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This is an overview of all things tennis in Centennial, Colorado. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Centennial, Colorado.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Total Matches Played: 5,092

778 Local Players

Activities Underway
Picture Name Type Players Matches Network
Village Club JuniorsLadder League20
Kseniia's Tennis LadderLadder League209
CAC Monaco LaddersLadder League10
Gates Tennis Center Winter Singles LadderLadder League00
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Kseniia Ediri      Denver, Colorado
2 months, 3 weeks
Hi guys,

I am a coach. I am running a Snowflake Mixed Doubles Ladder in the Denver area if anyone has an interest, let me know.
You can play with the partner you have or I can match you with another player. The level is 3.0-4.0.
A super fun group of people.
Join our WhatsApp chat for more info:

Also, I am running some drills. If you would like to attend drills to improve your form, reach out to me .

Thank you.
See you on the court!

Dennis Newman      Denver, Colorado
4 months, 3 weeks
Just joined and looking for matches. I live in Aurora and Utah is close, however I also play in Denver. So whatever works. Looking forward to hitting with some new players.
male3.50 to 4.00

Kevin Surrey      Denver, Colorado
3 months, 1 week
Anybody want to play a match Sunday 10/30 at noon?

Kevin Surrey      Denver, Colorado
3 months, 2 weeks
Hi - I'm Kevin, 4-4.5 level player staying in Denver from Oct. 22-Nov. 5. Looking to play singles, doubles, matches, anything. I'm available morning, afternoon or evening. Give me a text/call (phone hidden)

Tom Peters      Colorado Athletic Club
4 months, 1 week
I'm in SE Denver, near Bible Park. Looking for a hitting partner that is 3.0 to 3.5. Nearby courts include Bible Park and I'm a member at CAC Monaco. I have a fairly flexible schedule.
adult3.00 to 3.50

Cristian Nicolaescu      Arvada, Colorado
5 months, 2 weeks
Hi, I'm in Arvada looking for casual matches or just hitting. Looking for 3.5-4.0 rated ideally but anybody is welcome, I can play evenings, weekends, or very early mornings; looking to stay in Arvada though.

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Nick Wilde      Castle Pines, Colorado
9 months
I'm looking to play some 3.5 level tennis regularly on the weekends in Castle Rock or Lone tree. Let me know if interested. (email hidden)

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Local Events
Feb 06 - Feb 12 Add
There are no events this week, or in the future.
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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Willow Courts
7720 S Willow Way, Centennial

0.72 m
Mineral Courts
8540 E Mineral Dr, Centennial

0.99 m
Jamison Courts
7720 S Rosemary Way, Centennial

1.07 m
Walnut Hills Elementary
8195 E Costilla Blvd, Centennial

1.17 m
Willow Creek Park
8112 E Phillips Cir, Centennial

1.21 m
Quebec Courts
7540 S Rosemary Cir, Centennial

1.42 m
Arapahoe Lakes
6223 S Galena Way, Englewood

1.55 m
Foxridge Swim and Racquet Club
7070 E Mineral Ave, Englewood

1.68 m
Beacon Hill DTC
14 Beacon Hill Ln, Greenwood Village

1.70 m
Lonesome Pine
501 Maximus Dr, Littleton

1.78 m
Cherry Creek Vista Peakview
6224 S Kenton Way, Englewood

1.85 m
Orchard Gate
10221 E Pinewood Dr, Englewood

1.86 m
Rusty Sun
8147 S Niagara St, Centennial

1.99 m
Cook Creek
8641 Kachina Way, Lone Tree

2.19 m
Homestead Farm II
5800 E Kettle Ave, Centennial

2.22 m
Orchard Hills Park
5760 S Goldsmith Pl, Englewood

2.23 m
Otero Park
6300 E Otero Dr, Centennial

2.24 m
Cherry Creek Vista
11350 E Orchard, Englewood

2.26 m
Sunset Park
5649 S Kenton Ct, Englewood

2.45 m
Palomino Park
6690 Palomino Pkwy, Littleton

2.49 m
Holly Park
6200 E Euclid Pl, Centennial

2.50 m
Greenwood Athletic and Tennis
5801 South Quebec St, Greenwood Village

2.54 m
Hoffman Park
5310 S Boston St, Greenwood Village

2.71 m
Lifetime Fitness
5000 E Drycreek Rd, Centennial

2.77 m
The Remington At Lone Tree
9740 Rosemont Ave, Lone Tree

3.05 m
Lone Tree Golf Club
9808 Sunningdale Blvd, Lone Tree

3.19 m
Cherry Creek High School
9300 E Union Ave, Greenwood Village

3.34 m
Valley Country Club
14601 Country Club Dr, Centennial

3.58 m
Highlands Ranch High School
9375 Cresthill Ln, Littleton

3.85 m
Arapahoe Park
7782 S Steele St, Centennial

3.98 m
Summitt Ridge Apartment Homes
8330 E Quincy Ave, Denver

4.00 m
Rosamond Park
7715 E Quincy Ave, Denver

4.14 m
Village Club
4601 East Belleview Ave, Cherry Hills Village

4.36 m
Valor Christian School
9579 S University Blvd, Sedalia

4.40 m
Dekoevend Park
6301 S University Blvd, Centennial

4.50 m
Eastmoor Swim and Tennis Club
6865 E Princeton Ave, Denver

4.52 m
Chaparral High School
15655 Brookstone Dr, Parker

4.66 m
Arapahoe High School
2201 E Dry Creek Rd, Littleton

4.67 m
9540 Stonegate Pkwy, Parker

4.73 m
Arapahoe Tennis Club
4450 S Dahlia St, Englewood

4.79 m
Rock Canyon High School
5810 McArthur Ranch Rd, Littleton

4.92 m
Southridge Rec Center
4800 McArthur Ranch Rd, Highlands Ranch

5.03 m
Thomas Jefferson High School
3698 S Ivanhoe St, Denver

5.04 m
Smoky Hill High School
5068 S Laredo St, Aurora

5.07 m
Kent Denver School
4000 E Quincy Ave, Cherry Hills Village

5.08 m
Pheasant Run Park
15099 Pheasant Run Pkwy, Centennial

5.15 m
Hampden Heights Apartments
8501 E Hampden Ave, Denver

5.15 m
Remington Place Apartments
7737 E Girard Ave, Denver

5.20 m
Quincy Ridge Apartments
4404 S Hannibal Way, Aurora

5.29 m
Tamarac Village Apartments
3298 S Tamarac Dr, Denver

5.37 m
Green Oaks
1240 E Poplar Pl, Littleton

5.44 m
James A. Bible Park
6802 E Yale Ave, Denver

6.00 m
Clarke Farms
17301 Clarke Farms Dr, Parker

6.01 m
Greenwood Point Apartments
S Broadway Cir, Littleton

6.06 m
Bradbury Ranch
10925 McClellan Rd, Parker

6.07 m
La Parquita Park
S Alicia Pkwy, Aurora

6.07 m
Northridge Rec Center
8801 S Broadway, Highlands Ranch

6.09 m
Cherry Hills Country Club
4125 S University Blvd, Cherry Hills Village

6.12 m
Littleton High School
199 E Littleton Blvd, Littleton

6.13 m
Westwood Apartments
2654 S Roslyn St, Denver

6.17 m
Heartwood Athletic Club
15528 E Hampden Cir, Aurora

6.20 m
Arapahoe Tennis Club
2890 S Wheeling Way, Aurora

6.26 m
Mountain Vista High School
10585 Mountain Vista Ridge, Highlands Ranch

6.30 m
Timberline Apartments
2501 S Roslyn St, Denver

6.30 m
Colorado Athletic Club
2695 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver

6.41 m
Woodhaven Apartments
2474 S Quebec St, Denver

6.45 m
Heritage High School
7200 S Gallup St, Littleton

6.67 m
City Square Apartments
2330 S Kearney St, Denver

6.72 m
Summer Valley Park
17300 E Lehigh Pl, Aurora

6.77 m
The Parc at Cherry Creek
E Warren Cir, Denver

6.78 m
Gallup Park And Gardens
6133 S Datura St, Littleton

6.95 m
Meadowood Park
3076 S Laredo St, Aurora

6.99 m
Hilltop Park
17400 E Eastman Dr, Aurora

7.06 m
Horizon Park
3989 S Yampa St, Aurora

7.10 m
Englewood High School
E Lehigh Ave, Englewood

7.18 m
Utah Park
1800 S Peoria St, Aurora

7.31 m
Skyline Acres Swim and Tennis Club
6451 E Jewell Ave, Denver

7.36 m
Lower Ridgewood Park
2329 W Briarwood Ave, Littleton

7.45 m
Thunder Ridge High School
1900 Wildcat Reserve Pkwy,, Sedalia

7.69 m
Observatory Park
2201 S Milwaukee St, Denver

7.71 m
Sunrise Park
S Genoa Way, Aurora

7.71 m
Westridge Rec Center
9650 Foothills Canyon Blvd, Highlands Ranch

7.73 m
Spyglass Hill Apartments
7210 E Mississippi Ave, Denver

8.01 m
Garland Park
6300 E Mississippi Ave, Denver

8.09 m
Eaglecrest High School
4998 S Picadilly St, Aurora

8.13 m
Lebsack Tennis Center
3280 Redstone Park Circle, Highlands Ranch

8.16 m
Rangeview High School
17515 E Iliff Ave, Aurora

8.26 m
University of Denver
1954 E Asbury Ave, Denver

8.30 m
Gateway High School
1162 S Sable Blvd, Aurora

8.31 m
Village Green Park
1288 S Chambers Rd, Aurora

8.49 m
Lodge at Aspen Grove
4712 E Mississippi Ave, Glendale

8.51 m
Cherry Creek Club
5001 E Mississippi Ave, Glendale

8.56 m
Columbine Country Club
17 Fairway Ln, Columbine Valley

8.75 m
Glendale Sports Center at Infinity Park
4450 E Kentucky Ave, Glendale

8.81 m
Denver Tennis Park
1560 S Franklin St, Denver

8.84 m
Stroh Ranch
19301 J Morgan Blvd, Parker

8.87 m
George Washington High School
567 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver

8.88 m
Burning Tree Tennis
83 Spyglass Dr, Columbine Valley

8.94 m
South High School
1700 East Louisiana Ave, Denver

8.95 m
15496 E Ford Cir, Aurora

8.95 m
Harlow Park
5151 S Lowell Blvd, Littleton

8.95 m
Washington Park
1499 E Louisiana Ave, Denver

9.25 m
JCC Tennis Center
350 S Dahlia St, Denver

9.32 m
Sidecreek Park
19059 E Colorado Dr, Aurora

9.36 m
Chelsea Park Village Apartments
11800 E Maple Aven, Aurora

9.36 m
Highland Hollows Park
1389 S Yampa Way, Aurora

9.36 m
Sheridan High School
3325 W Oxford Ave, Littleton

9.36 m
Crestmoor Park
199 S Locust St, Denver

9.41 m
J K Mullen High School
3655 S Lowell Blvd, Denver

9.70 m
The Village at Loretto Heights
Lowell Blvd Pvt Rd, Denver

9.76 m
Highline Village Apartments
422 S Joplin St, Aurora

9.85 m
Columbine Hills Park
6001 W Elmhurst Ave, Littleton

9.92 m
Gates Tennis Center
100 S Adams St, Denver

9.95 m
Del Mar Park
548 Del Mar Cir, Aurora

10.09 m
Legend High School
22219 Hilltop Rd, Parker

10.09 m
Cherokee Trail High School
25901 E Arapahoe Rd, Aurora

10.10 m
Fulton Park
9971 Lowry Pl, Aurora

10.15 m
Denver Tennis Club
400 Forest St, Denver

10.23 m
Abraham Lincoln High School
2224 S Hazel Ct, Denver

10.31 m
Hoffman Park
12330 Hoffman Blvd, Aurora

10.36 m
Aurora Central High School
11642 E 11th Ave, Aurora

10.63 m
Robert F Clement Park
7306 W Bowles Ave, Littleton

10.65 m
Pinery Country Club
6900 North Pinery Pkwy, Parker

10.72 m
Pinehurst Country Club
6255 West Quincy Ave, Denver

10.91 m
Huntersridge Apartments
5593 W Hampden Ave, Denver

10.98 m
Lindsley Park
4700 E 12th Ave, Denver

11.03 m
Henry Middle School
3005 S Golden Way, Lakewood

11.06 m
Colorado Academy
3800 S Pierce St, Denver

11.13 m
Congress Park
800 Josephine, Denver

11.15 m
Water's Edge Apartments
6301 W Hampden Ave, Denver

11.25 m
Coronado Park
8051 W Nichols ave, Littleton

11.28 m
Gemstone Park
6174 Hawks Eye Ct, Castle Rock

11.35 m
Montview Park
1846 Beeler St, Aurora

11.37 m
Garfield Lake Park
3809 W Arizona Ave, Denver

11.54 m
Bear Creek Swim and Tennis Club
3180 South Pierce St, Lakewood

11.60 m
John F Kennedy High School
6554 W Brown Pl, Denver

11.68 m
Castle View High School
5098 N Meadows Dr, Castle Rock

11.74 m
Lakewood Estates Park
5954 W Iliff Dr, Lakewood

11.92 m
Butterfly Crossing Park
3950 Butterfield Crossing Dr, Castle Rock

11.95 m
Bear Valley Tennis
7100 W Dartmouth Ave, Denver

11.95 m
Ponderosa High School
7007 Bayou Gulch Rd, Parker

12.06 m
Lilley Gulch Rec Center & Pool
6147 S Holland Way, Littleton

12.23 m
Green Gables Country Club
6800 West Jewell Ave, Denver

12.26 m
Dakota Station Park
9695 W chatfield Ave, Littleton

12.28 m
West High School
978 Galapago St, Denver

12.29 m
Huntington Apartments
8189 W Floyd Ave, Lakewood

12.39 m
City Park
2300 York St, Denver

12.40 m
The Windsor Townhomes & Apartments
8141 W Eastman Pl, Lakewood

12.53 m
Lincoln Park
1154 Osage St, Denver

12.63 m
Eagle Meadows Park
10576 W Glasgow Ave, Littleton

12.82 m
Jefferson Green Park
3333 Field St, Lakewood

12.91 m
Skyland Park
3440 Holly St, Denver

12.96 m
Martin Luther King Jr Park
6840 E 39th Ave, Denver

13.23 m
Westborough Park
7200 W Dartmouth Ave, Lakewood

13.31 m
Douglas County High School
2842 Front St, Castle Rock

13.35 m
Bear Creek High School
9798 W Dartmouth Pl, Lakewood

13.39 m
Belmar Villas
700 S Reed Ct, Lakewood

13.45 m
Alameda Senior High School
7900 W Arizona Ave, Lakewood

13.46 m
Hodgson Park
2481 S Hoyt Ct, Lakewood

13.58 m
The Ridge at West Meadows Park
12819 W Coal Mine Ave, Littleton

14.00 m
Meadow Creek Club
6305 W 6th Ave, Lakewood

14.18 m
O'Kane Park
7101 W 1st Ave, Lakewood

14.22 m
Sloans Lake Park
1646 Perry St, Denver

14.27 m
Centennial Park
898 2nd St, Castle Rock

14.52 m
Addenbrook Park
784 S Hoyt St, Lakewood

14.63 m
North High School
2800 W Dunkeld Pl, Denver

14.67 m
Ken Caryl Ranch Community Center
1 Club Dr, Littleton

14.74 m
Heritage Hill Park
11190 W Asbury Ave, Lakewood

14.78 m
Carmel Waterfront Apartments
1765 S Moore Ct, Lakewood

14.79 m
Founders Park
4425 E Enderud Rd, Castle Rock

14.93 m
Northwest District Park
4398 W 26th Ave, Denver

14.95 m
Northfield High School
5500 Central Park Blvd, Denver

15.00 m
Lakewood Park
150 S Kipling Pkwy, Lakewood

15.31 m
Rolling Hills Apartment Homes
1171 S Eaton Cir, Castle Rock

15.49 m
Carl G Morse Park
8180 W 20th Ave, Lakewood

15.98 m
Panorama Park
5798 W 35th Ave, Arvada

16.00 m
Green Mountain High School
13249 W Green Mountain Dr, Lakewood

16.21 m
Green Mountain Recreation Center
13198 W Green Mountain Dr, Lakewood

16.30 m
Berkeley Park Tennis Club
4525 W 46th Ave, Denver

16.48 m
Fairfax Park
5066 E 69th Ave, Commerce City

16.79 m
Silver Reef Apartments
12301 W 2nd Pl, Lakewood

16.81 m
Wheat Ridge Middle School
7107 W 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge

16.87 m
Point Athletic Club
533 Van Gordon St, Lakewood

16.96 m
Adams City High School
7200 Quebec Pkwy, Commerce City

17.06 m
Riva Ridge Apartments
455 Wright St, Lakewood

17.07 m
St Moritz Apartments
1700 Quail St, Lakewood

17.29 m
Apel-Bacher Park
7491 W 45th Ave, Wheat Ridge

17.35 m
Daniels Park
Welch St, Lakewood

17.64 m
Columbine Park
6525 W 52nd Ave, Arvada

17.80 m
Everitt Middle School
3900 Kipling St, Wheat Ridge

18.00 m
Tennyson Knolls
5000 W 62nd Pl, Westminster

18.21 m
Applewood Athletic Club
13330 W 20th Ave, Golden, Golden

18.51 m
Homestead Park
6253 Depew St, Arvada

18.57 m
Estates Park
16164 W Ellsworth Dr, Golden

18.70 m
Tanglewood Sports Park
13705 Denver West Pkwy, Golden

18.72 m
Westminster High School
4276 W 68th Ave, Westminster

18.84 m
Prospect Park
11448 W 44th Ave, Arvada

18.98 m
Ranum High School
2401 W 80th Ave, Westminster

19.64 m
Arvada Senior High School
8000 W 65th Ave, Arvada

19.66 m
Skyview High School
8878 York St, Thornton

19.67 m
Rolling Hills Country Club
15707 West 26th Ave, Golden

19.87 m
Grant St, Thornton

19.95 m
Thundercloud Park
7409 Hackberry Rd, Arvada

20.05 m
Southridge Park
16th Ave & Violet St, Golden

20.33 m
Summit View Apartments
17608 W 14th Ave, Golden

20.35 m
Thornton High School
9351 Washington St, Thornton

20.41 m
Arvada Tennis Center
6430 Miller St, Arvada

20.42 m
Arvada West High School
11401 Allendale Dr, Arvada

20.55 m
Majestic View Park
8998 W 72nd Ave, Westminster

20.56 m
Castlegate Apartments
7000 W 84th Way, Arvada

21.39 m
Pomona High School
8099 W Pomona Dr, Arvada

21.67 m
Colorado School of Mines
13th St and Maple St, Golden

21.99 m
Lions Park
1300 10th St, Golden

22.16 m
Alice Sweet Thomas Park
11726 W 80th Ave, Arvada

22.46 m
Ralston Valley High School
14041 W 80th Ave, Arvada

23.35 m
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All Tennis, Inc.
5923 E. Geddes Cir.
Centennial, Colorado
Store Front(702) 529-8367
Richard Lucas, MRT

Denver, Colorado
Jonzin Tennis
3301 S Flamingo Way
Denver, Colorado
Robin Doyle, MRT
Gates Tennis Center
3300 E. Bayaud
Denver, Colorado
Pro Shop303-355-4461
Denver Racquet Stringing
5300 S Broadway Circle
Englewood, Colorado
Home Based303-487-8846
Tennis Plus
545 W Highlands Ranch Pkwy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Store Front(303) 470-7587
1818 S Youngfield Pl
Lakewood, Colorado
Denver Racquet Stringing
5300 S Broadway
Littleton, Colorado
Home Based303-487-8846

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