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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
David Lam Park
1300 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver

0.82 m
Andy Livingstone Park
89 Expo Blvd, Vancouver

0.87 m
False Creek Community Centre
318 Cartwright St, Vancouver

1.10 m
Charleson Park
Rooftop, 600 Moberly Rd, Vancouver

1.13 m
Stanley Park
990 Lagoon Dr, Vancouver

1.13 m
Stanley Park Mains
Lwr 8901 Stanley Pk, Vancouver

1.29 m
Kitsilano Beach Park
1499 Arbutus St, Vancouver

1.60 m
Queen Elizabeth Tennis Club
Douglas Park, Vancouver

1.93 m
Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club
1630 W 15th Ave, Vancouver

2.00 m
Kitslano School
W 12th & Trafalga St, Vancouver

2.44 m
Tupper Secondary School
400 East 22nd Ave, Vancouver

2.52 m
North Vancouver Tennis Center
280 Lloyd Ave, North Vancouver

2.66 m
Arbutus Club
2001 Nanton Ave, Vancouver

2.79 m
Derek Inman
280 E 1st St, North Vancouver

2.83 m
McBride Park
3350 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

2.89 m
Queen Elizabeth Park
4600 Cambie St, Vancouver

3.10 m
Jericho Tennis Club
3837 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver

3.17 m
Almond Park
2935 Dunbar Diversion, Vancouver

3.23 m
1253 Marine Dr, West Vancouver

3.36 m
Capilano Tennis Club
2500 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver

3.49 m
Lord Byng Secondary School
3939 West 16th Ave, Vancouver

3.60 m
Jericho Beach Public Tennis Courts
Discovery St, Vancouver

3.61 m
Murdo Frazer Tennis Club
3285 Canfield Crescent, North Vancouver

3.71 m
43rd Ave
E 43rd Ave & St George St, Vancouver

3.76 m
Cloverly Park
993 Cloverley St, North Vancouver

3.77 m
Boulevard Park
529 E 13 St, North Vancouver

3.82 m
R Sargent Park
1900 Eastem Ave, North Vancouver

3.90 m
Delbrook Park
700 Queens Rd W, North Vancouver

4.00 m
West Vancouver Tennis Club
821 21 St, West Vancouver

4.03 m
Memorial West Park
4701 Dunbar St, Vancouver

4.04 m
McDougall Field
299 24th St E, North Vancouver

4.11 m
Northshore Winter Club
1325 E. Keith Rd, North Vancouver

4.26 m
Hollyburn Country Club
950 Cross Creek Rd, West Vancouver

4.30 m
Balmoral Junior Secondary
3365 Mahon Ave, North Vancouver

4.40 m
Langara Tennis Group
57 Ave and Ontario st, Vancouver

4.44 m
Burnaby Heights Park
3878 Trinity St, Burnaby

4.57 m
Princess Park
3405 Princess Ave, North Vancouver

4.91 m
Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club
4300 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver

5.23 m
Eburne Park
950 W 71 Ave, Vancouver

5.28 m
Cleveland Park
1054 Prospect Ave, North Vancouver

5.34 m
Argyle Secondary School
1131 Frederick Road, North Vancouver

5.38 m
Glenmore park
Glenmore Park, West Vancouver

5.38 m
Confederation Park
205 Beta Ave, Burnaby

5.48 m
UBC Tennis Centre
6160 Thunderbird Blvd, Vancouver

5.82 m
Kensington Park
5889 Curtis St, Burnaby

6.51 m
Steve Nash Sports Club
10251 St Edwards Dr, Richmond

6.56 m
Burnaby Tennis Club
3890 Kensington Ave , Burnaby

7.37 m
Indian River Park
1335 Orlohma Pl, North Vancouver

7.56 m
Cates Park
200 Dollarton, North Vancouver

7.82 m
Minoru Park
6820 Gilbert Rd, Richmond

8.24 m
Richmond Tennis Club
6820 Gilbert Rd, Richmond

8.29 m
Southarm Tennis Courts
10100 South Arm Place, Richmond

9.89 m
New Westminister Tennis Club
Tipperary Park 3rd St & Royal Ave, New Westminster

10.90 m
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Hamid Etebarian      Vancouver - 2 months, 4 weeks
Looking for a hitting partner that is 4.0 or better to play this weekend. I'm ok with any courts in Vancouver...
Text me: 6048377702

Luciano Absalonsen      Vancouver - 3 months, 1 week
I am looking for a partner (Level 2.5 to 3.0) to play tomorrow (Monday) at Queen E. in the morning or afternoon. Text me 604-7736750

Erwin Capulong      Vancouver - 3 months, 3 weeks
Looking to play today in Stanley Park, level 3.5-4. Rally and a game is fine with me. Text me at 778 838 7986

Francisco Medina      Vancouver - 4 months
Looking to hit the wall. Today Sunday after 7:00 pm. I am 2.0 eager to get better

Sue Abuelsamid      Vancouver - 4 months
looking for a partner to play in Vancouver (singles). I am a 3-3.5 and wanting to get better! I have a flexible schedule.

Ana S      Vancouver - 6 months
Looking for a partner to play in New Westminster and Cariboo park on Mondays, Wednesday after 5 pm and weekends -after 7pm.

Dmitri Lass      Vancouver - 5 months
Looking for a partner to play at Heather Park during daytime. I am around 3.0-3.5. Text me at 403-619-5534. Dmitri.

ron macdonald      Vancouver - 5 months
Play at David Lam or Andy Livingston. Flexible at 3.0 level (prefer practice, but games work as well)

Ken Graham      West Vancouver - 5 months
Looking to hit the ball tonight either in West Van (Ambleside) or North Van (13th and Grand).

David White      Vancouver - 6 months, 1 week
anyone want to hit today? feel free to text me at : 604-970-8780


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