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    Additional Benefits

    Tennishead Club Membership

    Get 20% off a Tennishead Club membership.

    Every Tennishead CLUB member receives an ASICS gift box, online coaching from legends like Boris Becker, an exclusive training seminar helping you ‘Conquer Your Fears and Doubts’, the world’s best tennis newsletter, and the SLAM members get every issue of Tennishead magazine delivered to your door!!

    This is an absolutely amazing deal! The ASICS gift box alone includes...
    • One pair of ASICS tennis shoes
    • One ASICS tennis shirt
    • One pair of ASICS shorts
    • One pair of ASICS socks
    Basically, you can get an entire head-to-toe ASICS outfit worth $300 for just $77 (incl. shipping) after the 20% discount!

    Redemption instructions:

    Premium members only

    Tennishead Magazine

    Get 100% off a digital subscription to Tennishead Magazine. A $12 value!

    Redemption instructions:

    Premium members only

    * You can always respond to private messages sent from other members.
    ** There are tools within networks, leagues, or tournaments, that allow you to send mass emails or text messages.

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