Global Tennis Network's tennis leagues are a great way to get organize teams of players, organize matches, and see which team is the best.

Unlike a tennis ladder, a tennis league is a team vs team format, with a set schedule. The creator of the league will determine what type of matches will be played, when they are played, and how many points each match is worth. For example, there may be a 4.5 #1 singles worth 3 points, a 3.5 #2 singles worth 2 points, a 7.0 combined #1 doubles worth 4 points, and the matches may be played every Tuesday. The options are endless.

A tennis league is great way to get some friends together and challenge players from other parks, clubs, offices, schools or churches.

Give it a test drive with our demo tennis league.

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Global Tennis Network's tennis league software is packed with features. Here are just a few:

  • Completely customizable tennis league
  • Fully featured team pages
  • Team calendar
  • Score validation
  • League bulletin message board
  • Collect an team entry fee using PayPay
  • Collect a player entry fee using PayPay
  • Embed the league on your own website