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Are you looking to play tennis in Vancouver, British Columbia? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Vancouver, British Columbia.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Toby Stapleton      Vancouver - 1 week, 1 day
Hello, I just moved to Vancouver from the UK and looking for anyone interested in having a hit? I don't know the USTA ratings system that well but believe I am a 4.5 at least? Willing to play with anyone who's interested in a getting a good intensity in.
young adult

Harding Leite      Burnaby - 4 days, 5 hours
Good morning! Does someone wanna play today, Saturday, before noon?
Harding (236) 865-4165
3.75 to 5.00

Kristen Yoon      Vancouver - 4 days, 16 hours
Brentwood area. Can keep a decent rally. I’m looking to hit next week. Flexible schedule. TIA!

Tyler Chin      Vancouver - 1 month
Hello all. I've recently moved to Vancouver and I'm looking for someone to hit with regularly. I'm a former D1 player but haven't played in about a year. I have a car and can travel if needed

Mike Vernoux      Vancouver - 1 week
Looking for someone to hit the ball in Kitsilano. Available from 5pm to 7 -8 pm on weekdays except Fridays.Thanks
2.75 to 3.50

ellen anderson      Vancouver - 1 week, 2 days
Hello- I play at a 3.5 level. looking to hit or games weekday mornings. Also interested to join doubles matches
adult3.00 to 4.00

Grant Manclark      Vancouver - 1 week, 4 days
Hello, I recently moved to Vancouver. I live in the Yaletown area but can drive to wherever within 30 minutes. Was pretty active in USTA the past few years in Seattle, but took off since October after a long season last year. USTA is pretty varied in it's rankings, but in Seattle I am a 4.0. I'm happy to hit with anyone 3.5-5.0 in level regardless of gender.
3.50 to 5.00

Tovo Nere Jose      North Vancouver - 1 week, 6 days
Looking for intermediate players to practice and play during this summer; since last year I have regularly taken lessons with private coach and with the North Shore Tennis Center. I'd prefer to play near Delbrook, Capilano or Lynn Valley but can also drive anywhere on the North Shore. I work from home so my schedule is pretty much flexible. Thanks.
3.00 to 4.00

Harding Leite      Burnaby - 2 weeks, 1 day
Hi all! Looking for Adv player to play wkdays, from 3 to 7pm, at either the court on my apt complex (Sanders St/Nelson Av next to Metrotown) or at Bonsor's (Nelson Av). SMS/Whats: (236) 865-4165
3.50 to 5.25

Xander B      Vancouver - 2 weeks, 5 days
Recently moved to Vancouver and would love to find people to hit with.
Work from home so schedule is very flexible all week, can absolutely do mornings/afternoons.
Located right by Stanley Park, but have car so can drive.
I'd say I'm around a 3-3.5 at the moment, as I've just started getting back into the game (played tournaments when I was younger).
Let's connect!

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
David Lam Park
1300 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver

0.82 m
Andy Livingstone Park
89 Expo Blvd, Vancouver

0.87 m
False Creek Community Centre
318 Cartwright St, Vancouver

1.10 m
Charleson Park
Rooftop, 600 Moberly Rd, Vancouver

1.13 m
Stanley Park
990 Lagoon Dr, Vancouver

1.13 m
Stanley Park Mains
Lwr 8901 Stanley Pk, Vancouver

1.29 m
Kitsilano Beach Park
1499 Arbutus St, Vancouver

1.60 m
Queen Elizabeth Tennis Club
Douglas Park, Vancouver

1.93 m
Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club
1630 W 15th Ave, Vancouver

2.00 m
Tatlow Park
2845 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver

2.33 m
Kitslano School
W 12th & Trafalga St, Vancouver

2.44 m
Tupper Secondary School
400 East 22nd Ave, Vancouver

2.52 m
North Vancouver Tennis Center
280 Lloyd Ave, North Vancouver

2.66 m
Arbutus Club
2001 Nanton Ave, Vancouver

2.79 m
Pandora Park
2325 Franklin St, Vancouver

2.82 m
Derek Inman Park
280 E 1st St, North Vancouver

2.83 m
McBride Park
3350 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

2.89 m
Queen Elizabeth Park
4600 Cambie St, Vancouver

3.10 m
Jericho Tennis Club
3837 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver

3.17 m
Almond Park
2935 Dunbar Diversion, Vancouver

3.23 m
1253 Marine Dr, West Vancouver

3.36 m
Capilano Tennis Club
2500 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver

3.49 m
Lord Byng Secondary School
3939 West 16th Ave, Vancouver

3.60 m
Jericho Beach Public Tennis Courts
Discovery St, Vancouver

3.61 m
Murdo Frazer Tennis Club
3285 Canfield Crescent, North Vancouver

3.71 m
43rd Ave
E 43rd Ave & St George St, Vancouver

3.76 m
Cloverly Park
993 Cloverley St, North Vancouver

3.77 m
Boulevard Park
529 E 13 St, North Vancouver

3.82 m
Memorial South Park
5955 Ross St, Vancouver

3.89 m
R Sargent Park
1900 Eastem Ave, North Vancouver

3.90 m
Delbrook Park
700 Queens Rd W, North Vancouver

4.00 m
West Vancouver Tennis Club
821 21 St, West Vancouver

4.03 m
Memorial West Park
4701 Dunbar St, Vancouver

4.04 m
McDougall Field
299 24th St E, North Vancouver

4.11 m
Northshore Winter Club
1325 E. Keith Rd, North Vancouver

4.26 m
Hollyburn Country Club
950 Cross Creek Rd, West Vancouver

4.30 m
Slocan Park
4590 Earles St, Vancouver

4.30 m
Balmoral Junior Secondary
3365 Mahon Ave, North Vancouver

4.40 m
Langara Tennis Group
57 Ave and Ontario st, Vancouver

4.44 m
Burnaby Heights Park
3878 Trinity St, Burnaby

4.57 m
Princess Park
3405 Princess Ave, North Vancouver

4.91 m
Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club
4300 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver

5.23 m
Eburne Park
950 W 71 Ave, Vancouver

5.28 m
Cleveland Park
1054 Prospect Ave, North Vancouver

5.34 m
Argyle Secondary School
1131 Frederick Road, North Vancouver

5.38 m
Glenmore park
Glenmore Park, West Vancouver

5.38 m
Confederation Park
205 Beta Ave, Burnaby

5.48 m
UBC Tennis Centre
6160 Thunderbird Blvd, Vancouver

5.82 m
Central Park Public Tennis Courts
5989 Patterson Ave, Burnaby

6.21 m
Kensington Park
5889 Curtis St, Burnaby

6.51 m
Steve Nash Sports Club
10251 St Edwards Dr, Richmond

6.56 m
Bonsor Public Tennis & Pickleball Courts
6591 Nelson Ave, Burnaby

6.98 m
Burnaby Tennis Club
3890 Kensington Ave, Burnaby

7.37 m
Indian River Park
1335 Orlohma Pl, North Vancouver

7.56 m
Cates Park
200 Dollarton, North Vancouver

7.82 m
Minoru Park
6820 Gilbert Rd, Richmond

8.24 m
Richmond Tennis Club
6820 Gilbert Rd, Richmond

8.29 m
Burnaby South Memorial Park
6650 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, BC, Burnaby

8.29 m
Robert Burnaby Park
8155 Wedgewood St, Burnaby

9.27 m
Southarm Tennis Courts
10100 South Arm Place, Richmond

9.89 m
Moody Park
620 8th St, New Westminster

9.98 m
Richmond Country Club
9100 Steveston Hwy, Richmond

10.39 m
The River Club
11111 Horseshoe Way, Richmond

10.52 m
Queen's Park
3rd Ave, New Westminster

10.75 m
New Westminister Tennis Club
Tipperary Park 3rd St & Royal Ave, New Westminster

10.90 m
Blue Mountain Park
975 King Albert Ave, Coquitlam

11.77 m
Mackin Park
Marmont St, Coquitlam

12.03 m
Town & Country Tennis Club
6005 Hwy 17 @ Hwy 99, Delta

12.29 m
The Tennis Centre Coquitlam
1650 Foster Ave, Coquitlam

12.40 m
Port Moody Recreation Complex
300 Ioco Rd, Port Moody

13.02 m
Ladner Tennis Club
5151 56 St, Ladner

13.11 m
Kennedy Park
9058 Holt Rd, Surrey

13.24 m
Bramble Park
2775 Panorama Dr, Coquitlam

13.85 m
Hickey Reservoir Park
320 Hickey Dr, Coquitlam

13.91 m
Eagle Ridge Pool Grounds & Park
1200 Lansdowne Dr, Coquitlam

13.94 m
Sunshine Hills Tennis Club
6748 Carncross Cres., Delta

14.40 m
Panorama Park
Johnson St, Coquitlam

14.64 m
Gates Parks
2575 Wilson Ave, Port Coquitlam

15.04 m
Guildford Secondary
14699 104A Ave, Surrey

15.04 m
Newton Athletic Park
7395 128 St, Surrey

15.14 m
Town Centre Park
1240 Pipeline Rd, Coquitlam

15.15 m
Westwood Park
2399 Patricia Ave, Port Coquitlam

15.44 m
Endersby Park
5711 Clark Dr, Delta

15.86 m
Maple Green Park
8851 150 St, Surrey

16.32 m
Fraser Heights Rec Centre
10588 160 St, Surrey

16.61 m
Terry Fox School
1260 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam

16.81 m
Evergreen Park
3500 Cedar Dr, Port Coquitlam

17.12 m
Fleetwood Park
7824 160 St, Surrey

18.01 m
Goldwin Park
14632 58 Ave, Surrey

18.27 m
Bob Rutledge Park
5400 148 St, Surrey

18.81 m
Crescent Beach Park
McBride Ave, Surrey

18.89 m
Tsawwassen Tennis Club
286 English Bluff Rd, Delta

19.04 m
Dougall Park
396 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons

19.28 m
Mitchell Road Park
19000 Mitchell Rd, Pitt Meadows

19.66 m
Crescent Park
25 Ave, Surrey

19.95 m
Cloverdale Athletic Park
6348 168 St, Surrey

20.05 m
Sommerset Park
12242 Bonson Rd, Pitt Meadows

20.26 m
Pitt Meadows Athletic Park
11431 Bonson Rd, Pitt Meadows

20.50 m
Jersey Park
5856 170A St, Surrey

20.60 m
Bell Park
17 Ave, Surrey

21.29 m
Clayton Park
71 Ave, Surrey

21.31 m
Greenaway Park
17905 60th Ave, Surrey

21.34 m
South Surrey Athletic Park
14603 20 Ave, Surrey

21.58 m
Sunnyside Park
15402 154 St, Surrey

21.77 m
Meridian Park
2040 150 St, Surrey

22.03 m
White Rock Tennis Club
2-14580 North Bluff Rd, White Rock

22.13 m
Centennial Park
14749 Vine Ave, White Rock

22.26 m
Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club
18150 8th Ave, Surrey

25.87 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
All-Court Stringing
1217 Nanaimo St
Vancouver, British Columbia
Store Front778-835-072
Restring That Thing
Vancouver, British Columbia

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