Tennis in Auburn Massachusetts

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Lemansky Park
22 Brayman St, Auburn

0.55 m
Auburn Senior High School
99 Auburn St, Auburn

0.84 m
Greenwood Park
67 Victoria Ave, Worcester

2.99 m
College of Holy Cross
1 College St, Worcester

3.34 m
Rochdale Park
1030 Stafford St, Rochdale

3.63 m
Clark University - Corash Tennis Court
Main St, Worcester

3.65 m
Dr Arthur F Sullivan Middle School
37 Goddard Memorial Dr, Worcester

3.65 m
University Park
72 Illinois St, Worcester

3.65 m
Greenbriar Recreation Park
N Oxford, Oxford

3.66 m
Windle Field
33 Canal St, Millbury

4.10 m
Crompton Park
68 Canton St, Worcester

4.12 m
Barton Center
30 Ennis Rd, North Oxford

4.22 m
Gaskill Field
72 Spurr St, Worcester

4.24 m
Blithewood Ave Playground
20 Blithewood Ave, Worcester

4.65 m
Sutton Memorial High School
383 Boston Rd, Sutton

4.75 m
Beaver Brook Park
584 Pleasant St, Worcester

4.87 m
Worcester State University - Chandler Village
60 Zenith Dr, Worcester

4.96 m
Elm Park
701 Pleasant St, Worcester

5.16 m
Leicester Middle School
70 Winslow Ave, Leicester

5.27 m
Worcester Tennis Club
69 Sever St, Worcester

5.35 m
Chandler Hill Park
214 Shrewsbury St, Worcester

5.61 m
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
160 Park Ave, Worcester

5.71 m
Tatnuck Country Club
1222 Pleasant St, Worcester

5.78 m
Institute Park
126 Salisbury St, Worcester

5.83 m
Lake Ave Park
284 Lake Ave, Worcester

6.16 m
Joslin Diabetes Camp
150 Richardson Corner Rd, Charlton

6.26 m
Jordan Pond Park
99 John St, Shrewsbury

6.68 m
Morgan Park
578 Grove St, Worcester

6.86 m
Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts
633 Salisbury St, Worcester

6.94 m
Assumption College
500 Salisbury St, Worcester

6.94 m
Heritage School Grades 2 - 4
34 Oxford Rd, Charlton

7.14 m
Grafton High School
24 Providence Rd, Grafton

7.36 m
Burncoat High School
179 Burncoat St, Worcester

7.56 m
Greendale YMCA
75 Shore Dr, Worcester

7.65 m
Bancroft School
110 Shore Dr, Worcester

7.75 m
School on Oak St
69 Oak St, Edgemere

8.13 m
Knox Trail Junior High School
73 Ash St, Spencer

8.19 m
Highfields Country Club
42 Magill Dr, Grafton

8.36 m
Shrewsbury High School
64 Holden St, Shrewsbury

8.71 m
Tufts University
7 Jumbo's Path, North Grafton

8.72 m
School on Main St
440 Main St, Edgemere

8.73 m
Paxton Sports Centre
603 Pleasant Street, Paxton

8.89 m
Paxton Center Middle School
19 W St, Paxton

9.22 m
Worcester Country Club
2 Rice St, Worcester

9.37 m
Manor Playground
98 Intervale St, Boylston

9.60 m
Shrewsbury Health and Racquet Club
3 Tennis Dr, Shrewsbury

9.83 m
Memorial Athletic Field
Ray St, Webster

9.91 m
Dean Park
805 Main St, Shrewsbury

10.15 m
Whitin Community Center
60 Main St, Whitinsville

10.32 m
Shepherd Hill Regional High School
68 Dudley Oxford Rd, Dudley

10.61 m
Massad Field
365 Spring St, Shrewsbury

10.90 m
Northbridge High School
427 Linwood Ave, Whitinsville

11.19 m
Southbridge High School
132 Torry Rd, Southbridge

11.76 m
Robert E Melican Middle School
145 Lincoln St, Northborough

12.47 m
North Court Swim & Tennis Club
141 S St, Northborough

12.78 m
Local Chat
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Amit Kumar      Shrewsbury - 8 months
New to Shrewsbury. Intermediate level. Contact me if you'd like to play locally!

JUDITH Marks      Worcester - 9 months
Hello. I am new to the area and returning after many years to tennis. Not interested in competition. Just time out on the court checking out if I can still hit a ball and run to get it. Lots of daytime hours available. Primarily interested in public courts.

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