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This is an overview of all things tennis in Canton, Ohio. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Canton, Ohio.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Leo Ricotti - Cleveland Heights C      Akron, Ohio
2 years
Here's a link to the ladder described in my previous post:

Leo Ricotti - Cleveland Heights C      Akron, Ohio
2 years, 1 month
There's a league starting may 17 for anyone who wants to join!! It's called Clay court specialists. I'm trying to get players involved who want to play league matches on clay. I can include you on my team if you don't have access to clay courts. Trying to get as much people as possible for summer competitions!

The teams would be open to adults at any levels who know how to play and keep score and would be centered in the northeast ohio region.

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Dallas Aleman      Akron, Ohio
3 years, 12 months
Looking for a player to play this Wednesday from 6-8pm. Michael Hendrickson is good for a match. Please get back to me if anyone wants to play.

Luke Haidautu      Akron, Ohio
2 years, 5 months
Hello everyone, my name is Luke and I just joined gtn to find more partners to play. I'm 39 years old, my level of play is somewhere between 3 and 4 I guess (never had anybody telling me an exact number), i will place myself between a beginner and an advanced player.
You can reach me at (email hidden) or on this public website. I appreciate if anyone can let me know if there are any groups that meet up in weekends, at certain courts for open tennis time or something similar.

Jia-Ruey Ai      Akron, Ohio
4 years, 8 months

I'm a PhD student at University of Akron. I would like to find a tennis partner for practicing which includes serving, bottom line, volley and match. Hopefully both of us will sharpen our skill. I live in Ellet area and open to any location in Akron.


(email hidden)

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Nimisilla Park
1450 Lawerence Rd NW, Canton

1.19 m
Grenshaw Park
1598 Sherrick Rd SE, Canton

1.34 m
Stadium Park
2490 Fulton Rd, Canton

1.72 m
Harvard Park
2550 Logan Ave NW, Canton

1.91 m
Malone University #1
515 Frazer Dr NW, Canton

1.94 m
Hall of Fame Tennis Center
2700 Roberts Ave, Canton

1.98 m
Malone University #2
2859 Harvard Ave NW, Canton

2.00 m
Meyers Lake Park
1504 North Park Ave NW, Canton

2.11 m
Maple Park
2600 Maple Ave NW, Canton

2.32 m
Central Catholic High School
4962 Lincoln Hwy, Canton

3.22 m
Brookside Country Club
1800 Canton St NW, Canton

4.26 m
Perry High School
3708 13th St SW, Canton

4.29 m
Witwer Park
500 Church St SW, Canton

5.39 m
Walsh University Klekotka Tennis Complex
2000 E Maple St, Canton

5.44 m
Glenmoor Country Club
4191 Glenmoor Rd NW, Canton

5.48 m
Price Park
900 W Maple St, Canton

5.65 m
North Canton Racquet Club
6330 Promway Ave NW, North Canton

5.72 m
North Sippo Park
1244 Rodman Ave NE, Massillon

6.77 m
Shady Hollow Country Club
4662 Wales Ave NW, Massillon

6.88 m
Franklin Park
850 3rd St SE, Massillon

7.14 m
Jackson Community Park
7210 Fulton Dr NW, Massillon

7.17 m
Jackson Middle School
7355 Mudbrook Rd NW, Massillon

7.30 m
Wampler Park
1818 Main Ave W, Massillon

8.91 m
Boettler Park
5400 Massillon Rd, Green

9.37 m
Pine View Acres
11991 Orrville St NW, Massillon

10.63 m
Clay's Park Resort
13190 Patterson St NW, North Lawrence

12.31 m
Muhlhauser Park
853 Locust St S, Canal Fulton

12.64 m
Brewster Village
145 1/2 1st St SW, Brewster

13.15 m
East Liberty Park
Charleston Dr, Uniontown

13.99 m
Minerva Municipal Park
725 N Market St, Minerva

15.22 m
Hillside Park of Clinton Campground
2534 W Comet Rd, Clinton

15.34 m
Mount Union College
699 Lilly Rd, Alliance

15.66 m
Thompson-Snodgrass Park
E Oxford St, Alliance

16.87 m
Heintz Park
500 E Dresden Ave, Akron

17.50 m
Maple Beach Park
Reed St, Alliance

17.51 m
Hyre Park
2295 Wedgewood Dr, Akron

17.78 m
Firestone Park Elementary School
275 S Firestone Blvd, Akron

18.33 m
Tuscora Park
515 E Tuscarawas Ave, Barberton

18.41 m
Breitenstine Park
399 37th St SW, Barberton

19.22 m
Central Christian Middle School
3970 Kidron, Apple Creek

19.40 m
Resevoir Park
1735 Hillside Terrace, Akron

19.62 m
Edgewood Park
1174 Liberty Ave, Barberton

19.76 m
Barberton Track & Field Complex
457 Morgan St, Barberton

19.78 m
Prentiss Park
2100 East Ave, Akron

19.83 m
Chippewa High School
100 Valley View Rd, Doylestown

19.94 m
University of Akron
272 Carroll St, Akron

20.30 m
Doylestown Memorial Park
Gates St, Doylestown

20.54 m
Miller South High School
974 Moeller Ave, Akron

20.60 m
Columbia Woods Park
4099 Columbia Woods Dr, Norton

20.83 m
Akron Zoo
657 Edgewood Ave, Akron

20.98 m
Kerr Park
956 Nome Ave, Akron

22.06 m
Wadsworth High School
625 Broad St, Wadsworth

23.09 m
Durling Park
221 Highland Ave, Wadsworth

24.09 m
Memorial Park
274 Grandview Ave, Wadsworth

24.34 m
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2108 Akron-Peninsula Rd
Akron, Ohio
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