A tennis tournament is a great way to get some friends together and play some tennis. It is also a good way to meet new tennis players.

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At Global Tennis Network, we let you create and manage your own online tennis tournaments. These tennis tournaments are ran completely online. You do not need any tennis tournament software. All you need is internet access. Here are just a few of the features of our online tennis tournament software:
  • Singles or doubles
  • Double elimination
  • Any size bracket
  • Email notifications
  • Fee collection using PayPal
  • Scheduling
Control every aspect of your tournament, from the bracket size, singles or doubles, scheduling, match formats and more.

Submitting a score has never been so easy. Submit your score using a simple form. Scores are checked automatically for valid results. Once a score is submitted, the tournament bracket is updated automatically. You can even allow your players to submit their own scores.

Need to collect an entry fee? That's easy. Either collect it yourself, or let us collect it for you using your PayPal email. Best part is, you keep all the money you collect.