Global Tennis Network is growing! We receive over 450,000 page views a month, and are currently signing up over 1000 players each month. Tennis players all over the world are using our site to organize their tennis matches. Our advertising options are listed below.

Sponsor a Network:

If you want to promote your company or service to a local group of players, you can always sponsor a network. As a network sponsor, you would have an icon link on most of the network pages, and would show up with a description of your company on the "Sponsors" page of the network. Every member of the network would also be informed of their new network sponsor.

Sponsoring a network is easy. Just find a network you would like to sponsor, and go to the "Sponsors" page on that network. Sponsoring a network starts at only $4.99 a month. Find a network and get started.

Sponsor the Official Networks:

For the most exposure, you can sponsor all of our official networks. We currently have 90 official networks across the United States.

Go here to get started.

We are also looking for tennis related prizes that we can give to our players in exchange for a sponsorship. Contact us for more information.

Sponsor a Bracket Challenge:

Sponsor any of our bracket challenges for as little as $10. Sponsoring is easy, and takes only a few minutes. Every contestant of the bracket challenge will be informed of their new sponsor. Find a bracket challenge and get started.

Advertising Dashboard:

View your sponsorships here: Advertising dashboard