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Global Tennis Network's tennis team leagues are a great way to get organize teams of players, organize matches, and see which team is the best.

A team league does not refer to "doubles" matches. A team consists of 3 or more players.

Unlike a tennis ladder league, a tennis team league is a team vs team format, with a set schedule. The creator of the league will determine what type of matches will be played, when they are played, and how many points each match, set, or game is worth. For example, there may be a 4.5 #1 singles, a 3.5 #2 singles, a 7.0 combined #1 doubles, and the matches may be played every Tuesday. The options are endless.

A tennis team league is great way to get some friends together and challenge players from other parks, clubs, offices, schools or churches. Give our demo league a try, or start your own league for free!
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The best way to see all the features our tennis leagues have to offer, is to give it a try in our demo league. Feel free to change the points system, submit scores, add players to teams, and play around with the schedule. Don't worry, you can't break anything. Just be sure to log in first.

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To determine how points are awarded and teams are ranked, you can choose between 2 different ranking systems. With our Custom Points system, you can build you own. Can't decide? Don't worry, you can change your ranking system at anytime.
Once a schedule is created, our tennis leagues pretty much run themselves. Rankings and points are update in real time as your teams submit their matches.
Create a schedule for you league. Assign a home and away team, and create your lineups.
If you need to charge a fee to join your tennis league, just provide you PayPal email, and we will take care of the rest.


Our tennis ladders can be created and played anywhere in the world.

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Your tennis ladders will look great on any device including phones, tablets and desktop computers.

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Access your tennis ladders with any device connected to the internet. No software is needed.

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