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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Westlake High School
27830 Hilliard Blvd, Westlake

0.57 m
Regency Racquet & Swim Club
2070 King James Pkwy, Cleveland

1.01 m
Hyland Software Inc
28105 Clemens Rd, Westlake

1.16 m
Five Seasons Sports Club
28105 Clemens Rd, Westlake

1.21 m
Westlake Park
28955 Hilliard Blvd, Westlake

1.27 m
Clague Park
1371 Clague Rd, Westlake

1.81 m
Cahoon Park
27134 Lake Rd, Bay Village

2.12 m
Lakewood Country Club
3051 Bradley Rd, Westlake

2.19 m
North Olmsted Recreation Center
26000 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted

2.23 m
Tri-City Park
3640 Delmar Dr, Westlake

2.32 m
Reese Park
301 Clague Rd, Bay Village

2.49 m
Westwood Country Club
22625 Detroit Rd, Rocky River

2.51 m
Paramount Tennis Club
31550 Viking Pkwy, Westlake

2.82 m
Morton Park
22301 Morton Rd, Fairview Park

2.96 m
Bradley Park
468 Bradley Rd, Bay Village

3.00 m
Avon Oaks Country Club
32300 Detroit Rd, Avon

3.05 m
River Oaks Racquet Club
21220 Center Ridge Rd, Rocky River

3.28 m
North Olmstead High School
5755 Burns Rd , Olmstead Falls

3.34 m
Magnificat High School
20770 Hilliard Blvd, Rocky River

3.69 m
Linden Park
3600 Linden Rd, Rocky River

3.73 m
Rocky River Middle School
1631 Lakeview Ave, Rocky River

4.21 m
Red Tail Golf Club
4400 Nagel Rd, Avon

4.31 m
North Ridge Racquet Club
5475 Mills Creek Ln, North Ridgeville

4.58 m
Lenau Park
7370 Columbia Rd, Cleveland

4.97 m
Cleveland Yachting Club
200 Yacht Club Dr, Rocky River

5.01 m
Gunning Park Rec Center
16700 Puritas Ave, Cleveland

5.55 m
UH Avon Health Center
1997 Healthway Dr, Avon

5.58 m
Webb Park
1301 Webb Rd, Lakewood

5.59 m
The Tennis Club
676 Avon-Belden Rd, Avon Lake

5.67 m
Drakefield Park
3909 W 157th, Cleveland

5.81 m
Olmstead Falls
26939 Bagley Rd, Olmstead Falls

5.84 m
Wager Park
15900 Madison Ave, Lakewood

5.85 m
Impet Park
15601 Montrose Rd, Cleveland

5.86 m
Kauffman Park
15450 Detroit Ave, Lakewood

6.21 m
Avon Lake High School
175 Avon Belden Rd, Avon Lake

6.23 m
Avon High School
37545 Detroit Rd, Avon Lake

6.34 m
North Ridgeville High School
34600 Bainbridge Rd, North Ridgeville

6.40 m
Brook Park Recreation Center
17400 Holland Rd, Brook Park

6.46 m
Bleser Park
32795 Lake Rd, Avon Lake

6.59 m
Lakewood Park
14532 Lake Ave, Lakewood

6.74 m
Lakewood High School
14100 Franklin Blvd, Lakewood

6.74 m
Berea High School
131 E Bagley Rd, Berea

6.75 m
Collin Tennis Center BWC
120 East Grand St, Berea

6.97 m
Vivian L Smith Elementary School
535 Wyleswood Dr, Berea

7.05 m
Merl Park
Bunts Rd & Merl Ave, Lakewood

7.06 m
Jefferson Park
3674 W 132nd St, Cleveland

7.07 m
Fredrick Roehm Middle School
7220 Pleasant St, Berea

7.11 m
South Central Park
7515 Avon Belden Rd, North Ridgeville

7.19 m
Madison Park
13201 Madison Ave, Lakewood

7.22 m
Crossburn Park
13320 Sprecher Ave, Cleveland

7.27 m
Dettore Farm
Ctr Ridge Rd, North Ridgeville

7.56 m
Halloran Park
3605 W 120th St, Cleveland

7.61 m
Midpark High School
6862 Paula Rd, Cleveland

7.99 m
Lake Ridge Academy
37501 Ctr Ridge Rd, North Ridgeville

7.99 m
Middleburg City Park
15700 Bagley Rd, Cleveland

8.08 m
Meadowood Tennis Courts
Pebble Brook Ln, Strongsville

8.42 m
Lorain County Community College
1005 N Abbe Rd, Elyria

8.43 m
Commons Park
10700 Stoneham Rd, Parma Heights

9.16 m
Hilltop Park
1279 Gulf Rd, Elyria

9.16 m
Veterans Memorial Park
7619 Memphis Ave, Cleveland

9.27 m
Cuyahoga Community College
11000 Pleasant Valley Rd, Parma

9.68 m
Columbia Township Park
25540 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station

9.81 m
Michael Zone Recreation Center Park
6301 Lorain Ave, Cleveland

9.83 m
Surrarrer Park
9275 Webster Rd, Strongsville

9.93 m
Strongsville Recreation Park
Zverina Ln, Strongsville

10.51 m
Parmatown Apartments
8340 Greenwood View Dr, Parma

10.51 m
The Regency Luxury Apartments
5500 6100 Laurent Dr, Parma

11.11 m
Elyria South Park
101 S Park St, Elyria

12.06 m
Elyria High School - Ely Stadium
State St, Elyria

12.54 m
Universal Printing & Promotions
11548 Robson Rd, Grafton

12.60 m
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