharpsburg

13.76 m
Arbor Springs Golf & Resort
300 Arbor Springs Parkway, Newnan

14.06 m
Fort Gillem
S 3rd St, Ellenwood

14.17 m
Peter Pan Park
1593 Temple Ave, College Park

14.34 m
Eagle's Landing High School
301 Tunis Rd, Mcdonough

14.34 m
Eagle's Landing Country Club
100 Eagles Landing Way, Stockbridge

14.35 m
Fulton Leadership Academy
4141 Old Fairburn Rd, Atlanta

14.51 m
Cochran Park
257 E Atlanta Rd, Stockbridge

14.61 m
South Park
1405 Cambridge Ave, College Park

14.79 m
Barrett Park
2008 Walker Ave, College Park

14.83 m
Hapeville City Park
Scout St, Atlanta

14.88 m
Jewell Anderson Elementary School
4199 Old Rock Cut Road, Conley

14.95 m
Sykes park
3238 Beech Dr, East Point

15.21 m
Langston Hughes High School
7510 Hall Road, Fairburn

15.31 m
SCP Tennis Center
Del Webb Blvd, Griffin

15.41 m
Atlanta Southside Sports Complex
3460 Jonesboro Road Southeast, Atlanta

15.46 m
Woodland Middle School
2816 Briarwood Boulevard, East Point

15.48 m
Empire Park
Oak Dr, Atlanta

15.66 m
Summit Family YMCA
1765 Highway 34, Newnan

15.66 m
White Oak Golf Club
141 Clubview Drive, Newnan

15.76 m
Hutchinson Elementary School
650 Cleveland Avenue Southwest, Atlanta

16.16 m
Odyssey School
1485 East Highway 34, Newnan

16.19 m
Deerwood Park
3799 Tampa Trl, Atlanta

16.23 m
Deerwood Park
2760 Alexandria Dr, Atlanta

16.23 m
Cliftondale Park
4645 Butner Road, Atlanta

16.30 m
Tri-Cities High School
2575 Harris St, East Point

16.34 m
South Atlanta High School
800 Hutchens Road Southeast, Atlanta

16.34 m
Atlanta Christian College
2605 Ben Hill Road, East Point

16.35 m
Stockbridge High School
1151 Old Conyers Road, Stockbridge

16.42 m
Paul D West Middle School
2376 Headland Drive, East Point

16.65 m
Summergrove Golf Club
335 Summer Grove Parkway, Newnan

16.85 m
Ben Hill Park
2439 Fairburn Rd, Atlanta

16.94 m
Agape Youth Educational Services Inc
3571 Campbellton Rd, Atlanta

16.98 m
Bouldercrest Park
4087 Bouldercrest Park Rd, Conley

17.21 m
Bouldercrest Park
4187 Bouldercrest Park Rd, Conley

17.21 m
Arlington Christian School
4500 Ridge Road, Fairburn

17.23 m
The Heritage School
2093 Highway 29, Newnan

17.37 m
Therrell High School
3099 Panther Trl, Atlanta

17.51 m
Andrew Walter Young YMCA
2220 Campbellton Road Southwest, Atlanta

17.61 m
Henry County Family YMCA
615 Spraggins Memorial Parkway, Stockbridge

17.67 m
Adams Park
2259 Campbellton Rd, Atlanta

17.74 m
South Bend Park
1935 Compton Dr, Atlanta

17.88 m
Richard Craig Tennis Complex
125 S Zack Hinton Blvd, Mcdonough

17.99 m
Fort McPherson - Walker Ave
1427 Walker Ave, Atlanta

18.01 m
Bunche Middle School
1925 Niskey Lake Road Southwest, Atlanta

18.05 m
Atlanta Metropolitan College
1630 Metropolitan Pky, Atlanta

18.12 m
Westlake High School
2370 Union Road Southwest, Atlanta

18.13 m
Melvin Drive Park
3791 Melvin Dr, Atlanta

18.32 m
Adams Park
Logan Ln, Atlanta

18.33 m
Cedar Grove High School
2360 River Road, Ellenwood

18.38 m
Cedar Grove High School
2360 River Rd, Ellenwood

18.38 m
Perkerson Park
770 Deckner Ave SW, Atlanta

18.39 m
Perkerson Park
1549 Beatie Ave, Atlanta

18.39 m
Sandtown Park
5320 Campbellton Road Southwest, Atlanta

18.50 m
Thomasville Park
1835 Henry Thomas Drive Southeast, Atlanta

18.52 m
Arthur Langford Park
211 Thornton St SW, Atlanta

18.53 m
Arthur Langford Jr Park
161 Thornton St, Atlanta

18.54 m
Henry County High School
401 Tomlinson St, Mcdonough

18.61 m
Newman Country Club
1356 Highway 29, Newnan

18.68 m
Sugar Creek Tennis Center
2706 Bouldercrest Rd, Atlanta

18.69 m
Oakland City Park
1305 Oakland Drive Southwest, Atlanta

18.79 m
County Line Park
4039 Old River Rd, Ellenwood

18.81 m
Union Grove High School
120 East Lake Road, Mcdonough

18.90 m
Cedar Grove Middle School
2300 Wildcat Road, Decatur

18.92 m
Woodland High School
800 North Moseley Drive, Stockbridge

18.97 m
South Atlanta Park
1194 Capitol Ave, Atlanta

18.99 m
McNair High School
1814 Bouldercrest Rd, Gresham Park

19.19 m
DeKalb Community College South Campus
3251 Panthersville Road, Decatur

19.49 m
McGhee Tennis Center
820 Beecher Ct SW, Atlanta

19.62 m
Mc Ghee Tennis Center
820 Beecher Court Southwest, Atlanta

19.63 m
Glen Emerald Park
1455 Bouldercrest Rd, Gresham Park

19.75 m
Adair Park
728 Gillette Ave, Atlanta

19.77 m
New Creation Center
334 Lake Dow Road, Mcdonough

19.81 m
West Manor Park
3240 W Manor Circle Southwest, Atlanta

19.96 m
Benjamin E Mays High School
3450 Benjamin E Mays Drive Southwest, Atlanta

20.04 m
Phoenix II Park
684 Martin St, Atlanta

20.26 m
Trammell Crow Park
5246 Cascade Rd, Atlanta

20.31 m
Martin Luther King Jr High School
3991 Snapfinger Road, Lithonia

20.71 m
Columbia Middle School
3001 Columbia Dr, Decatur

20.72 m
Columbia Middle School
3001 Columbia Dr, Decatur

20.72 m
Mc Nair Middle School
2190 Wallingford Drive, Candler-mcafee

20.77 m
Mark Trail Park
2252 Tilson Rd, Candler-mcafee

20.80 m
Sweetwater Creek Park
Lower River Rd, Lithia Springs

20.83 m
Exchange Park
2771 Columbia Drive, Panthersville

21.36 m
Chapel Hill High School
4899 Chapel Hill Road, Douglasville

21.82 m
Southwest Dekalb High School
2863 Kelley Chapel Road, Decatur

21.98 m
South DeKalb Family YMCA
2565 Snapfinger Road, Decatur

22.28 m
Salem Middle School
5333 Salem Road, Lithonia

22.58 m
Glenwood Hills Park
1869 Hillsdale Dr, Candler-mcafee

22.59 m
Arabia Mountain High School
6775 South Goddard Road, Lithonia

23.38 m
Chapel Hills Golf Club
3300 Golf Ridge Boulevard, Douglasville

24.15 m
Bethune Middle School
5200 Covington Highway, Decatur

24.58 m
A Miller Grove Middle School
2215 Miller Road, Decatur

24.62 m
Alexander High School
6500 Alexander Parkway, Douglasville

25.02 m
Miller Grove High School
2645 Dekalb Medical Parkway, Lithonia

25.09 m
Lithonia Middle School
2451 Randall Avenue, Lithonia

26.99 m
Redan Park
6216 Phillips Lake Ct, Redan

27.13 m
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