Tennis in Bainbridge Island Washington

This is an overview of all things tennis in Bainbridge Island Washington. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, and courts in Bainbridge Island Washington. You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.
Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Bainbridge High School
High School Rd, Bainbridge Island

0.84 m
Bainbridge Island Racquet Club
11700 NE Meadowmeer Circle, Bainbridge Island

2.81 m
West Magnolia Park
3338 W Smith St, Seattle

5.72 m
Magnolia Community Center
3097 W Howe St, Seattle

5.80 m
Discovery Park
4121 36th Ave W, Seattle

5.82 m
Alki Community Center
5817 SW Lander St, Seattle

6.21 m
Hiawatha Community Center
4225 SW Lander St, Seattle

7.13 m
Kinnear Park
680 W Roy St, Seattle

7.24 m
Gilman Playground
5266 11th Ave NW, Seattle

7.57 m
David Rodgers Park
77 W Newell St, Seattle

7.68 m
Ballard High School
1373 NW 67th St, Seattle

7.69 m
Soundview Playfield
1900 NW 92nd St, Seattle

8.13 m
Lowman Beach Park
7017 Beach Dr SW, Seattle

8.29 m
Delridge Community Center
4476 26th Ave SW, Seattle

8.48 m
Solstice Park
7430 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle

8.66 m
Woodland Park- South
1226 N 50th St, Seattle

8.71 m
Woodland Park
5821 W Green Lake Way N, Seattle

8.81 m
Wallingford Plaground
4235 Wallingford Ave N, Seattle

8.89 m
High Point Community Center
6874 34th Ave SW, Seattle

9.05 m
Rogers Playground
2568 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle

9.19 m
Cal Anderson Park
Nagle Pl, Seattle

9.41 m
Volunteer Park
1099 E Galer St, Seattle

9.48 m
South Seattle Community College
6000 16th Avenue SW, Seattle

9.65 m
University Playground
757 NE 50th St, Seattle

9.74 m
Green Lake Community Center
7419 E Green Lake Dr N, Seattle

9.76 m
Sealth High School
SW Elmgrove St, Seattle

9.83 m
Montlake Community Center
1650 E Calhoun St, Seattle

9.87 m
Beacon Hill Playground
1902 13th Ave. S, Seattle

9.96 m
Riverview Playfield
7226 12th Ave SW, Seattle

9.96 m
Miller Community Center
1936 E Thomas St, Seattle

9.98 m
Froula Playground
7200 12th Ave NE, Seattle

10.30 m
Cowen Park
5849 15th Ave NE, Seattle

10.30 m
Bitter Lake Community Center
772 N 130th St, Seattle

10.43 m
Highland Park Playground
1146 SW Cloverdale St, Seattle

10.54 m
Georgetown Playfield
773 S Findlay St, Seattle

10.59 m
Jefferson Community Center
3895 Beacon Ave S, Seattle

10.65 m
Cleveland Playfield
S Lucile St, Seattle

10.83 m
Ingraham High School
13266 Ashworth Ave N, Seattle

10.93 m
White Center Park
10228 15th Ave SW, White Center

11.14 m
Shoreview Park
900 NW Innis Arden Way, Shoreline

11.22 m
Victory Heights Playground
1827 NE 106th St, Seattle

11.34 m
South Park Community Center
8492 7th Ave S, Seattle

11.36 m
Lakewood Park
10868 10th Ave SW, White Center

11.71 m
Twin Ponds Park
2348 N 149th St, Shoreline

11.77 m
Evergreen High School
740 SW 116th St, White Center

11.99 m
Bishop Blanchet High School
200 Wallingford Ave N, Shoreline

12.34 m
Shoreline Park
19030 1st Ave NE, Seattle

13.20 m
Southern Heights Park
12125 14th Ave S, Riverton-Boulevard Park

13.20 m
Local Chat
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Robb Madrigal      Seattle - 3 months, 1 week
Hi Folks, I'm free this week for singles or doubles or hitting practice indoors.
Tues & Thurs 3p - 5p
Weds 3p - 7p
3.50 to 4.00

Nena Pranivong      Seattle - 6 months
I am 3.5 Looking for 3.0-4.0 to rally/doubles/singles week nights or weekends. Upper Queen Anne preferred.

Konrad Miernowski      Seattle - 6 months, 2 weeks
Looking to hit with anyone around Ballard or Seattle. Used to play a bunch in high school and some college, but haven't played in years so I am probably a bit rusty... email:

Michael Samsel      Seattle - 10 months, 1 week
Looking for a player 3.0-3.5 to hit and play sets. Live in Portage Bay area. Would like to find someone interested in a weekly match and while I can be available most times, someone who could do a 4:00 and beat the crowd would be good. Thanks.

Zach Goldberger      Seattle - 10 months, 1 week
3.0 looking to hit, play mixed.

Alexander Weinstein      Seattle - 10 months, 2 weeks
I’d love to find a tennis partner or partners to play singles or doubles on weekday mornings or nights. I’m a 3.0 or higher

Pei Chin-Nguyen      Seattle - 1 year, 6 months
Looking for players in Seattle. I like doubles, but LOVE singles. Would love to hit 2-3times/week.

Shervin Moheb      Seattle - 1 year, 7 months
Volunteer opportunity! Hello tennis people. I’m helping recruit volunteers for the City of Seattle’s QuickStart Tennis program, designed for kids ages 7-10.

What: QuickStart tennis program for kids with little or no tennis experience. Looking for volunteers and trying to spread word about the program to get kids interested and signed up.
Where: various community centers throughout Seattle.
When: Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8 pm (first hour is for kids ages 7-8, the second hour for kids ages 9-10). Programs runs from June 26th-August 16th.
Cost: $40 per child

In addition to spreading the word and looking for volunteers, we’re looking for a ‘lead’ volunteer for Meadowbrook Community Center (Nathan Hale h.s. courts) for Wednesdays, 6-8 p.m. Having volunteered as a lead for a few years now, I can tell you that I’ve found it very rewarding working with these kids that are new to tennis. You’re not only teaching kids about tennis, but also about good sportsmanship, encouraging kids to stay active and exercise, and most important, just having fun! You’ll learn a thing or two from the kids too, believe me…

Requirements for volunteers: no tennis teaching expertise is required! Some volunteers aren’t even tennis players. You will get a crash course on how we teach the program, will have to agree to a basic background check (city requirement for working with kids). And… you have to enjoy working with kids!

Contact me for more details, or Carl Bergquist at City of Seattle Parks and Recreation at, 206-684-4764

Thank you!

Elvis O.      Seattle - 1 year, 8 months
New tennis network and singles ladder! : )

Cheryl Bisceglia      Seattle - 1 year, 9 months
Hi, I'm looking for NE Seattle area players. I am taking 2.0 class at Sandpoint, available for play/practice during the business day or evenings and some weekends.

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