Tennis in Okemos, Michigan

Are you looking to play tennis in Okemos, Michigan? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, and courts in Okemos, Michigan.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Court One Athletic Club
2291 Research Cir, Okemos

1.22 m
Central Park Apartments
5228 Madison Ave, Okemos

1.29 m
Haslett High School
5450 Marsh Rd, Haslett

1.52 m
Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club
2900 Hannah Blvd, Lansing

1.52 m
Chippewa Middle School
4000 Okemos Rd, Okemos

1.63 m
Kinawa Middle School
1900 Kinawa Dr, Okemos

1.71 m
Club Meridian Apartments
4349 Club Meridian Dr, Okemos

1.92 m
MSU - Veterinary Medical Field
955 Fee Rd, East Lansing

2.00 m
Hillbrook Park
1747 E Lake Lansing Rd, Okemos

2.25 m
John M Patriarche Park
978 Alton St, East Lansing

2.62 m
Okemos High School
2800 Jolly Rd, Lansing

2.88 m
MSU Outdoor Tennis Courts
Wilson Rd, East Lansing

2.94 m
East Lansing High School
317 Burcham Dr, East Lansing

2.95 m
Valley Court Park
499 Hillside Ct, East Lansing

3.16 m
Red Cedar Elementary School
1110 Narcissus Dr, East Lansing

3.54 m
Glencairn Park
1029 N Harrison Rd, East Lansing

3.70 m
MSU - Indoor Tennis Facility
3571 Mt Hope Rd, Lansing

3.75 m
Ranney Park
300 Morgan Ln, Lansing

4.00 m
Henry Fine Park
1859 Pinecrest Dr, East Lansing

4.16 m
Slater Park
2700 Mark Ave, Lansing

4.84 m
Forest View Park
2152 Forest Rd, Lansing

4.90 m
Lansing Catholic High School
485 Marshall St, Lansing Charter Township

5.27 m
Hunter Park
1400 E Kalamazoo St, Lansing

5.31 m
Eastern High School
312 N Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing Charter Township

5.52 m
Court One North
1609 Lake Lansing Rd, Lansing

5.79 m
Clifford Park
571 E Mt Hope Ave, Lansing

6.01 m
Marscot Park
1799 Waycross Dr, Lansing

6.38 m
Letts Park
W Kalamazoo St, Lansing

7.30 m
Oak Park YMCA
900 Long Blvd, Lansing

7.34 m
Quentin Park
Boston Blvd, Lansing

7.47 m
Elmhurst Park
Gordon Ave, Lansing

7.60 m
Williamston High School
3939 Vanneter Rd, Williamston

7.70 m
Kiwanis Park
1700 Maple St, Holt

7.74 m
Joseph Park
100 Clare St, Lansing

7.82 m
Dunnebacke Park
1001 Stanley St, Lansing

7.91 m
Discovery Elementary School
350 Highland St, Williamston

7.99 m
Georgetown Park
6300 Balfour Dr, Lansing

8.44 m
Wilson Park
Wilson Ave, Lansing

9.24 m
Holt High School
5885 Holt Rd, Holt

9.69 m
Hayes Park
W Ash St, Mason

10.02 m
Waverly Senior High School
160 Snow Rd, Lansing

10.03 m
Sharp Park
1197 Elmwood Rd, Lansing

10.14 m
Mason High School
1001 S Barnes St, Mason

10.34 m
DeWitt High School
13601 Panther Dr, DeWitt

10.38 m
McClintock Park
301 Sciota St, Laingsburg

12.38 m
Grand Ledge High School
820 Spring St, Grand Ledge

16.56 m
Eaton Rapids High School
800 State St, Eaton Rapids

18.11 m
Leslie Middle School
400 Kimball St, Leslie

18.37 m
Fowlerville High School
700 N Grand St, Fowlerville

18.49 m
VFW National Home for Children
3573 S Waverly Rd, Eaton Rapids

18.99 m
Saint Johns High School
589 W Sickles St, St Johns

19.92 m
St Johns City Park
662 S Morton St, St Johns

20.02 m
Senior Citizen Park
276 W Gibbs St, St Johns

21.01 m
Bancroft Veterans Memorial Park
Grand River Rd, Bancroft

21.26 m
Bentley Park
500 Ryan St, Owosso

22.53 m
Emerson High School
515 E Oliver St, Owosso

23.56 m
Corunna High School
589 E King St, Corunna

24.06 m
Vernon Park
Conrad Drain, Vernon

24.89 m
Fowler High School
700 S Main St, Fowler

24.94 m
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Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club
Members: 51   Location: Lansing, Michigan
The Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club is one of the top hospital based recreational...
Okemos Tennis Meet Up
Members: 3   Location: Okemos, Michigan
Just organizing a ladder for people who are looking for fellow tennis players -- all...
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Alexander Dejordy      Lansing Charter Township - 1 year, 7 months
Lookin for a good player near the MSU area, I am a freshmen in college looking for some competition, 4.0 player, message me if interested

Brent Riley      Lansing - 4 years
Looking for 3.0+ players in the Lansing area. Lots of daytime and evening availability due to work schedule.

Tony VanDam      Lansing - 4 years, 8 months
Looking for 4.0+ players to play on weekends.

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