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This is an overview of all things tennis in Halifax Nova Scotia. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, and courts in Halifax Nova Scotia. You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.
Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Halifax Commons
5752 Cogswell St, Halifax

0.52 m
South End Tennis Club
945 Young Ave, Halifax

1.06 m
Lundys Lane, Halifax

1.09 m
Dalhousie University
6299 South St, Halifax

1.31 m
Conrose Field
1670 Beech St, Halifax

1.41 m
Waegwoltic Tennis Club
6549 Coburg Rd, Halifax

1.51 m
St. Mary's Boat Club
1641 Fairfield Rd, Halifax

1.56 m
St. George's Lawn Tennis Club
6 St George's Ln, Halifax

1.60 m
Larry O'Connel Field
6691 4 St, Halifax

1.63 m
Westmount School
Edward Arab Ave, Halifax

1.94 m
Highland Park Jr High School
5874 Sebastian St, Halifax

1.96 m
Brownlow Park
Peddars Way, Dartmouth

2.22 m
Chocolate Lake
17 Herring Cove Rd, Halifax

2.36 m
Merv Sullivan Park
3791 Novalea Dr, Halifax

2.39 m
Crichton Park Elementary
49 Lyngby Ave, Dartmouth

2.45 m
Edward Drillio Park
80 Downs Ave, Halifax

2.89 m
Portland Park
47 Portland Estate Blv, Dartmouth

3.16 m
HEADStart Tennis Center
Clayton Park Dr, Halifax

3.90 m
D.J. Butler Playground
99 Flamingo Dr, Halifax

4.23 m
Cole Harbour Outdoor Pool & Tennis Complex
609 Colby Dr, Dartmouth

4.34 m
Tremont Plateau Park
69 Tremont Dr, Halifax

4.39 m
Clayton Park
59 Armstrong Ct, Halifax

5.39 m
Larry Uteck Boulevard
205 Transom Dr, Bedford

5.99 m
Bedford Treachery
17 Bedford St, Bedford

7.05 m
Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre
50 Verdi Dr, Bedford

7.74 m
Uplands Park
1274 Hammonds Plains Rd, Hammonds Plains

9.65 m
Metropolitan Field Complex
94 Metropolitan Ave, Lower Sackville

10.22 m
White Hills Park
1452 White Hills Run, Hammonds Plains

12.98 m
Local Chat
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Mike DICKSON      Halifax - 5 months, 3 weeks
New to Halifax looking for hitting partners. I play at the waegwoltic and Rockingham.

Derrick Morrison      Halifax - 6 months, 2 weeks
You are invited to particiapte in a new tennis tournament celebrating the start of the Rogers Cup at the Halifax Commons, Monday Aug 5 starting 11:00 AM!

For details:

Dianne Gordey      Halifax - 7 months, 4 weeks
Hi! I'm always interested in meeting new players around a 3.0 level for singles or doubles. I'm a member of Daniel Nestor and the Waegwoltic, but I'm also willing to play at other courts. Northcliff/Headstart has 4 nice courts that are often available, the address 111 Clayton Park Dr, Halifax.

Derrick Morrison      Halifax - 6 months, 3 weeks
Looking for a tennis match today, Friday. Text Derrick (902)209-0385

Derrick Morrison      Halifax - 7 months
Looking for a warmup match today, Friday, for the GTN Tourney at the Commons tomorrow at 11:00 AM. Derrick 902-209-0385

Sandeep Nag      Halifax - 7 months
Looking to play today or anytime this week/weekends .Singles or doubles at Northcliffe or any other tennis court.

Darren Madden      Halifax - 7 months, 1 week
Looking to play tonight - After 730 PM at the commons? text me 902-809-7865

- Darren Madden

Akara Kev      Halifax - 8 months, 2 weeks
Looking to play with someone at the Commons, anyone interested today ?

Mudassar Ali      Halifax - 10 months
did they put the nets back on? if so anyone interested in playing?

Dianne Gordey      Halifax - 11 months, 2 weeks
Available to sub for doubles or play singles at Daniel Nestor Club. Flexible-- days/times.

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